Tuesday, May 31, 2011

18 Weeks! & Memorial day weekend

Finally I feel like we are getting somewhere. 2 week countdown until the halfway mark!

Size: A sweet potato

Weight: As you can tell by my constant guesstimation I don't really weigh myself at home these days. I suppose I should. Anyways, I'll get a Dr's official weigh in on Friday but my guess is I've gained about a pound in the past two weeks since my last appt. So I'm gonna go with 142. 12 pounds.

Maternity: Mostly. I keep trying on all my non maternity tops that were try and see if I can get away with wearing them. A few I have and others not a chance. It's actually quite comical. I really think a shirt from my past is big enough to fit so I put it on and am whisked back into reality! As the belly grows and the weather warms I've start to sport more dresses too. Some maternity some I've had.

Gender: 2.5weeks until the Gender reveal party. This Friday is our big anatomy scan where we will get the goods (and hopefully the ultra scan tech will see some goods :) ).

Movement: YES! The past two nights while lying in bed I have felt some moving and kicking in my lower abdomen. It's so hard to describe what it feels like. They say like a flutter but it feels a little bit stronger than that to me. I can feel it kick me on the inside but the kicks aren't strong enough where you can see them or feel them from the outside. Poor Hunter might just have to wait a few more weeks. I'm about 100% certain though it's baby being that it was two nights in a row while laying in bed calm, and that they were in my lower abdomen not up high where my stomach is. I can't wait for tonight! :)

Sleep: I made new bed concoction with pillows and have been sleeping much better! At my head I pile up a normal pillow, then slant a euro pillow, then on my side I have a body pillow. I can sleep on my back and the euro pillow creates and slant so I'm not flat I'm on back and then I can turn to my side in the night and my good friend the body pillow is right there waiting for me. It's worked out well.

What I miss: I think I'm over missing deli meat. whateves....Don't think I miss anything food or drink wise. Just starting to miss my old body, including my little butt I used to have. It's not so little these days.

Best Moment: Def feeling the baby move. It stinks that no one else can feel it, see it, or that I can't even describe it. Hunter wants me to describe it to him so bad and I can't figure out the words to.

Looking forward to: Oh so much! Seeing our baby on Friday at the Ultrasound Scan :) Feeling baby kick more, and Hunter being able to feel it. Plus, this weekend we are heading to Greenville NC for our niece's 1st birthday party. Excited for a fun weekend with family. Can't believe Reagan is ONE!

Cravings: I don't really think any...

Symptoms: Still burping and nausea if I go a long period without eating. Headaches about one a week. Frequent urination...although I think it's getting better. I'm only up once a night if that. And some new lovelies have showed up. Back pain and leg pain. My back aches alot and my right leg ached soooooooo bad last night someone could have cut it off and I wouldn't' have cared. Sweet hubby massaged it and that did help, but boy I hope this doesn't frequent too much. I'm a little nervous about these pains being I'm only 18 weeks. What 38 gonna feel like? I'm scared!

18 Week picture - taken this morning!

In other news:

  • Two of my friends got engaged this past week/weekend. My friend Sara B. and my girlfriend Kelly Smith. Congrats to them, such an exciting time!

  • Two of my friends had babies!! Kristin and Katie A, Congrats ladies!! Kristin had a little girl Kennedy and Katie had a little boy Camden. We'll be there to see your little munchkins soon!! :)

  • And Hunter and I had a nice long relaxing memorial day weekend doing lots of something, nothing and whatever we wanted. Friday we went to dinner and a movie...hangover 2, Saturday we spent the day on Lake Norman with his Aunt and Uncle, Sunday we attended church, got lunch and then went to register for baby :) Sunday afternoon, I relaxed in the backyard while Hunter finished painting the shed and Sunday night, we went to a cookout at a friends house. Monday, we did a little shopping, hitting up some memorial day sales, then home to cook dinner and relax for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elephants or Whales?

