Thursday, September 29, 2011

35 Weeks!

It's up hill from here folks. And yes I'm aware that's not the traditional saying, however, I think its more truthful in thinking these last 5 weeks might just be the hardest. We're back from our baby moon and it was lovely. It rained and we did a whole lot of nothing which is just what I wanted to do. I was a little nervous about going on the baby moon so late in our pregnancy but as it turns out it was the PERFECT time to get away. At 35 weeks we're still far enough away from D-day as not to worry about being 3.5 hrs from home but close enough to D-day to where I was MAJORLY craving relaxation and downtime to nurse my new aches and pains. (more on those later :) ) No worries though, I know this little man is gonna be worth it!!! Here we go........

Size of baby: A LARGE cantaloupe. He could be anywhere from 19-22 inches in length and on average 5.5 pounds.

Weight gain: I'm certain I've gained back those two pounds I lost the past couple weeks. Probably around 158 159 would be my guess. Dr's appt next week to find out for sure.

Maternity clothes: Oh me oh my yes. I wore a pair of my regular jeans (with a belly band) to the VT game two weekends ago (regular jeans but to not mislead you they were too big on me to wear before I got preggers). Any who, I thought they were gonna be golden to get me through the rest of this pregnancy...think again. I could not pull those suckers over my bum when I tried to wear them on our baby moon. Hunters comment as he saw me struggling to pull them on "I'm just gonna sit right here on the bed and watch this" haha. TWO WEEKS ago, they fit just TWO Weeks ago. ugh! Leggings here I come. Wearing a lot of my maternity cotton dresses to work with cardigans and my maternity grey/black/khaki pants all get some action EVERY single week. I will GLADLY give up all my maternity clothes to my next girlfriend who gets pregs. Really looking forward to that moment actually..... who wants em!?

Gender: It's a bouncing baby boy! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: Yep, still a lot and don't feel like it has decreased at all yet like they say it may towards the end. I feel his bum move around by my belly button, and sharp, hard pokes on my right side. I'm not sure if its his foot or hand/elbow.

Sleep: 35 weeks hit and I have not been sleeping as well as I was. Just waking up and tossing/turning a lot more. My tossing and turning leads to baby Hunter tossing and turning in my stomach and I think we are both struggling to get comfy these days.

What I miss: I miss....not having back aches, neck aches, butt aches, breathing, being able to see the parts I shave, seeing my feet, having a flat stomach, being able to sleep however I want without worry I'm crushing baby Hunter. You all think I'm ready to have this kid yet? :)

Best Moment this week: Spending quality time with just Hunter IV. We hadn't been away just the two of us since our honeymoon so it was really nice to get his 100% attention and give him mine. It was also super sweet to see him spring into action when I was in MAJOR pain on Sunday. More to come on that.

Looking forward to: Nesting the next 4 weekends. Hopefully getting our glider in next week and being able to finish the nursery. Washing Hunter V's clothes, continuing to clean the house, and resting up with no plans!

Cravings: Hooters wings. This one says for CERTAIN that I am preggers. ha! We headed to Hooters in Myrtle last Saturday to watch the Hokie game. I enjoyed the wings so much that I made Hunter run out and get them for dinner last night. He likes this craving and says he might knock me up again soon if this continues :)

Symptoms: Alright, not trying to make this a complain fest but I do want to be able to look back on these weekly posts and recall what each weeks was like. And before I start I want to say that I DO feel blessed that at 35 weeks baby Hunter is still inside me growing strong and that my pregnancy has been very easy for the most part. I know it could be MUCH worse.

With that said, I mentioned last week I was starting to have some Sciatic nerve pain that caused my left butt cheek and leg to ache really bad. I struggled to walk last week but if I took it slow it was manageable pain. Saturday getting ready to leave for the beach it hurt. I had sit to blow dry my hair, I forgot about 5 things when packing because I couldn't get my mind to focus on what I needed to pack instead of the pain. Once I was sitting and in the car though it got better. It always felt better when I was sitting. Once we got to Myrtle I sat in Hooters for 4 hrs watching the game so it was OK then. Saturday night we went to a comedy show and I wore heels, BIG mistake! It hurt. But I slowly made it from the car to the show, where I was sitting so it was OK. Sunday Morning when I woke up it was dramatically worse. The pain was so bad in my left butt cheek and left leg that I couldn't walk and just simply changing positions in bed or going from sitting to standing put me to tears. I cried, and hard in the arms of Hunter and poor thing I know he felt sooo bad for me. He got me into a warm bath, and then did some research himself on pregnancy sciatica. After the bath he had me take two Tylenol and had read that swimming can often help by relaxing the muscles. With the Tylenol kicking in I was able to make it down to the hotel pool (thank goodness we were on vaca!) where I did find a bit of relief.

All Sunday though, I was scared. Scared I was going to have to live the next 5 weeks in pain like this. I didn't know how I was going to do it. I cried thinking about having to function, do simple tasks like shower in this type of pain. Hunter was ready himself. Ready to have to pick up the slack of cleaning our home, doing the laundry, finishing anything that needed to be done for baby, all while waiting on me hand and foot. We both I'm sure feared our future. Our plan was to call the DR. first thing Monday morning and possibly head back from our baby moon early.

I spent all day Sunday in the pool. It was very relaxing and each time I got out to (what else) go to the bathroom :) I noticed the pain was subsiding a little bit and it was becoming a little bit easier to walk. By Sunday night, the pain had gone from what I would say was a 12 (on a scale of 1 to 10) on Sunday morning to a 3 or 4. Monday it went to 2 or 3, Tuesday a 1 or 2, and today I sit here and walk pain free. I'm not sure if Hunter and I nursed it back to health or if the baby moved and relieved the nerve pain that way but either way I'm thankful it's gone! Going forward though we agreed I need to take it easy. No aggressive cleaning or fast paced walking I'm super nervous that it will come back and therefore being very careful. And still going to mention our episode the the Dr. at my appointment next Tuesday and see what he says.

