Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hunter's 3rd Birthday: Pizza Party!

Weeks before Hunter's 3rd birthday he fell hard for the Curious George Pizza Party story to the point where every time we had pizza he would tell me we were having a pizza party. So this theme was a no brainer.

As I mentioned before, I ordered his cute invites from my favorite paper site minted.

 Then hit up amazon for this pizza party kit! I've learned over the years that keeping kids busy with activities during parties is the best way to prevent them from killing each other and trashing my house. I ordered chef hats and aprons and the kids started out the party by decorating them using fabric and dot markers.

 When that was complete we went straight to making pizzas! I must say I got some pretty serious "are you crazy" looks (and I can't blame them) from the moms when I put out bowls of flour and sauce in front of a bunch of 3 year olds but they all did really well!!

After pizza we had cake and to say Hunter was smitten with the pete the cake topper his daddy made would be an understatement!! I was planning to do it but when the hubs offered I was ecstatic knowing he is much more of a patient artist than I. I could have never done this!!

Hunter more than understood the fact that it was HIS birthday which meant presents, friends and cake and truly had the time of his life. 

We let him stay up late with his friends and ended the night watching a movie from a cozy bed on the playroom floor.  

This was by far the most fun birthday yet with him which makes me super excited for Christmas and the years to come :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday

Friday …Here we are again!

1.        I had all intentions of blogging about Hunter’s bday Party last weekend.  It was a blast and all the kids did so great decorating chef hat, aprons and making pizza. And the pete the cat cake that my Husband and I made was a BIG HIT!!  Check back and I’ll blog about it this weekend along with a 3 year post on my big boy! 

2.       I went to a Wildtree Party last night.  Every heard of it?  It’s all natural and mostly organic meal prep items like sauces, seasonings, and box mixes.  You purchase the sauces or seasoning and then on their website they will give you tons of dinner recipes to make with your items along with a fool proof shopping list.  They also come out with monthly bundles…you can buy a bundle for around 50 dollars and it will come with around 8 items, shopping list and 8 recipes for your dinner that month.  And the food is delicious.   Last night I ordered the…Rosemary Lemon blend, Tarragon simmering sauce, Scampi blend, Perfect Piccatta sauce,  and alfredo extraordinaire.  I see some yummy meals in our future….watch out chicken nuggets and mac n cheese, you’re on the bench!

3.       Splurged on some TB lipstick, and some new TB flats during a Veterans day sale!  (Have I mentioned I love my new R+F job and having #memoney :)

4.       This weeks amazon orders consisted of: 

-          The Boon Whale Pod Drain and Storage Bath Toy Scoop,Blue - It finally happened…hunter pooped in the tub. It was so gross I don’t even want to talk about it but it resulted in new bath toys and new bath toy storage.
-          In This House, We Will Giggle: Making Virtues, Love, and Laughter a Daily Part of Your Family Life - I feel like we are always disciplining Hunter…our family could use some laughter so hopefully I get some good tips J

5.       And tonight we are babysitting this handsome fella!  Can’t WAIT and we hope his mommy and daddy have a wonderful much deserved date night!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Five on Friday

Holy cow where did this week go? Between still unpacking from our week away, Hunters birthday on Wednesday, interviewing for a new job, keeping up with R+F customers, and prepping for Hunter’s birthday party tomorrow my head is literally spinning and all I can say is TGIF!!   So let’s start here….

1.        Have you guys heard of Guliana Rancic’s new wine??  It’s called Xo, G wine (super cute) and comes in individual glasses so all you have to do is pop off the top.  

 It went on sale at walmart this week and you better believe I will be heading there tonight to pick some up for Hunter’s bday party tomorrow (unless I drink it all tonight…hehe).  Either way, its also going to be great for those week nights where I only want one glass!!   Oh and follow it on instagram at xogwine.

2.       I don’t know about you guys but this working mama LIVES and BREATHS for amazon 2-day shipping.  Here’s been my purchases this week!! 


-          Babyganic wipes: The best!! We keep a pack by the highchair for easy clean-up after meal time and they don’t have that powdery wipe scent. 

-          New Balance: New kicks for Hunter 5.  Feel like we order this kid new shoes every other week.

-          Halo sleep sack: Sweet James is growing out of his size small ones…time for Mediums

-          New cookies sheets : I’d be embarrassed to see our current ones

-          Individual personal pizza pans: For Hunters Pizza party birthday party tomorrow where the kids are going to make their own pizzas

-          Fondant: Mom of the year right here is going to attempt to make a Pete the Cat cake topper out of fondant.  (I’m laughing on the inside btw)

-          Fabric Markers:  Kids are going to be coloring their own aprons at the birthday party too!

-          Chef Hats: Every little pizza maker needs a Chef hat J

-          The Compound Effect:  My current Read!  NY Times best seller… I need a little motivation/inspiration in my life to keep the success going.  I really like it so far!

-          Baby Teether ball:  James chewed on this at a friends house so I decided to get him one. Best teether ever…he LOVES IT!

-          Baby Banana Toothbrush:  James has 3 teeth and 3 more that popped…time to start brushing!

-          NUK Toddler toothbrush: And while I’m at it Hunters toothbrush was in need of replacing too. 

Whoa!  Had no idea we ordered this much stuff this week.  Lots of it due to the birthday party coming up…but listing it out on every five on Friday could actually be a good way to hold us accountable on our amazon spending!

3.       Do you all follow Barbiestyle on Instagram?  If not…go do it.  I’m totally living through Barbie!

4.       As prior mentioned…Saturday is Hunter’s Big 3rd Birthday Party!  Here were his Invites we sent out from Minted.

5.       And lastly, If you didn’t catch my prior blogpost go check it out. Rodan + Fields is giving away a free eyecream until Dec 31st with any Regimen and Tool purchase. 
 It’s a 60 dollar value don’t miss out!!!  Email me with any questions you have on the tools and  or check out the product specials here….

As always 60 day money back guaranteed results.  If you don’t see results after 60 days….give me your empty bottles and I will be happy to give you your money back J  These products ROCK!

Monday, November 3, 2014

R+F Holiday Special!!

If your thinking about trying out a Regimen now is the best time!! Rodan + Fields is running a holiday special where you get a free eye cream ($60 dollar value) with any regimen and tool purchase!

Don't forget you'll get 10%off and free shipping too by signing up as a preferred customer. 

Free eye cream, 10% off, and free shipping all for wrinkle free skin like this!! I'm in!! (The AMP roller is best thing ever invented!)

Feel free to reach out to me with product or ordering questions  oxox 

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