This post might be a little premature considering we don't even know if we are having a boy or girl yet. But I keep looking at boy stuff because it's where I'm the most indecisive. If it's a girl I'm fairly certain I know what I will do for her room. Anyways, while in Potterybarn Kids, the other day, looking at the cribs, Hunter pointed out his adoration for this Whale quilt. Then, I showed him this elephant quilt I had my eyes on. He agreed the elephants were cute but stood his ground in liking the whales better.

Now, I should point out that I know I don't want a nursery full of animals so the quilt (and maybe sheet) will be the only piece we will purchase with animals on it. I thought of doing a striped, solid or polka dotted bumper, sheet and crib skirt along with the animal printed quilt.

Now here comes the fun part...

Did you know on Potterybarn Kids website you can build your own crib? Well you can, right here!

You pick out your crib, then add your quilt, bumper, sheet and crib skirt. You can mix and match every pattern they have and it adds it to your crib where you can see what it will look like together. You can even change the wall color. Genius and EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Here's some different combinations I put together with the quilts we like. The white crib in the pictures is the exact crib, boy or girl, my generous parents are purchasing for us!

Sorry for the blurry images...I couldn't' copy them from the website any clearer.

All of the images have the light blue pique crib skirt and bumper which I think I'm sold on.

1. Whale quilt, navy blue polka dot sheet.

2. Whale quilt, whale sheet.

3. Whale quilt, blue gingham sheet.

4. Elephant Quilt, blue gingham sheet.

5. Elephant quilt, elephant sheet.

Now, I'm aware I can rotate the sheets and use all the different patterns. But, I ask friends....Elephants? or Whales?

Here's clearer pictures of the two.



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I Wore (with a bump)

I was quite impressed with my outfit selection last week considering my limited resources. Pretty sure every week will not be blog material but for now let's all relish in this...

Monday: Shade tee (non maternity), Limited navy jacket (non maternity), Isabella Oliver skirt (maternity).


Tuesday: Ann Taylor Loft cardigan (non-maternity), Limited top (non-maternity), Francesca's skirt (non-maternity- has an elastic waist band, holla), Target flats. No links to the clothes cause its all old stuff...


Wednesday: Express pants (non-maternity - sporting a belly band under these suckers), Ann-taylor loft top and scarf (non-maternity), Tory Burch flats.


Thursday: Gap pants (maternity), Target tank top (non-maternity), Jcrew cardigan and necklaces (non-maternity), Banana Republic heels.


Friday: Express pants (w/ belly band), Express top and headband, Gap jean Jacket - all non-maternity, Tory Burch flats.


17 weeks!

We're on a roll now people. The weeks just flowing along.

Size: A turnip. I have no image it :)

Weight: No weight gain this week if anything I feel like I may have lost a pound or two. All that yard and house work, plus the overeating from vacation two weeks ago is starting to wear off. Gonna stick with 11 pounds weighing in at 141.

Maternity Clothes: Yep, wearing maternity t-shirts/tanks a lot and maternity pants for sure. But still able to fit into some of my flowy pre-pregnancy tops and long cardigans. Have a few pre-preggers work pants too that I'm sporting with the belly band. Looking forward to the weather getting even warmer and my belly getting a little bigger so I can sport some cute cotton dresses. Right now I just look chubby in some of the dresses, so I've been leaning towards pants/skirts/shorts and t-shirts these days.

Gender: 3.5 weeks until the big gender reveal party.

Movement: None yet. Boooooooooo. I swear if this was my second kid I would be recognizing some of the "quickening" but I just can't tell. With all the gurgles and pains going on down there some of them have got to be baby movement though!

Sleep: Okay. Keep waking up and finding myself on my back so I rotate to my side and then the cycle repeats itself. Which leads to not very consistent sleep. Thinking about getting one of those pregnancy wedges and setting up a little slant for myself every night so I can sleep on my back. we'll see.

What I miss: Same old I guess. Eating whatever I want (like deli meat). I hate having to read whats in everything and analyze a menu wondering if I can have that or not. I want to just close my eyes, point to something on a menu and eat it :) With summer time approaching, I'm sure to soon be craving and missing hot dogs.

