Thursday, April 25, 2013

Garage Sale'n

Last Saturday our neighborhood had a neighborhood garage sale.   Every family contributed $5 dollars to participate which covered advertising for the event.  The HOA took care of all the advertising and gave out balloons to put on your mailbox if you were participating.  It was great timing for us and our friends who have all just moved to the neigborhood and have tons of stuff that we didnt want to use in our new homes.  Friday night our friends brought there items for sale over and we had a fun evening organzing, and pricing the goods.  Saturday morning bright and early at 7am was game time! 

It really was a lot of fun, drinking coffee, chating with friends, enjoying the crisp morning air all while making some dough!!  In total between all three families we made around 900 dollars! cha-ching!

John had a special attachement to his lamp and Hunter had a really hard time letting go of his antalope Jerome. He gave him one final kiss goodbye! haha
 photo eda096d6ba2dce2e8da31b4d22ddcbe5_zpsd966cc4a.jpg

WOW - we had a lot of shiz!
 photo 5bd6d1172dab30a5d6eee6c6c687a20e_zps8ef68462.jpg

 photo 327eb2903964991d8e43fd7c239c7e8f_zps0b79aa35.jpg

This was saturday evening...we hung out all day and cooked out that night. After waking up at 6am to begin the garage sale festivies I was looking a bit tired! man oh man!

 photo 6fc762943a08c11c3056d3a4efbc37ee_zpsbc44f921.jpg

We're already looking forward to next years garage sale!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

In full bloom

I'm feeling better about the house these days. Feel like we are getting there.  I mean we slept in the guest room last night because our bedroom is torn to peices and being painted BUT we're getting there.  Couches are being delivered tomorrow, a few rooms to hang pictures in, and a few key pieces of furniture to order and I'd say its a point where we can begin to do things over time and enjoy doing them not do things out of neccessity to make the house even livable!

One the fun things about a new home is discovering how it changes with the seasons.  This spring I discoverd our trees in the front are cherry blossoms!!  They are seriously gorgeous, and I may be cut off some branches and decorated the inside of the house too.  Cherry blossoms are my absolute favorite.  They were supposed to be the flowers at our wedding until the florist dropped the ball last minute...I won't even go there now.  ugh...still makes me mad!
Anyways, in full bloom...check them out. I love spring! (minus the pollen our deck is yellow)

Monday, April 8, 2013

I can't keep up

The work weeks come, the work weeks go. The weekends come, the weekends go. We have SOOOOOOO much to do with still trying to get the house settled, yet are trying to play a little bit on the side. Work hard Play hard. Let me see if I can catch you up...

The weekend before Easter we headed to Charleston.  It had been a while since the hubs and I had gotten away and we both just really needed to take a weekend  to forget about the boxes that still need uppacking, the painting that needs to be done, and the pictures that still need to be hung.  We had a great time (maybe too good) and two of our very best friends were there to join us.
 photo AB789A86-53D0-4C45-8A32-264E372F642A-4298-00000555EF89F504_zps510d73ab.jpg

 photo 154AEC90-385A-48FA-B0AE-B11BA9700DFC-4298-00000555EB55CE2C_zps38f49531.jpg

 photo BC12F8A9-4E6C-4945-BD08-E6F67C88CDA3-4298-00000555E70FC086_zps96b1609b.jpg

 photo 8F0B53CD-3269-4F25-815B-CA6C0CA4961D-4298-00000555E2A513D0_zps20f1c193.jpg

 photo 877D665B-5669-4BF6-B930-62E598F43A53-4298-00000555DCAA44C5_zps559e8993.jpg

 photo 08CF0D87-BE5A-4811-B558-1E6B4BAF55AF-4298-0000055654A5566A_zps18d9a0e9.jpg

Easter weekend came and Easter weekend went.  My parents came to town (wish i took more pictures, what else is new). Saturday they helped with some house projects (putting up baby gates, hanging shelves in the dining room) and we had friends over for some easter festivities. Sunday had the pleasure of watching sweet baby Kiara for a few hours.  Hunter loves her and it def gave us baby fever.  Not to mention good practice with two kiddos ;)

 photo 92452AB3-7886-44E8-83B1-50E6748C61A1-4298-0000055631FE9391_zps40482847.jpg

 photo ED428687-1256-4AE2-A80A-FA982E1BB60A-4298-000005563B945856_zps94012071.jpg
 photo 8e681d95-ac84-447d-8271-5a7e1a27f8b9_zps8a258c8b.jpg

 photo 01a4c8ad-890e-4c81-8dbd-7ab41a2707bc_zpsb6f3e555.jpg

 photo ec4cd9ba38e7f4b67ecfd221d4b384c3_zpsf6645715.jpg
 photo db7e5b47c42962bc99703dd1c404dc81_zps8327430f.jpg
 photo 41c20c55a002d9084ad2fe73e0c455d4_zps123fde05.jpg
 photo 5440f694dd5fc3163b44f9ff4c88dde2_zps7a7ffcfe.jpg
 photo 11bbc3e39021b896590a41c568deed42_zps58c11e0a.jpg
 photo 5171a3b66118a21e8f0639316aaeb09b_zps5300487f.jpg
 photo 8bce12a3ea00af4ca9d08f864cb89ca9_zps6b1603f8.jpg

And last weekend we painted.  We tackled the Master bathroom (which included ripping down wallpaper and sanding walls), the Master bedroom, and the office.  We still have touch-ups to do in the bathroom and another coat to do in the Master.  We painted til 1am friday night and literally ALL day saturday AND had the help of my father in law and friends.   SO MUCH WORK.  But progess...the house is getting there slowly but surely.  Don't judge the terrible iphone pictures. And our very un-glamorous bedroom right now.  We're lucky this post is even happening  ;)
 photo 834DFD25-0173-4564-9772-4BF3D5642187-4298-000005561523A893_zpsb91cedb9.jpg

 photo 26C7B4C5-7BA5-4B6A-841B-B31A134C9B94-4298-000005560463452E_zpsfae9fb9e.jpg

 photo B70D281B-85DA-4609-B5F9-BD1567A15975-4298-00000555FD0B5648_zpse1a199b4.jpg

 photo 3DFCC684-BDB7-49BA-BDF9-AB348D0ABB23-4298-0000055610D05BD2_zps148d5cb9.jpg

Ha! Hunter was still sleeping, can u find him in the bed? :)
 photo 5E8F2E58-FFE1-47C3-9621-742002C19E59-4298-000005560AEC1555_zpsbeb8c603.jpg

And this pretty much sums up our life.  I feel ya buddy, I feel ya.  We'll get there.
 photo 45A57E08-2AE3-4B82-8D00-3164BE3075B9-4298-0000055623D85FCE_zps557a319b.jpg
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