Monday, March 18, 2013

Kitchen: Before/After

Alrighty - a little late but as promised here is the first part of the house we are ready to show!! The Kitchen and Kitchen eating area are as good as it gets at this point. We are elated with how it turned out. At first the paint color shocked us a was a bit more green than we expected but over time its growing on us and has given our home this unbelievable coastal feel that we LOVE!! I feel very blessed to come home to this!

 photo 35F6E2AE-ED31-4D08-8DCA-8220676A1CC0-408-000000E1159AB179_zpsb0457a42.jpgAfter

 photo C7210A15-FD86-495E-8C60-03F865CF55A7-408-000000E0966035C9_zps59c30ceb.jpgAfter

 photo f0072e1a-ec9e-4920-b0f0-9f0fc67971a4_zps573af217.jpg

Island fixture found here
 photo 07c90dc6-bc43-4c37-ba7c-2d9db6d820af_zps1a6bbe71.jpg
Paint Color is Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

Farm Table and Chairs is from World Market.  Babies table is from Ikea.  20 bucks!!

Farm table fixture found here

And I couldnt' resist some updated pictures of my little buddy.  He's growing so fast! Sits at his own table to eat, loves to color on his easel that Big Daddy made.  This past weekend our neighborhood put on an easter egg hunt at the neighborhood park.  It was a great way to meet some new neighbors and made us very glad we picked such a wonderful family friendly neighborhood.

 photo BFA81785-BD71-438B-81C1-B560D1642ADB-119-00000002D577B974_zps50d34cce.jpg

Jakes a big helper these days too.  He cleans up for me after Hunter's dinner ;)

The next before and after you get will most likely be the Master bedroom and bath. What about the living room you ask? Oh, yeah. We are STILL sitting on outdoor patio furniture, college style, because MACY's has delayed our sofas by 8 weeks. COUNT EM! EIGHT!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR Look for that in May.

But look for pictures of my nugget at his first easter egg hunt in a couple days :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who knew....Knobs!

Who knew new kitchen knobs could make such a big difference. This might be my favorite change to date. And who knew kitchen knobs could make a girl sooo happy :) Props to hubby for hanging them perfectly straight (he had to drill new holes to install them!)

I was sick last down for the count sick allll week! But we are making progress. The whole house has been painted, kitchen table lantern installed and we are just waiting on the island fixture to get back from big daddy's shop. It needed some height adjusting!

I've been really bad about taking pictures with the good camera of the house and of HL5. I'm going to make this a priority this weekend so look for some good posts next week! :) Happy almost Friday!

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