Friday, July 29, 2011

Isabella Inspired...

I often look through catalogs just to see how the models outfits are pieced together. Then I hit my own closet for similar items in order to copy a look. For example....

This Isabella Oliver Maternity Spring Catalog had this image on front...

I die over how chic this model looks while pregnant!!!

In an attempt to be a copy cat, I scoured my closet for a similar cotton dress, scarf and belt. I needed a gold watch and some chunky gold braclets that I didn't have. But oh well, can't be perfect.
You better believe I threw on my aviators before walking out the door though. boo-yaaaa!!!



I never in a million years would have thought to belt this dress below my belly and wear it with a scarf without the catalogs inspiration!! You should try it :) I love using J-crew catalogs as inspiration as well especially when it comes to mixing and matching colors and patterns.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

26 weeks!!

Size of baby: A cucumber! 15 inches long and 2.2 pounds

Weight Gain: Not positive. My guess would be around 154 or so. Hopefully not more than that! Which would put me at gaining 24 pounds so far.

Maternity clothes: Def all maternity tops unless it was a big flowy shirt I owned prepregnancy. I'm wearing a pair of my normal pants to work today with a belly band but I'm thinking I might only be able to get away with this for a couple more weeks. I think its so funny how when I was first pregnant I wanted to be in maternity clothes so badly and now I'm so excited when I wear my prepregnancy clothes.

Gender: It's a boy! Hunter Lee Lunsford V.

Movement: I can tell he is growing in there and has less room to move around. His kicks are stronger and I'm feeling/seeing more waves of movement across my whole belly or one side. I'll also feel these little hard knots at times and when I push on them they move so I'm certain those are his little feet, elbow or something. During the week when I'm working he'll kick lots while I'm sitting at my desk, and then a lot at night when I get in bed. On the weekends since I get to sleep in a bit more I'll feel him in the morning while I'm still lying in bed.

Sleep: Good! Very grateful for this!! And I don't feel like I am as tired as I was last weekend either.

What I miss: My clothes not feeling tight. I pretty much strip as soon as I get home because I feel like everything I wear is restricting and uncomfortable. Even my maternity clothes. I like nothing more than to just be nekid! ha :)

Best moment this week: Seeing the nursery come together. I just adore it and can't wait to see Hunter sleeping or playing in his room on day. I also received my baby shower invitation on the mail!! Very exciting!! Thank you soooo much to my great friends Lindsey and Kristin for throwing me a shower!! xoxo

Looking forward to: Holding my baby boy!! GAH I can't wait!!!! We have two more relaxing weekends ahead of us and then for about 2 months straight we are busy busy busy with weddings, vacations, showers and football games. The business will be lots of fun and THEN...he'll be here!!! :)

Cravings: Hands down I think I officially have a craving. Azteca Mexican. Not any Mexican place it has to be Azteca! I LOVE there beans and rice and I always get the chimicanga. Hunter took me there last night and I could eat it again right now! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Symptoms: Ugh, I got one of those awful leg cramps last night. NO fun. My back is sore at times, and my stomach tight and achy especially after I eat. I'm really feeling great though. I have ZERO complaints.

Pictures: Taken on Tuesday before work when I was exactly 26 weeks.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nursery Progress...

Here's some pictures of the progress we got done on the nursery this past weekend. At 26 weeks I feel really good about what we've gotten done and have left to do!

boring tan room before...

Hunter starting the painting process...

Trimming away....

Painting complete and moving onto putting together the crib...

There's just something about a man with a drill....wink wink ;)

Love him...LOTS when he's doing house projects :)

Tada...view from doorway


View from where the crib is...we plan to put a hanging bookshelf above where the rattan toy truck is.


Happy preggers girl...oh and don't mind the crooked lamp shade, we'll fix that ;)

Both Hunter and I LOVE how the wall color turned out. The chair, that will go kiddie cornered between the windows, is on order and we plan to hit up Ikea for the dresser/changing table this weekend.

