Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life through instagram....

Busy busy we are and I hate neglecting the bloggie blog so I figure this is the fastest way to give u a quick update of what we've been up to. And...who doesn't like a visual right??

No time to number the pics so i'm testing your smarts...see if you can follow along. From left to right, top to get the drift.

1. Two saturday nights ago. Husband, wife, wine, fire. It was a lovely evening.

2. There's a baby...sleeping at the dinner table. Nugget fell asleep while out grabbing burgers on a friday night. Was only like 6:30pm. stop judging.

3. Peas and Pears for HLV. I've taken well to making homemade organic baby food. Baby has taken well to eating it!

4. Panty bouquet I made for my best friends Bachelorette weekend. I'm off to Charleston tomorrow morning for a weekend of partying with the bride! Being the MOH this is one of many little things I've been working on for the weekend. Decor, food/drinks, attire, gifts, it's been fun preparing and now it's finally here! Whoot whoot

5. Sweet Potatoes and Apples. HLV LOVEs him some sweet potatoes...apples, not so much.

6. Soon to be baby bubble. or romper. whatever you want to call it. Just call me Betty. Pattern is cut, time to sew. In my spare time. ha!

7. Little monster in the morning.

8. Little monsters summer digs. Dig em? I sure do!

Love ya'll. Don't give up on us.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Easter Weekend...

The long weekend started on friday for me. With Hunter IV at the masters and daycare closed due to good friday I was forced to take a vacation day and play the SAHM role. It was great!!

Friday morning while HL5 was napping I got a jump start on his easter basket liner. Photobucket
And after his nap we made a dinner to bring over to his newest friend little Leo!
Lou and Carmen Andre are sweet friends of ours who had a baby last week. It was great timing when I saw Blue Eyed Bride had just posted a meal she recently brought to a new family.Bow Tie Fiesta pasta complete with a spinach salad and butterfinger pie. I made the exact same thing for the Andre's. Thanks Blue Eyed Bride :)

BTW, I snuck in a little taste test and boy is it no joke good!! Was glad I doubled the recipe and froze one for us! This will def be making the rotation! Go make it!

After visiting Leo we headed home for a little bath, bottle, bed action. Once baby was snoozing I ponied up with a glass of vino and finished baby's easter basket liner. I was quite pleased with how it turned out!
A little big on the inside which tells me my measurements where a bit off but hey its the first real thing I've ever sewn and practice makes progress, right!?
Now I just need a monogramming machine and my next adventure in sewing is going to be bubbles. YOu know the cute kind that little boys and girls where that are EXTREMELY overpriced in the store. yeah, I can make those! (i think) :)
Sorry, sidetracked...back to the weekend.

Before we knew it, it was saturday morning and Daddy was back from Augusta! Once he settled in we headed out for a family lunch at McAlisters and then off to the mall for HL5 to meet the easter bunny. I'm not to sure he knew what to think but mommy was making funny faces at him behind the camera so we got a smile :)

Saturday evening back at home, the Hub whipped up some Jerk chicken sandwhiches for dinner. I have zero clue how he did it but i know it involved marinaded chicken, a homemade roumalade sauce, pinapple, lettuce, oh and they were on the sweet hawaiian roles. Very yummy! Seriously does anyone out there have any connections with the food network because my husband needs to make more money his own cooking show! ;)Photobucket

Easter Sunday started out with Church, ended in the Masters with baby playing outside with his easter basket in between. Hunter's parents joined us for the day and HLIV made oriental chicken salad. This one I will blog the exact recipe soon because its a old stand by in our house, especially in the summer time. I of course forgot to take a picture of it because well...I was too busy taking pictures of the munchkin :) PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketddiggin in! man i love this kid! :)

I can't help but think next year he's going to be walking around, carrying his basket and bending over to pick up the eggs with his chubby little fingers. ah, so cute! i can't wait!

I hope your Easter was full of Easter blessings. He has risen, he has risen indeed!! xoxo

Monday, April 9, 2012

5 Months!

I’ll share our weekend with you tomorrow but first things first…baby boy is 5 months old!!! And SO MUCH FUN!!! Photobucket

18 pounds 28 inches (97% tile). Size 6mo sleepers are getting snug 9 month ones are more comfortable on you. 9 to 12 month onesies. 6-12 month clothes. We’re trying to finish up the rest of your size 2 diapers and have size 3’s ready to go. We actually put you in a 3 at night to hold more of your tee tee  Photobucket

