Wednesday, June 29, 2011

22 Weeks!

Yesterday got away from me but lucky for you I'm still 22 weeks today too :) So here goes...

Size of baby: A spaghetti squash. (where do they come up with these veggies?) But if that doesn't give you an accurate picture how about the fact that baby has hit the 1 pound mark! No more ounces...we're onto pounds yay! :)

Weight gain: Weighed myself at home the other day and I was 147 something. So 148 with 130 start weight...looking at around 18 pounds. If this stays true when I get weighed in at the Dr. next week I'll be one happy girl!

Gender: A little Hunter!! yay :)

Movement: My goodness this little guy has been moving like crazy especially last night and this morning. I feel awful saying it because I love his kicks always and they give me comfort in knowing he's doing well in there but last night I was ready for him to go to bed so I could go to bed :)

Sleep: Sleeping good!

What I miss: So I had deli meat turkey on a croissant the other day. It was good. Most all my girlfriends agreed they ate deli meat through all their pregnancies so I figured one little half a sandwhich couldn't hurt. And it didn't. Still craving a jimmy johns turkey tom sub though. Beside food def missing my old bra size these days. Purchased a whopper size of a nursing bra on Saturday...hope it lasts me until baby is born and after!

Best Moment this week: hmmmm feeling Hunter kick and being able to shop for him!!! I purchased a few outfits and sleepers along with his bedding! (Whales Won!) It's a blurry picture so if you can't tell the crib sheet is navy/white polka dots.
and a very "little boyish" overnight bag that he can pack his things in for grandma's house. Monogrammed of course :)
Big Hunter is okay with the purchases because he knows I'm just excited to know it's a boy and finally be able to buy things, but he would like me to start to take it easy. I think my initial "it's a boy" shopping sprees might be over :(

So..... as far as nursery purchases go we have the crib (PBKids kendall in white), chair (Little castle Valentino in color Riviera linen), and bedding (jackson bumper with max crib skirt and navy dot sheet) . A good start, I'd say!

Hoping this weekend Hunter gets started on putting up crown molding in the room. After that I can have the wallpaper hung and we'll really be moving along. The wallpaper I'm doing is a ivory grasscloth.

Looking forward too: A long three day weekend and nursery progress. It's fun decorating a room from scratch and picturing little Hunter in all these sweet little things :) Oh and hearing his heart beat in the next few days. I feel like it's been forever!

Cravings: None really, all food tastes pretty good these days!

Symptoms: Uncomfortableness at times...I sit with a pillow behind my back when on the couch. Nausea still in the morning. I've always felt a little sick on the drive into work in the morning. I would take a glass of water with me and drink it on the way in while sucking on a preggers pops to sooth the nausea. Last week however I was so thirsty before running out the door so I drank half a glass of water while standing in the kitchen. (no preggers pop yet) Annnnd that lasted about two seconds before it came back up in the kitchen sink. No water in morning before food or a preggers pop. Seems weird to me since its just water but it is what it is and i'm certainly not messing with it. No stretch marks still, but I do have that dark line that runs from the belly button down. Oh and my belly button is sooooo an outty :) Hunter thinks it's gross but I think its cute. ha!

Pictures: Speaking of lines and protruding belly all want to see a nekid belly pic???? I've debated about posting this but over all it's just my stomach right!? Ok, if you do scroll down... :)


Cool or freaky?

In the next few pictures we are play hid the ball in my belly for Jake. It started because I was trying to tell him his baby brother was in there but in order to get him to even pay any attention to my stomach we had to put his ball there...haha go figure :)


Until next week...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Friday Night's Dinner...

It's been a while since I've blogged about Chef Hunter...probably since it's been a while since we've cooked a good meal together. Summer time is busy with outdoor parties, softball games, and lots of eating out apparently :)

Anyways, friday was different...we stayed in and cooked Caprese Beef Tenderloin! Another recipe from our favorite recipe source Cuisine Recipes.