Pretty sure I walk in the room about every night and just look around :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hunter 5's Nursery

Here's a little picture board I made of some items you might find in Hunter 5's Nursery. As of right now it's an empty tan colored room. We have designated saturday to get the room painted and maybe even the crib put together. Afterwards, on Sunday, you can find me at the spa getting a much needed prenantal massage.


The background color on the picture is the paint color we are going with. Vaspar Laura Ashley paint from Lowes called Navy 1.
(which I find ironic being that it's not navy at all but we are having a lot of navy in his room) must be meant to be :)

The bedding that looks fuzzy is Jackson Whales from potterybarn kids, paired with mini polkadot navy crib sheet, and Harper stripe navy crib skirt. Added's all organic!!

The little Trevor sign above the crib is something I ordered off etsy. The one I ordered is customized with a V in the center representing roman numeral five and says Hunter at the bottom. Get it? Hunter V :)

The shelf, mirror, and burlap storage boxes are from Restoration Hardware baby and child.

The saftey pins I thought would look cute hanging above the changing table. They are from ballard designs.

The dresser we are going to use as a changing table at first and it is Ikea's Hemnes,

Rug, crib, curtains, turtle, and frames all PBkids

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! TGIF!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

25 Weeks!

Size of Baby: An Eggplant! We are officially in Month 6...all I can think about is how we have about 3 months to go. That just seems so soon! I can't wait :)

Weight Gain: As of last week I was at 21 pounds...I'll go with 22 this week.

Maternity clothes: Yes, most of the time. Lot's of maternity shorts and t-shirts on the weekends. To work I wear pants both maternity and non(with a belly band) and all maternity tops.

Gender: It's a boy! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: Lots. I love feeling my little boy move. I can feel it from the inside and see it on the outside. Today actually, I saw movement start at my belly button and ripple to my side. With every move I feel joy from reassurance that he is alive and well in there.

Sleep: Pretty good. Sleeping well, no swelling or stretch marks yet, never really felt super nauseous. This kid has been super nice to me so far. Let's keep that way little Hunter :)

What I miss: It's official I miss a glass of wine. Hunter and I used to enjoy a glass while we good our dinners now he has one alone :(, and watching all the drinking on the Bachelorette every week makes me want one. ha! Missing raw fish sushi lately too. I just googled to see if I could eat sushi while breast feeding because man I'm craving a good raw roll!

Best Moment this week: I had a lot of fun this past Saturday out on the lake with my little sister from big brothers big sisters. It was nice to concentrate on her for a day and not think to much about the pregnancy or myself. Saturday evening Hunter and I stopped into Lowes and picked out paint for the nursery, then headed to babies r us to pick up a shower gift, followed by a nice dinner. I'm pretty sure Hunter thought it was the lamest Saturday night ever but I thought it was nice :)

Looking forward to: Lately when sitting with Hunter in our living room at night I envision the future. I picture myself, Jake and my two Hunters snuggled up on the couch watching football with our fireplace warming the room. I can't wait :) In the more immediate future I'm looking forward to getting the nursery painted this weekend and possibly the crib put together!

Cravings: Sushi! And I really want one of those Digiorno frozen pizzas that come with the cookies. Yum! We saw a commerical for one last night and I told Hunter that's I wanted for dinner Friday night. He explained that we already have frozen pizza in the fridge so he could make that and just stop to get some break and bake cookies since it is essentially the same thing. I explained to him that it is NOT the same thing and I want them out of the same box! ha!

Symptoms: sooooooo tired. Not sure why, maybe because baby is growing big and taking up all my energy from me. who knows. I napped both Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon last weekend and I'm not normally a napper. Have felt a bit lightheaded at times in the past week too. Other than that,same old....stiff back, sensitive stomach on the inside, feeling of tightness on the outside.




Desiree and I on the lake last saturday

And some nursery progress pictures: sorry not the best I snapped these with my iphone (which is old school btw - doesn't even have a flash. ha!)

The molding Hunter hung

The closet he added a bottom self to. Isn't it the adorable with those little clothes hanging :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Last nights Dinner...