You can grab things in front of you and put everything in your mouth. You play with your feet and are rolling over both ways. You actually LOVE to be on your stomach and you’ll get your little knees up under you too. It won’t be long before your crawling. As far as sitting up goes you are lasting longer and longer each day probably at about 30 seconds now without falling over. You belly laugh out load and it’s the best!! Sometimes your just in silly moods and little things like watching mommy eat a chip crack you up! Your latest tricks are blowing zerberts with your mouth and holding your bottle. Unfortunatly mommy uses glass bottles and they are heavy! So you can only really hold it up when your finished and its empty.Photobucket

Your still a very good and easy baby. You love most everybody and think its fun to be “on the go” with mom and dad. You have silly moods where you laugh at a lot, serious moods where you just sit quietly and look very relaxed. Your very determined to get stuff that you want, for example grabbing for toys you’ll try until you succeed. You really are only fussy if your tired and ready to wind down. You also have very active moods where you will kick and swing your arms like crazy. I can tell your going to be a busy little boy 

You took to cereal really well this month. We started you on once a day and worked up to twice, morning and night. Your schedule looks like this these days. 6:30am nurse, 8:30am cereal (during the week daycare gives u this), 10am 7oz breast milk, 2pm 7oz breastmilk, 5pm 7oz breast milk, 6:30pm cereal, 8pm bed time bottle of formula. We started giving you a formula bottle for bed too because mommy just couldn’t keep up with how much you are eating. You LOVE formula and mommy and daddy are happy that you are still getting 4 feedings of breastmilk a day as well. It works out! We think we will try giving you some oatmeal this month 

Every month your sleeping just gets better and better. More nights than not you sleep straight from 8pm to 5:30/6:30am. If you do wake up at all in the night all we have to do is give you your paci back and your back to sleep. For the 5:30/6:30 morning nursing session mommy brings you into bed with me. You eat and then are right back to sleep…it’s my favorite snuggle time with you! oh yeah, and you’re a tummy sleeper. The second we lay you in your crib you flip right to your stomach. No stopping you! By the middle of the night you have your knees tucked under you and your little butt in the air. Talk about cute!!!

Music and having songs sung to you, twinkle twinkle is your favorite. Books and being read to. Your bath, playing with toys, watching mickey and baby Einstein, being held and tickled. You love to sit up and stand up more than lay down now. Zurberts blown on your tummy or feet ALWAYS make you belly laugh. You also LOVE your chica chica boom boom cd. The second you fuss in the car we press play and your instantly quiet. It’s a miracle worker for us!

Really just getting lotioned up after your bath and being tired. PhotobucketAnd Hunter 5 wanted to show you all his new skills! check out the video below :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Life is ALWAYS busy with not much going on if that makes sense :) Last week was teacher appreciation week at Hunter's school so Tuesday night I made Glazed Donut Muffins for the teachers, a recipe I found on Pinterest. They were extremely easy to make and looked pretty. A different type of treat I was reluctant to give away, wanting to keep them for ourselves :) Maybe I'll make them again this week! Photobucket Last weekend we headed to my parents house in Northern VA. My brother, sister-in-law and niece Riley were there visiting from NY! We take every opportunity to get up to NoVA when they are there considering it allows us to see them in a 6hr drive as oppose to 12! Our parents home is a nice mid-way meeting point. The cousins exchanged easter presents, the boys golfed, while the girls shopped, and saturday night my parents watched the grandkids while myself, Hunter, Joe and Jenny hit up a bar called spanky shenanigans. There was some spanky shenanigans going on in there all right but we had lots of fun singing along to the dualing pianos! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Other things keeping us busy...Planning of a girlfriends bachelorette, dinners with friends, weekend visits to Big Daddy's (HL3), job interviewing (another stress of last week that I pretty much just dont want to get into, the day job (naturally), keeping up with household chores...the usual. ya know. AND Baby's first easter this weekend. We've got our decor up! Photobucket No much planned but I'll still pumped to dress HLV in a sweet outfit adorned with an easter bunny, give him an easter basket and take WAY to many adorable pictures. Oh, and we'll go to church and worship the big man upstairs because well it just feels good :) GAH speaking of which....we still need to get Hunter baptised. On the 2 DO list!!! Speaking of 2 do lists, this is on the list for sometime before this weekend. Making HL5's easter basket liner. Have the goods just need the time. Going to follow this tutorial. Really hoping it turns out! Baby boy turns 5 months this week! Stay tuned for the monthly post! Oh, and my sister in law is having a link party today (she has one every wednesday). Go to her blog and link up your favorite recipes, crafts, organizing tips, or fashion advice. Anything goes and its a great way to get some cool ideas from other people's blogs!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Another year Another huggie

It's that time of year again. When the weather warms up, cold beer tastes better in warmer weather, and stays colder in a cute huggie. Here's this years purchase....
BURLAP!! Adorable right? go get one!
hmm really wish there was something in there right now. Check out the past four years purchases if you missed them before!
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