Caprese Beef Tenderloin
Because this dish cooks so quickly, have all of your ingredients prepared before you begin cooking.
Makes: 2 servings
Total time: 25 minutes

2 beef tenderloin steaks (4–5 oz. each, 1-inch thick) (we never follow a recipe exactly :))

Salt and black pepper
2 slices baguette (1-inch thick) (and a grilling beer :))

Olive oil
2 Tbsp. olive oil, divided
1 tsp. minced garlic

1 cup seeded, diced Roma tomatoes

1 Tbsp. red wine vinegar

2 Tbsp. each diced fresh mozzarella (I swear that's mozzarella)

and minced fresh basil (Hunter likes his basil not so minced :))

Nutrition InformationPer serving: 467 cal; 22g total fat (5g sat); 72mg chol; 456mg sodium; 36g total carbs; 3g fiber; 33g protein

Season steaks with salt and pepper; brush bread with oil.

***You can do it all in a skillet like the recipe calls for below or we just grilled everything outside. At the end while the steaks where resting Hunter mixed up in a skillet the oil, garlic, tomatoes, vinegar mixture to pour on top of the steaks once plated.***

Heat 1 Tbsp. oil in a nonstick skillet over medium-high until shimmering. Add steaks and bread; cook 3 minutes. Turn steaks and bread. Cook steaks 2 minutes more and bread until toasted on both sides. Transfer bread to 2 serving plates; place steaks on top of bread and allow steaks to rest, 5 minutes.

Add remaining 1 Tbsp. oil to skillet and heat over medium-high. Stir in garlic and cook 30 seconds. Stir in tomatoes; cook until softened, 2–3 minutes. Stir in vinegar and cook, 1 minute more.

And the Master Chef at you can see we served it with asparagus and corn on the cob.

The asparagus was tied together with twist ties for easier grilling.

He brushed everything (corn, aspargus, & bread) with oil/butter and seasoned them before grilling.

Such concentration :)



It was a gorgeous red sky that night!

And Voila!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Message on a chalk board...

There's a new tradition in our household that I'm pretty excited about. Every Sunday when we get home from church I write on a chalkboard that Sunday's message. It's hung on a wall in our kitchen that we walk by everyday so this way we are reminded all week long to practice living the way Jesus would want us to.

I'm VERY excited about the idea of sharing this tradition with our future children and one day having THEM write sunday's lesson on the chalkboard! It's the little things :)

21 Weeks!

Size: A banana (7in long) 11oz weight

Weight gain: Who knows! I haven't weighed myself at home at all. Hoping I'm around 147ish. The 150 mark is gonna KILL me!! I'll know for sure at our next appointment July 6th.

Maternity Clothes: Yes mostly. Dresses or maternity pants/tops to work, shorts, tanks, and some elastic waist skirts on the weekends.

Gender: It's a BOY! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: All the time! I feel him moving around in there in the car on the way into work, a couple times while sitting at my desk during the day, usually in the car on the way home from work, and then nice big kicks at night when laying on the couch or in bed. If I'm busy though and moving around a lot (like on the weekends) I don't feel him as much and always make note of his night time movements on those days!

Sleep: Really well still.

What I miss: Turkey wraps. And hot dogs. Hunter cooked me a hot dog the other night and made sure it was cooked to whatever degree it is they say it should be. It just wasn't the same...he like charred it. I want a normal cooked ball field hot dog :)

Best Moment this week: Find out he was a boy at our Gender reveal party. Our friends and family were so supportive and excited for us. We are very blessed to have shared that moment with all of them!

Looking forward to: Making progress on the nursery. Hunter is going to clear out the room this weekend and then hoping some crown molding gets put up fourth of July weekend. After all that is done I'll have the wallpaper put up, our crib put together and we'll be getting somewhere. We still need to go to a couple places and test drive some nursery chairs, lots to do, lots to do. Also looking forward to being able to buy something from a store that I see is cute :) (now that we know it's a boy!)