Hunter sat in the car in the parking lot of the grocery store and searched the Martha Stewart Food app on his iphone until he found recipes that hit the spot.

Here's the three winners that made up our dinner. Winner Winner Pork chop Dinner!

1. Lemon-Parsley Pork Chops

2.Sausage Stuffed Peppers

3. Apple, Grape and Celery Salad

At first we thought it was going to be too much food but it really wasn't. The lemon flavor really popped in the pork chops, I LOVED that the stuffed peppers where stuffed with couscous instead of rice, and the apple salad was perfect lighter side to balace out the other two peices of the meal.

Hunter made the apple salad first and let it refigerate until the rest of dinner was read.


Next he made the stuffed peppers.

His working spread

Couscous my fav!

The only thing Hunter added that the recipe didn't call for was a can of diced green chiles.



And into the oven they went...


After some time baking you top them with cheese and put them back in the oven.

While the stuffed peppers where baking he prepared the pork chops.

Flavored with a little seasoning...


The lemon and parsley mixture....

And all came together beautifully.




It was a yummy dinner! Thanks Hunter Stewart :)

Sidenote: you all may or may not notice that my pictures are pixalated a little. It's because I'm lazy and don't feel like loading them to picnik to resize and then to photobucket. So I'm loading them straight to photobucket and resizing them in the html code. It sort of bugs me because what's the point of our good camera if I'm going to ruin the look of the pictures when I post them...but it's just sooooooooo time consuming. (whiney voice) Anyone know any sort cuts?

But take a look - you can really notice a difference when looking at the title of the recipe on the ipad!!

The below picture was uploaded lazy way just to photobucket and then resizing in html code.


This was uploaded to picnik first, resized and then saved to photobucket. UGH SO much Better!!! I need to stop being lazy...


Thursday, July 14, 2011

24 weeks!

Size of baby: An ear of corn! About 8.5inches long and 1.5pounds in weight.

Weight Gain: It happened. I hit the 150 mark. Actually the 151 mark :( Have gained 21 pounds so far.

Maternity clothes: Yes most of the time. I find that I look better in shorts/skirts and tops as oppose to dresses. Dresses just make me feel and look so much bigger than I am. I do sport a few of my regular pants still to work with the belly band. They come no where close to fitting in the waist of course but the fact that they still fit in the legs and buttocks is a good thing.

Gender: It's a boy! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: Lots! I can def tell little Hunter its growing because his kicks are getting stronger and stronger. Instead of little pokes her and there a few of them move my whole stomach. It's a weird feeling. And I swear last night I felt his little foot. I put my hand over where he was kicking me last night and pressed down gently...i felt the hardest little knob of something and then it moved. I think it was is foot! :)

Sleep: Pretty good, up twice a night to pee still so it's interrupted sleep but could be worse for sure.

What I miss: Feeling normal and my old body. I'm really trying hard to enjoy these last couple months of pregnancy because I know it will go by fast but man I'll be happy to just have the little guy in my arms instead and this basketball out of my stomach!

Best Moment this week: hmmmm, well we had a Dr's appt last Wednesday. Always great to hear the heartbeat. Everytime the nurse would put the dopler on him we'd hear his heartbeat and then he would move. She eventually asked me "He keeps moving from em, are you feeling that?" I laughed and said Yep! Little Hunter says "Get that machine away from me..."

Looking forward to: OH soo much!! It's not all necessarily around the corner but I'm looking forward to more nursery progress, our trip to Rochester NY in August, my shower weekend with lots of family in town from far away, our birthing classes, football season starting and our baby moon! It's going to be a busy 3 months! :)

Cravings: mmmmmmm, soft serve ice cream. Really craving that right now but what's with the new thing I'm hearing that pregnant women shouldn't eat soft serve because of the risk of Listeria in the machines from old ice cream accumulating at the bottom. UGH! can we eat ANYTHING! ????

Symptoms: Lower back pain, upset tummy (my tummy has not felt right for weeks!) I feel like pregnancy is giving me IBS. I know TMI! Nasal congestion in the mornings, and tightness in my stomach...the mornings are better than the evenings. By nighttime I'm over being pregnant but when I wake up in the morning I'm feeling much better and ready to continue. No stretchmarks yet! (and hopefully ever!)

