Friday, January 29, 2016

Five on Friday

No small talk...getting right down to it!

1.  I received this ring from Pandora as a christmas gift from my mother in law and I'm LOVING it.  I've never owned anything from Pandora before nor have I ever wore a middle finger ring.  Look at me now getting all crazy.  Would make a pretty darn good valentines day gift! xo

2.  So we've subscribing to the Hello Fresh meal delivery.  We've liked it so far but THIS MEAL ya'll by far has been the best one we have ever had.  It was incredibly simple, you could buy the 7 ingredients it takes to make it from the grocery store for probably like $10 bucks and it literally cooked in 30 Mintues!  I put fish sticks in the oven for the boys and by the time their dinner was ready this was ready for us. I was shocked! Needless to say we've made it twice in the past two weeks! Go make it!

3.  I know we're all tired of buying winter clothes at this point but ya'll some of the sales are unreal.  I wore this poncho yesterday and a girl asked where i got so I looked it up... you can get it for $27 dollars right now!!  And they have size xs/s left! 

4.  Who's ready for the super bowl!! Here in Charlotte you can feel the excitement everywhere you go!  Yesterday while walking uptown to get lunch there was a guy on the street selling these lego Panther football players.  Aren't they adorable!!  Let's just say I have one VERY HAPPY 4 year old when i came home with these.  If your uptown in the next week look for the guy on trade and tyron he had some good Super Bowl goodies!
5.  We've starting weening James of his Paci this week.  Just during the day. He doesn't have it at "school" all day and we make him keep it in his bed when he wakes up.  So what has he taken to?? Sucking his thumb. YES!! Every time I look at him from the time I pick him up from daycare to the time he goes to bed he is full out sucking his thumb.  We can't have that ...I'd rather him have his paci til he's five then start the thumb sucking thing...right? Help!  Kid is a hot mess I'l leave you with these! Lol! #modeljames

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I've left the house once since thursday (5 days, 1 time).  Surprisingly, not really feeling all that much cabin fever, its kind of been a nice relaxing break but I have to think back what the heck have we been doing for the past 5 days.  

Thursday with the rest of Charlotte we went out to dinner, grab a few necessities from the grocery store and hunkered down in the house waiting for the snow and friday morning when we woke up it DID NOT disappoint.

This was our driveway...a sheet of ice.

The rest was totally instagram worthy

It's amazing how much changes in a year.  Last year when Hunter was 3 he had no interest in playing in the snow.  Everytime we went out to see it he said he it was too cold and he wanted to go inside.  This year was complete opposite.  The excitement on his face when he saw all the snow Monday morning was one of those mom moments i'll keep in my head and heart forever. 

And even though I've seen snow a million times (growing up in NY), his excitement was contagious, I was like a kid in a candy store right there with him.  

So Friday was just snow day bliss.  We dressed in our long johns and slippers...

made blueberry pancakes

which led to apple muffins thanks to the recipe on the pancake mix

read books with friends

cleaned up the house

played nice as brothers

and didn't play nice as brothers

But while James was down for his long winter nap Hunter and I went out and played.  Snowballs, sledding he would have stayed out there all day if I let him! 

And guess what...Saturday we woke up and did it again.  Except instead of pancakes we had oatmeal - which led to me seeing the oatmeal cooking recipe on the tub - i see a trend here. hmmm

By Saturday at 10am we were all 4 out playing in the snow again. As expected James lasted about two minutes and whined to go inside.  Snow playing, lunch, naps, and little of this for Mom and Dad was really blissful.  It's not often we get to look out our back porch and stare at snow.  There's just something so beautiful about snow. (2 inches of snow that is).

Saturday night our friends (who are neighbors) came over with their kiddos.  We turned the fireplace on in the basement, the glow off the snow came in through the windows down there. It sort of felt like we were away in the mountains minus the hot tub in the snow that we were really wishing we had.

6 adults, 5 kids, pizza, cocktails, popcorn, movies, and dance parties...It was the most fun evening and I'm really mad at myself for not saving off any of my videos or pics from snapchat.  Maybe you caught it live on my snapchat ID -  lunsfordkm?  

Sunday we paid the price of keeping the kids up past their bedtime with a sick 4  year old.  Hunter V woke up with a 104 fever and here we are today on Tuesday with the same fever.

It seems to be going down a little bit so hoping this is the end. If not, off to the Dr. we go tomorrow.  

Hope ya'll out there are surviving your snow and school outages.  My parents up in Virginia got 40 inches!! Insane! xoxo

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Family and Football: A fun three day weekend!

Whew – Does it feel like Monday to anyone else besides me?  Us "bankers" in the Lunsford house had a three day weekend thanks to Martin Luther King Jr.    We jam packed our weekend with a lot of fun and a little bit of rest. 

We started our Saturday with playdates and The Little gym.  Then home for naps while I worked on the laundry and prepped some appetizers to enjoy during the Panthers game on Sunday.   I’ve been taking his greek dip EVERYWHERE we go lately.  It’s literally the easiest thing ever, all you have to do is chop and layer.  