Cravings: Actually at this moment, a chicken parm sub. I will be full filling this craving by stopping to get one a local pizza place on my way home from work :)

Symptoms: Tummy pain and achiness from it growing. Back soreness...I like to have a pillow supporting my back now when I sit in a chair or on the couch. No swelling or stretch marks yet hallelujah to that!

21 week picture taken this morning:


Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's a .....


How exciting is that!? We're completely thrilled to find out and announce that we will be the proud parents of a little boy.....Hunter Lee Lunsford V!!!! (aka HL5) :)

p.s. sorry about the fact that we just learned to use our video camera. We realized after the fact we can turn it the long ways and the video would have covered more picture. oops. oh well, better we found out now before HL5 comes!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So...about this Gender Reveal Party

I saw this Amy Atlas bunting theme for a sip and see and thought it would make a perfect and simple gender reveal party theme. With the help of my good friend Lindsey we designed, printed and sent out these invites.


And of course a bunting banner to hang above the food and drink table....


I made this bad boy on Sunday along with stringing our baby sonogram pictures on twine. They won't be hung in this order on Saturday...just hanging like this on the fireplace for safe keeping until the big day. Thinking of hanging the banner above the food/drink and the pictures below on the front of the table. We'll see.

Top the party off with some pink and blue serve ware, pink and blue table cloths, paper poms and flowers, and some pink and blue drinks and food. I plan to do blue koolaid and pink lemonade along with some pink and blue jello squares. When's the last time you had jello? It's been a while for me so I'm pretty excited about it. Hunter is making these burgers a mexi-slaw and onion rings to go along. Anyone hungry yet? :)

Oh and one more thing...these adorable onesie cut-out cookies. I can't resist making these!

The countdown is on ....I'm DYING to know at this point. Will it be a ....???



20 weeks!

Half way there, let's celebrate with a Gender reveal party on Saturday!! Whoot Whoot! :)

Size: A cantalope. That sounds really big to me!

Weight gain: oh lordy who knows!!! I was 145 two weeks ago so probably like 150 now, just kidding. Probably like 146 147 don't feel like I've gain too much the past two weeks.

Gender: Have I mentioned we find out saturday????????????????? I have friday off work, my parents come into town thursday night, we are going to try to find time to purchase a crib this weekend...such an exciting time!!!

Movement: Everyday!! And Hunter got to feel it last week. He/She was kicking pretty good in bed one night so I grabbed Hunter's hand and sure enough he jerked it back with a surprise look on his face. I could tell he thought it was pretty cool :) For me baby moves all the time. I feel it on the way to work, at my desk a couple times a day, on the car ride home from work, and always before bed. I like a description that I read a little bit ago that it sort of feels like popcorn is popping in your stomach. That is a bit what it feels like at times.

Sleep: Still sleeping great!

What I miss: back to my deli meat. I want a turkey wrap so bad right now!

Best Moment this week: Feeling the babies kicks and having Hunter feel it.

Looking forward to: Saturday duh!

Cravings: Tacos. Ate five last night, thats right, five. I want more...might have them tonight too. The hard kind....not soft. I like the crunch :)

Symptoms: Hunger. Def have a healthy appetite these days which the books say is normal so I'm gonna go with it :) Tummy soreness at times, and at night I'm just sore and whooped. Mornings I wake up full of energy.

Pictures: These are from Sunday, Monday, Tuesday of this week!

Friday, June 10, 2011

What I wore (with a bump)

This is a compilation of what i wore the past couple weeks (when I had time in the morning to take a pic) :)

1. Top Shade Maternity, Pants Gap (non-maternity).


2. Top Banana Republic (non-maternity), Cardigan Ann Taylor Loft (non-maternity), Skirt Gap (maternity).


3. Dress honestly I've had this for a year or two and I have no idea where I got it. I think it was like Belk or Nordstrom or something. It looks A LOT better on when I'm not pregnant but is stretchy so I thought I'd give it a try this day.


