Thursday, September 22, 2016

Myrtle Beach Family Vacation

Whoa, hold the phone! What's this?  Is this a blog post??  Well indeed it is.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I'll be sharing in no time but for now just a little post about our (not so) recent family vacation to Myrtle Beach over Labor Day weekend.

I'll be honest, every time we go to Myrtle Beach we say we're never going back.  And every year...we go back.   It's just so dang convenient, cheap, and the kids absolutely love it!!   Oh, and you can book it last minute for mom's like me who plan trips on a whim.  (I was just reminiscing of our trip two years ago.  Look how little James was!!)

Our last beach vacation this year was back in May.  May felt like a REALLY long time ago and given it was cold still the boys didn't really get to enjoy the beach like I wanted them to.  So two weeks before labor day weekend I decided to call our old faithful Dunes Village Resort to see if they had anything available.  Nothing Friday night which worked out perfect in hindsight because Hermine blew through on Friday, but we booked Saturday, Sunday and Monday night.

We always stay at Dunes for several reasons:

One, there is SO much for the kids to do.




GAMES (chess anyone?)

And all RIGHT on the beach!!

Another big selling point for us is the Oceanfront rooms with balcony's.  Nothing beats sitting on the balcony and hearing the ocean at night with a cocktail in hand after we put the kids to bed.

And all the rooms have separate bedrooms and kitchens.  We usually go out to dinner a couple nights and then stay out later on the beach one night and eat in.  But its really nice to have the kitchen for breakfast and lunches and the separate bedrooms are absolutely necessary considering the kids go to bed at 8:30/9pm and we'd like to stay up later.

And lastly, its a 3.5 hr drive from us and only a couple hundred dollars a night, this works perfect for our needs with two small kids right now.

With that said we were on the road Saturday morning by 8:30am and on the Water Slides by 12:30pm.  This was the first family vacation to the beach where both boys were old enough to enjoy it.  They could both ride the waterslides, they're both obsessed with the beach and neither of them were going to melt into a puddle of tears if they didn't get a nap by a certain time.  I feel like we've made it!!  Time for another baby right!? ;)

Hunters favorite part was the ice cream truck, James's favorite part was the water slides, and mommy and daddy's favorite part was nap time on the beach with a cocktail and snacks.

Speaking of snacks...have you tried these new Chobani Greek yogurt dips yet?  If not go get em!!  They were delicious.  We tried both the Chili Lime favor and the Sweet Onion flavor and both were amazing.  A good change of pace from french onion chip dip or hummus.  We had them with corn chips and pretzels just out of convenience at the beach but they would be great with cut up veggies too.  I found them in our grocery fridge section where they keep the pimento cheese and hummus.

Now that we've had a wonderful beach trip to end the summer I think I'm ready for fall. (I think) Sad to see summer go, but ready for some apple picking, college football and trick or treating!!

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