Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hunter and I are both VERY close to our families and with recent events family has been on our mind aLot lately. Foremost, we recently got married which means we are officially "each others" family and have started to think about the family we will create together one day. Secondly, my oldest brother Matt and his family are moving far far away from us out to California and we are going to miss them very much! Thirdly, with our ever expanding extended family my middle brother Joe and Hunter's sister Carter both recently had baby girls! Hunter and I are proud to be the Aunt and Uncle of four, count em, FOUR gorgeous niece's :)

With all this said and due to the fact that Hunter thinks facebook and social networks are going to end the world one day, we are creating this blog to keep our family (and far away friends) up to date on the happenings of The Lunsford Family. Hunter's sister Carter already has a blog and I'm hoping to convince my other two sister-in-laws to jump in on the blog bandwagon so we can see the happenings of all our adorable niece's! Hopefully we'll all become very blogger savvy and not only be able to tell stories and post pictures, but post videos too!

I know for sure at minimum we'll have at least one blog fan, my mom :) Mom, you can replace our wedding website you used to check daily with our new blog! xoxo

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