4. Dress Motherhood Maternity, Cardigan Express


5. Top Ann Taylor Loft (non-maternity), Khakis Gap Maternity


6. Dress Motherhood Maternity, Heels Banana Republic


7. Pants Express, Top Old Navy (maternity), Cardigan J.Crew


8. Dress I don't know the brand but just got it from a maternity boutique in Charleston called Sprout.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

19 Weeks!

Size of baby: A mango! And at our Dr's appt last week they estimated it's weight to be 10oz. Little over half a pound :)

Weight Gain: okay, starting to regret the fact that I started posting my weight on here. haha. Ok here goes...145. WHOA 4 pounds since my last appointment making my total weight gain 15 pounds. NOT good! I think I'm only suppose to be at like 10 or something at this point so its time to reign it in. Work out more, eat less sweets I'm getting this back in check cause I only have 15 left to spend if I want to keep to my goal of 30.

Maternity Clothes: I need more clothes! I'm heading to old navy after work today to see if I can find some more summer dresses. And I could use some more work tops. I sport tanks with a cardigan to work a lot with the same 3 or 4 maternity pants/skirts rotated. I guess I just need to get used to the fact that I'm going to be wearing the same things over and over and over again.

Gender: We are in the presence of "THE ENVELOPE" that holds the big news! I have yet to touch it :) The ultrasound tech handed it to Hunter, he took it home and hid it somewhere in our house and I have no idea where. I did see her wrap it in green paper, staple and tape the envelope so that there was NO way we could see through it or get into it. In the next couple of days Hunter and I will take it to the bakery and then we won't even have it. Everyone asks me if it's hard and honestly not's been pretty much out of sight out of mind.

Movement: Yep, pretty much everyday. It still feels like flutters though. No real good kicks or punches yet.

Sleep: I've been sleeping great! I'm only up to pee maybe once and my sleep is deep uninterrupted. I hope this continues!

What I miss: I guess just back to the old eating whatever I want. It's not really bothering me that I can't eat certain things because I always find something but it will be nice when I don't' have to analyze a menu or recipe with what I can have and can't have.

Best Moment: Seeing baby last Friday :) Everything check out A-okay! He was face up at first but after a few minutes of being poked at poor little baby got tired of it and turned its back to us. So for the last half of the ultrasound he/she was on it's stomach...hence all the ultrasound pics of it's back that I have :)

Looking forward to: Gender reveal party in 1.5 weeks! And then being able to actually get this party started!! Nursery stuff, finish registering!

Cravings: None, pretty boring. I pretty much like all food in general not discriminating :) Except avocados...I typically love them but this pregnancy avocado has not been appealing to me.

Symptoms: Some lower abdomen aches, slight nausea if I don't eat regularly or take a vitamin on an empty stomach. Def puked at work yesterday :( I took my vitmain after having a yogurt and berries thinking that would be enough of a coating. I was wrong. Haven't had any headaches, leg cramps or back pain this week though. whoot whoot.

Pictures: Giving the spot light to our little munchkin this week :)





Monday, June 6, 2011

Reagan's 1st Birthday!

We had a lot of fun this past weekend helping our niece Reagan celebrate her first Birthday. My sister in law Carter didn't miss a detail when it came to the "pink" themed party! She had a play tent set up over a blanket with toys which was a big hit for the babies. A large tent housed the food, table and chairs, and my favorite a baby bar complete with puffs, yogurt melts and other kid friendly sweet treats! :)
Enjoy the pics!
















A few months back I offered to make a couple banners for the party and some pink tissue poms. With this easy Martha tutorial there is no need to ever buy expensive already made poms. Just purchase plain tissue paper and make them yourself! The bigger the sheet of tissue paper the bigger your pom will be.
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