Best Moment this week: Guy at the water cooler at work asking me when I was due. He didn't even ask me if I was pregnant he was so certain that he just brought out the big guns "When are you due?" I've made it!

Looking forward to: A 3 day weekend with my hubby with again no plans :) And of course our anatomy scan next friday. Can't wait to see my little turnip again :)

Cravings: I wanted a burrito last night. I got it. Thanks to Tupelo Love I want to go to friendlys this weekend. I think we'll make it happen.

Symptoms: Ugh felt so nauseous the past couple days. A preggers pop is saving my life as I type. I tried everything this morning...yogurt, peach, then half an organic strawberry pop tart. Nada, finally just popped a preggie pop in my mouth and I'm feeling better. The burping seems to be out of control again too especially when I'm hungry. And the hunger pains. Being hungry is painful these days, so I eat and being full is painful too. It's all bearable and I don't want to sound like I'm complaining because I'm certain its all going to get much worse but you asked what my symptoms where :) Headaches seem better but probably still get one about once a week. Shortness of breath. Not when exercising mostly when sitting or lying down. Also, racing heart. I can definitely feel my heart beating faster. I looked up the breathlessness and the racing heart thing both in the "What to expect book" and they are normal.

Pictures: No pictures this week. I don't think I've changed much from last week. I'm about to post a what I wore (with a bump) so you'll get plenty of bump shots then :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

A productive weekend...

It's was a productive and tiring weekend but tiring in a good way. I feel like I got a lot of good excersice into this pregnant body through yard and house work. I feel like list form will shoot this weekend accomplishments well... Here goes.

1. Attended Supper club with friends
2. Hung out with little sister from big brothers big sisters
3. Bought flowers for and potted 6 flower pots
4. Hunter mowed back lawn and trimmed all our bushes. I helped him pick up all the bush trimmings. (this was a BIG job our bushes had our back yard looking like a jungle - no joke)
5. Mopped the garage floor. yes you read that right...we have a painted garage floor so I mop it once and a while
6. Hunter washed his car (not mine - just his, jerk!)
7. Attended a friends birthday dinner
8. Dusted, vaccummed, mopped the whole house. Upstairs and down including our bedroom!
9. 7 loads of laundry
10. Cleaned top to bottom including tubs of two bathrooms.
11. played fetch with jake. duh.

What do you think? productive? Now that some house chores are done I have some other things on my to do list. I'll keep going with the list's really working for me this morning.

1. Finish tissue poms (15 of them to be exact), 2 banners, and 6 stings of tulle poms, and print candy labels for Reagan's first birthday party. Thats was like 4 things to do lumped into one number. :)
2. Figure out more details of our gender reveal party. Like menu/food, paper needs, set up etc.
3. Make 2-3 pendant banners for gender reveal party.

Lots o crafting to do, but i'm not worried this weekend is a three day weekend! whoot whoot!

I leave you with a pic from dinner on saturday night!


Friday, May 20, 2011

16 weeks!

So yesterday got away from me a bit. A coffee break with an old friend, lunch with a different friend, plus a girls gotta earn her paycheck by actually doing some work so I never got around to blog land. But here goes...without further ado (is that the saying)?

Size: An avocado

Weight: Brace yourself folks....I broke the 140 mark. I'm a officially a 140 pounder. Scary!! I weighed in at 141 at the doc on Wednesday so at 16weeks I'm up 11pounds. I feel like its all boobs and belly so I'm okay with it at this point.

Maternity Clothes: Doing half and half. Half the time I wear maternity pants/tops half the time I don't. I actually sported the belly band twice this week and wore two pairs of regular pants of mine. In fact come to think of it, I'm not wearing ONE thing maternity today. (besides the belly band). Go me!

