Sunday, April 24, 2016

Move over Martha

Oh you know, just picking out flowers with the perfect lipstick on, my hair casually thrown in a ponytail and a photographer taking pictures of me doing it.  haha.  

NO - but in all actuality I literally jumped out of bed with the kiddos at 7:45am, decided I wanted to go out to breakfast so threw this on without giving it a second thought or showering.

Later in the day my girlfriend Lindsey and I stopped by this amazing nursery to check out the flowers and snap some pics of her who really is fashion blog worthy and she insisted I looked cute enough to snap a few pics of mwah.

Saw whaaat! Me?  I'm pretty sure nothing screams "I'm a MOM" more than a white collard button down shirt on a Sunday. Not exactly a fashion icon.

But ya know what, anyone that knows me knows this is ME!!  If I'm not in my corporate 9 to 5 wear (which I won't be for long thanks to R+F)  then you can usually find me in skinny jeans and a popped collar!

Move over Martha Stewart...I'm owning this outfit!

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