Saturday, October 10, 2015

Basement Reno (the before and process)

A promise is a promise.  I said I’d be back with a basement blog, and I’m baaaaaack, with a basement blog.  

I did not intend for it be four months later but in all honesty it’s still not done (insert emoticon with the straight teethy smile face). It’s almost done, most of the construction is done but this weekend we have a three day weekend with one of those days kid free and bye gosh darn it we are determined to finish this thing!!  

Let me take you back to where it all started. Our basement was already "finished" in most sense of the term these pictures below are actually what it looked like when the prior owners lived here.  
  We wanted paint, lay hardwoods, add a kitchen/bar and just make it more usable for us. The paint color we chose was sherwin williams "agreeable gray". After it was painted we ripped up the carpet ourselves.

Then we had laminate hardwoods put down. We got these from Lowe's and are really happy with the color. 

Then came in Dan the Man our contractor/handy man.  He was recommended to us from a friend and is AMAZING!!  He and his wife own their own photography business and on the side he does handyman work.  Talk about TALENT!  If anyone in the charlotte area would like his contact info just shoot me a message. 

Kitchen deets:  Grey Ikea cabinets, butcher blocker counters (stained to tie in with the floors), white backsplash from lower, sink, ice maker, and 2 tap kegerator. 

Dan built the bar around the Kegerator and the wine rack/TV cut out all CUSTOM!! It couldn't have turned out more perfect in our eyes!

At this point he still needed to install backsplash, facet, cabinet hardware, and stain the butcher block counters. Plus as can see Ikea dropped the ball on having all of our cabinet faces in stock so we played a bit of a waiting game for those.

And while Dan was hard at work we did our best to purchase furniture for the space.  Not always getting it right on the first try.  This is the look when you realize the couch you purchased is too short for the space. 

Luckily we were able to buy one more armless section to make it longer and fit the space better.

Here's where we are at now.  The kitchen and contract work is done we just need to organize, add decor and at some point in the future Hunter has hopes of building a shuffle board table.  

 It's a perfectly rainy and dreary day to get some good indoor house projects done.  Hoping for some sunshine and great natural light at some point this weekend for some stellar AFTER pictures. Stay tuned :) xoxo
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