Some other note worthy pregnancy items going on (it's been a productive week):

1. We scheduled two more DayCare tours for next week. Need to get back on this daycare bandwagon and figure something out. As of now we are on two waiting lists but neither of which are likely to have availability by next Feb when we need them. One of the two we are meeting with next week has availability so that's good!

2. I scheduled all of our hospital classes for mid September! We are taking a birthing/labor class, taking care of baby class, hospital tour, and infant CPR. It's a total of three 2.5hr classes during the week. I'm debating on taking the breastfeeding class...experienced mom's out there do you think I should? It's free....

3. I signed back up for Yoga!! A new yoga place opened up down the street from our house and it offers prenatal yoga classes every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays! I've been twice so far and am loving it. Just great for the aches, pains, swelling and stretches!

4. We got some disappointing nursery news :( Wallpaper guy came to give us an estimate and told me I would need 4 more rolls of the paper I want to use. At 125 dollars a roll it would cost us 725 dollars just for the wallpaper not to mention the cost for him to hang it....not happening. Guess we will be hitting up some paint samples this weekend.

5. We booked our baby moon! Marina Inn at Dunes Grande in Myrtle Beach for four days three nights! There was a groupon out there for it this week so we got a great deal. Will be mooning September 23rd to the 26th!

6. Our Dr's appt last week went well. I measured right on target and baby's heartbeat was 152. My next appt is August 9th where they will do the glugose test. After that appt I start going to the Dr. every 2 weeks instead of four. Exciting!

7. Annnnnd left of the baby to-do list is to pick out a pediatrician.

Pictures: I think I grew....what do you think? GAH and I have such a pea head!! I swear the bigger my body gets the smaller it's making my head look :( ha!



I'll try to post some nursery progress pictures next week...what little progress there has been :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Off to Grandmommies house we go....

Hunter and I are ashamed to say we had not been to visit his grandmothers in Danville, VA since Thanksgiving :( And it's only two hours away from us :( Bad grandkids!! Of course, they are the sweetest and most understanding of our busy lives but they shouldn't be. Bad grandkids!

Well we had a friday to sunday visit last weekend and really enjoyed catching up with everyone. Danville, VA being a small town is always a relaxing place to go to. Unlike Charlotte, there's no hustle and bustle surrounding us and becuase I'm away from the chores of my own home I'm forced to sit down, read a book, work on some crafts, and eat of course! And what do you we do on say a saturday night in Danville VA? Well we pickle of course!

Hunter's father has several flourishing gardens back home and brought to Danville bags and bags of cucumbers! (not to mention the bags and bags of squash, zuchinni, and green beans too).

We sliced the cucumbers and decided on making Bread and Butter pickles! this recipe was the lucky winner of the one we followed and I think it was a good one. The boiling pickle juice smelled just like store bought bread and butter pickles!! (ok, even better than store bought!)

If you have a garden and some unused cucumbers don't be afraid to pickle them! The recipe and idea of pickling seems daunting but it's not me! Maybe some pictures will help you visualize the process :)

If you have never heard of some of the ingredients listed (I certainly hadn't) here's what they look like...

Your Vinegars

Pickling salt

I asked what this did but need it though :)

First step sterlize your jars

Slice cucumbers and onions and place in a large pot with pickling salt


Stuff the jars compactly with the cucumbers and onions.


Boil all the the spices according to recipe and then fill the jars with the bread and butter liquid.


Boil lids

secure all the tops...i actually helped with this part :) and can we say WHOA BABY! eek, not my best angle!


Boil completed jars

Remove from water after boiling for 10minutes and in the middle of the night you will hear the jars "POP" and suction down!

All done! Aren't those jars pretty too? They can be found at your local Walmart! I can't WAIT to enjoy these this fall! :)

Thanks to our Gram and Grammommie for such a fun weekend. We promise it won't be 7 months before out next visit!! xoxo
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