Gender: EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK! Cannot wait!! Two more weeks til the test, which means nothing since it's 4 weeks til our reveal party. I've had two dreams though that were related to having a girl. The first one was I went to hand the envelope to the bakery and as I passed it to the clerk it went under an overhead light and I caught glimpse of a "g" written inside the envelope. I was so upset I found out and ran home to tell him I saw a "g" through the envelope. When telling Hunter about my dream in real life he said it was part of the word congratulations, It's a Boy! haha :)

Dream number 2 was we opened the envelope and couldn't read the writing. So we took it to the Dr's office and in front of the Dr. he explained to us that it was a girl. Hunter started crying, full weepy tears, right there in the office. haha :)

Movement: None yet. I feel all sorts of weird stuff going on in my stomach. Most of it is pretty uncomfortable feeling and not like the butterflies people describe the movement feeling to be so I don't THINK I've felt baby move.

Sleep: Still good nights and bad. Def still waking up once or twice a night to potty. It's all routine now.

What I miss: My old bra size, deli meat...I think that's about it.

Best Moment this week: Well I heard the heartbeat Wednesday and that's always a great moment. But a few people in public have asked if I'm having a baby and I've exciting exclaimed why YES! thank you for noticing :) It's fun when the public starts to know because then its safe to say your past the fat point and onto the pregnant looking point!

Looking forward to: The next two relaxing weekends at home! Catching up on yard work, planting flower pots, cleaning. Getting our home back to a home!

Cravings: I wanted deviled eggs while laying in bed two nights ago. Never got them, but very weird that out of no where they popped in my head and sounded sooo good! The sweet hubby did offer to go get me some but I opted for him to stay next to me :)

Symptoms: Where do I begin....burping, slight nausea still in mornings, headaches, my stomach feels hard and uncomfortable about 80% of the time. Very thirsty, and some tiredness. Some days I feel like I can run a I work out! Pretty hard for a preggers girl in my eyes...but the next day after a work out I'm DEAD to the world and the energy is zapped.

And 16 week pump pic:



The front view is a little scary....and dirty mirror again geez laweez!!

I'm bringing back What I wore (with a bump) next week. Get Excited!! Until then everyone have a fabulous relaxing weekend! xoxo

Monday, May 16, 2011

Vaca & Anny in Pictures...

Back to the grind today. It was a little hard waking up this morning and dragging myself in here but once I got here and got to work I realized it ain't so bad! It all got me to thinking what it would be like to go back to work after having 3.5months off with baby. I think like today if I can drag myself in I'll realize too, it ain't so bad. PLUS, we are going to visit a daycare on Wednesday that is right next to my work building downtown. If I can have baby downtown with me, go visit him/her during the day, just know he/she's a 2 min walk away from me I think it will make it all that much easier! There's a 6 month to a year wait though so fingers crossed we get in!!

Any who, a little reflection on our vacation and anniversary.

Vacation was awesome. We relaxed in the mornings, didn't rush, putting us on the beach around 1ish everyday. Left to head home by 4 or 5 which was plenty of time for little Reagan and us. A few nights cooked in, a few nights we went out, did a little shopping, and just spent some nice QT with fam which is what we love to do. Reagan LOVED the beach, sand, water ALL of it. She would charge the water upon arrival, stick her whole face in the sand (it was pretty funny), and her favorite thing turned out to be a hole Uncle Hunter would dig for her to sit/play in! :) And Incase I didn't paint a visual picture well enough here's an obnoxious amount of pictures for you to look at :)

Our Anniversary was relaxing. Hunter went out and got us coffee and breakfast in the morning. We ran some errands in the afternoon, ate lunch at a local burger place, Big Daddy's, and then chilled on the couch pretty much until dinner time. For dinner we cooked crab cakes, lobster tails, and a wedge salad. Simple, fast, easy! Our cake to top it all off was actually delicious! Both of us were plesently surprised to discover it tasted the same as on wedding day.

We have a doctor's appointment wednesday so I'm going to wait until Thursday to do my 16 week post in order give give you folks the most up to date factoids!
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