Thursday, October 30, 2014

A beautiful Charleston Wedding

Those of you that follow me on Instagram or Facebook may remember me blowing up Instagram a few weekends ago while we were down in charleston for the weekend. Pardon the large volume of posts...we were slightly excited to have a weekend away from the kids since it had been a good year and a half! We had one of my college girlfriends to thank for the getaway as she got married that Friday night at Boone Hall Plantation and man was it SWOON worthy!! I would have died for some wedding inspiration like this when I was a bride to be. Hopefully there are some engaged girls out there reading who get a few fab ideas for your upcoming wedding :) I also want to note that these crappy iPhone pics don't even do the decor, scenery, and bride beauty was all gorgeous!! Congrats Jillian and Marc, we loved celebrating with you!! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

James Penn 6-7 Months

I’ve been meaning to post this since you were 6 months and now your 7.5 months!!  My poor neglected second child.   We love you James…here are a few of your 6-7month highlights!


·  At your 6 month appointment you were 17lbs (25th %tile) and 27.5inches (50-75th %tile).  Compared to your brother who was 19.5 lbs and 28 inches at 6mos.

· Since 6 months you have been pulling up, cruising furniture, crawling quickly, and even climbing stairs. The saying is true second babies do things faster!

· Your sleeping from 7pm to 6am

· You have three teeth all on the bottom!

· You are a great eater loving all food.  You start the day with cheerios in bed with mom and dad and graduate to oatmeal and a fruit in your highchair.  Lunch is a fruit and veggie with maybe some rice, and dinner is a couple different veggies.  You nurse in the morning, and get one more breast milk bottle and two formulas bottles throughout the day. 

· Your big brother LOVES YOU!!  Everyone knows he’s typically not very tolerant of babies but he will allow you to pull on him, ruin his toys and if you have something of his he wants back he sweetly says “no no James”

· Your doggie loves you too!! Jake just lays there and lets you crawl all over him.  You, James and daddy have quite the bond being you send all day everyday together.  Your like 3 peas in a pod. 

· Your still fitting in your 6 month jammies but those days are numbered.  This winter you’ll be wearing 6-9 month clothes and in 12months by the end of the year I’m sure.

·  You love driving in your car.

·  Ultimately you are the perfect baby.  Totally chill, “don’t worry about me mom, feed me when you get the time.”  We love you sooooooooooo much and you fit in perfectly with our family.  

Friday, October 10, 2014

Weekend catchup...

Small blogging hiatus between my new R+F Business, my normal 9 to 5er, my mom roll, wife roll, house cleaner roll, and lately Dr roll with two sick kids.  Ya’ll know how the story goes.   However, we have managed to have a little fun on the weekends!


Let me catch you up…


September 13th weekend… we went Apple picking with our dear friends The Thornes!!  Henry and James are 3 months apart and just too cute together!! 

Hunter V was a BIG fan of driving the tractor, eating the apples and not so much of the animals.  (notice head buried in daddy’s shoulder) 




September 20th weekend…my VERY BEST FRIEND (from high school, college roommate, and maid of honor) came to visit with her mom and her baby James.  Our “James’s” are about 6 weeks apart and this was my first time seeing her since she became a mom herself.  It’s crazy to look back and remember her and I sitting outside our lockers in highschool talking about going to the same college together. Fast forward through four amazing years with her as the best roommate ever and TONS I mean TONS of laughter to us now married with children.  It’s pretty cool, and I love this girl more today than I did 10 years ago despite our distance now (she lives just outside NYC).


Anywho….my mom came to town, she brought her mom with her and we had a nice little girls and babies weekend together!


Moving on…Sept 27th weekend we had a yard sale, a birthday party to attend and brought the boys to spend some time with their Grami (my mother in law).


Last weekend I headed to Greensboro for my cousin Shannon’s bridal shower.  This chic has been right by my side through my weddings, babies and always does an amazing job of keeping in touch and helping me out with the boys.  A heart of gold she has!  I couldn’t be happier that she found her best friend and they are getting married this New Years Eve!! Can we say Parrrrrrrrr TAY!!!!!!!!!!  


This weekend the best is yet to come!!!  Nana and Papa arrived yesterday to watch the boys for the weekend while Hunter and I head to Charleston …SANS babies!!   A college bestie is getting married on Friday night, and the rest of the weekend we just plan to soak up some alone time!  It feels weird, I’m leaving town and I don’t have to pack bottles, food, toys, diapers, wipes, lovies, books, snacks, sound machines, pack n plays, strollers, monitors…..should I keep going. Haha.  Can you tell I’m really excited?!!!  Understandably considering it’s been over a year and a half since we’ve been anywhere without a kid on our hip!!


Hope you all are scratching to-do’s off your fall bucket list!!  It all goes too fast that’s for sure!! xo

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