  Tub of traditional humus

    Tub of Tatziki

   Cucumber, Tomato, and Green Onions

Mediterranean Feta, and Black olives (I only put black olives on half since I feel like a lot of people don't like olives)

 I also put together some anti-pasta skewers.  I got the idea from snoopnattynat when she posted this on her instagram.   They also ended being delicious and a hit.  I’m going to have to remember these for our xmas party next year.   It’s not shown in the picture but right before I served them I drizzled deli oil over them. 

 Saturday night Grami came to babysit and Hunter and I snuck away for a date night with my brother and sister-in-law.   Some noshing, followed by a nice dinner, made complete with a bucket of "juice" from Howl at the Moon (which i hadn't been to in like 10 years). 

 Sunday we were up and at em again and headed to Big Daddy’s (my father in laws) house BUT...Not before watching our first snow fall.  Hunter V has been DYING to see snow so he was super excited.  And well..monkey see, monkey do so James Penn was equally excited as his big brother.  They sat here at my bathroom window and watched it for a good 15 minutes while I got ready.  So sweet! 

 Big Daddy lives on Lake Norman so we enjoyed a cozy day, with family, friends, football and a great view! 

 The cousins on Hunter's side.  Aren't they cute! 

 We stayed the night and headed home first thing Monday and after two big nights for us old folks Monday we spent relaxing and getting ready for the week! 

Only three more work days and its another weekend!!!  Woohoo! 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Kids Activities

I've had so many things in the back of my head that I want to do with the kids but felt like I've been just holding them off until we got through the crazies of fall, football, thanksgiving, christmas, and new years.

Well..we're here...Hallelujah!!! 

So here's my FIVE on FRIDAY!!

A list of five activities the kids are enrolled in and we are excited to watch their little skills develop.  

1.  "My Spotlight" class at the Children's Theatre:

Hunter V has always been our drama king!! (In more sense than one) From dress up, to singing, to acting out movies and memorizing his books...  that boy LOVES to perform! 

So he's starts a creative drama class next week at the Children's theatre in Charlotte. It's call "My spotlight" and helps kids brings stories to life.  Anyone that knows my sweet Hunter knows he's going to LOVE this class. Mom and Dad are looking forward to the last class where they share with us all that they've learned in theatre concepts! 

2.  Spring Baseball with I9 Sports:

After theatre ends in March, baseball starts! Hunter turned 4 in November and we have been holding out until this spring to enroll him in any sports.  This will be his first team sport enrollment so we're excited to see how he likes it.  For those local we are going through I9 sports. I've heard great things!

3. The Little Gym:

As for Sweet Ole James - he started his Beasts and Super Beasts class at The Little Gym last week.  We had Hunter V enrolled in the little gym from around 1 years old until he was almost three and we all loved it. Look how proud he was of his first trophy from there!

Mom guilt over here that James is already getting the shaft - not that it really matters he's had his big brother to wrestle with at home, where as Hunter V didn't.  Any who - Hunter and I will rotate saturdays taking James and its REALLY nice to have that one on one time with him.   With each kid for that matter.  I plan to take Hunter V to the library on saturday mornings while James is at little gym.  Hunter's really gotten the hang of checking out library books. He loves to go in pick  new books, read them at home, return them...the whole concept just really turns his crank ;)

4.  Swim lessons:

Around March/April time frame I'd like to get a head start on summer by enrolling both boys in swim lessons.  If we could get these besties to do more than just look cool on the side of the pool this year that'd be stellar!

I'm not sure we're we are going to enroll them yet.  We've done Nomad before and thought it was ok.  Google searches also pull up recommendation for Huntersville Family & Aquatics and also Little Otter Swim School.  Any charlotte moms out there know the best swim school on the north side feel free to opine :)

5. Family Fun:

Some other activities I have my heart set on in the next two months are taking the boys to Beech Mountain and Great Wolf Lodge.

Hunter V is DYING to see snow and Beech Mountain is only 2.5 hours away so we'd just make it a day trip.  I'm sure 12 hours of fun in the snow is all a 4 year old and 2 year old can handle.  We'd leave early in the morning get there by 10am and hit the sledding hill.  Grab some lunch then maybe do a little afternoon snow tubing or ice skating.  Grab some dinner and throw kids in jammies before heading home and you KNOW they will sleep the whole way home.  Now - the key is finding a weekend where its not 30 degrees.  A nice 50 degrees would be perfect for the younin's. This was probably the last time Hunter saw snow...look how little he was!

Great Wolf Lodge is literally 2 minutes away from our house.  It seems sort of silly spending the night there when we live so close but its all about the experience right.  My kids are water slide freaks so I KNOW this will be an activity they LOVE.  I've heard great things but have never been before so again any tricks to the trade or tips are welcome!

Hope ya'lls new years are starting off well! I'm pretty excited to see memories we make with our kiddos in 2016!! xoxo

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