Alright, moving on other than the Sciatica thing I have a stiff neck these days as well. Guessing that I'm holding a lot of tension in my neck. Also, have been blessed with a bit of swelling. Nothing too bad, my rings still fit but swelling for sure. Shortness of breath, stomach acheness, nose bleeds, frequent urination, all the usual suspects are still around as well.



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

34 Weeks!

6 weeks left, I can't hardly believe it! In some ways I feel like these next six weeks are going to fly by and in other ways feel as if they will drag. Either way I know I'm already counting down the days of work I have left. Depending on when little man decides to make his appearance we are looking around 25 days left at the 9-5er! whoot whoot!

Size of Baby: A pineapple. Yum...I had pineapple yogurt this week :) Hunter V is anywhere from 19 to 22 inches long and around 4.9 pounds!!

Weight Gain: I LOST two pounds!! I know I'm not suppose to be excited about this but I am, mainly because I can see by my belly growth that Hunter V is still growing big and strong. I was 158 at my 32 week appointment and was 156 at my 34 week...marking total weight gain so far at 26 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: ARE TIGHT! I've been getting creative...dresses have become shirts, and I live for accessories to distract from my boring clothes. Necklaces, scarves, cute shoes. what eve. With the weather cooling off I'm looking forward to sporting some comfy leggings these next 6 weeks.

Gender: It's a boy! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: Strong whole body movements. Baby's whole body...not mine :) It's really, truly amazing. I saw a hand/foot/elbow (have no idea what it was) poke out of my stomach so far last night my jaw dropped. The major movements like that are at night right when I get into bed, its like he's stretching out and getting relaxed himself after a long day. I'm going to start to keep our little video camera next to my bed and try to catch some of these on tape. A lot of time Hunter IV misses them too because I go to bed earlier than him so he's still downstairs watching tv.

Sleep: Sleeping good, Hunter's movements are stronger so they are waking me up a bit more but feel like I'd be up anyways to pee at that time. Just thankful I have no trouble falling asleep. I know with all of the excitement and things going on lots of women at this time can't keep their mind from running mine seems to be shutting off pretty nicely.

What I miss: Pants that button. I feel like for 8 months now I've worn pants with elastic waist or my pants unbutton with a belly band. I long for the day to slip on a pair of jeans and button them like normal :)

Best Moment this week: Probably our Dr's appt. Always nice to hear his heartbeat, and we got two pieces of exciting news. Dr confirmed he was head down, YAY! But also said to be sure he would do an ultrasound for us at 36 weeks! We get to see our little man again soon :) I can't WAIT to see his little face and body parts up on that screen, so exciting!

Looking forward to: Our baby Moon! 4 days of total relaxation in our future.

Cravings: Newks makes this toasted chicken salad sand which that is SUPER yummy....think I'll have that today for lunch. Still loving the banana pudding ice cream at night and in the morning I really do sorta crave yogurt, might be more out of habit. Coffee is starting to soot me again as well, that might be the cooler weather too.

Symptoms: We have a new one this week. Major PAIN in my left butt cheek! I don't know if I pulled a muscle cleaning on Sunday or if its pregnancy sciatica but I can barely walk. I walk like an 80 year old trying not to bear weight on my left leg because every time I do it shoots pain in my butt and down my leg. Oh it hurts so bad. It started on Monday and has gradually gotten worse, today being the worst day yet. I just took Tylenol for the first time this morning and hoping that helps. Tonight I'll try some heat/ice and see what that does. Ultimately, I'm hoping this is just temporary and after a few days of rest this weekend it will feel better because I certainly can't live like this for the next 6 weeks. Scary. Other than my butt pain I'm feeling pretty good. Little tired as to be expected but no swelling yet which is nice. Hunter said last night to me he couldn't believe how all belly I was. He was certain I was going to be one of those pregnant women that carried baby EVERYWHERE and I agree with him. I was certain at this stage my wedding rings wouldn't fit and they do still! Lastly, some shortness of breath, and belly achenes both from him growing and his strong movements are making the list.

Other notables: my shot hurt this week. ouch :( We have alittle Tuesday night routine now, I get my shot and then Hunter takes a bump pic. With the camera being out I snapped this of Hunter before he poked me....doesn't he look just a TAD bit too Excited to stick me with that thing? BTW the B12 is red, that's not blood :)

Oh and he had just gotten back from his softball game...he'd want me to justify his appearance in this pic :)

Our next appt at 36 weeks is a big one I feel like. They are repeating my blood work to see if my levels have raised, we have the ultrasounds, and I should be checked for the first time to see if I've dilated at all yet...that along with the Group B test.

Our birthing class went well on Monday night too! I think both Hunter and I left feeling much more prepared in regards to how to know I'm in labor, when to go to the hospital and what to expect as far as labor progression and pain. We also got a tour of the maternity ward. The rooms are HUGE, at this hospital you deliver and stay in the same room the whole time your there.

As far as the nursery goes Hunter hung curtains on Monday night and I washed his crib bedding last night. Making small progress but STILL waiting on our glider that we ordered THIRTEEN weeks ago. USA baby is the devil. I haven't heard of any of our friends getting their orders in the time frame they say it will come in. If you are ordering anything from USA baby EVER give them like 17 weeks! They will lie to you though and tell you 6 to 8weeks. JERKS. GRRRR





Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another weekend closer...

Well we're another weekend closer to baby and even though we didn't make any nursery progress this past weekend I'm feeling much better on this Monday! We're starting the week with a clean house, fresh sheets, and I even got some fall decorating in yesterday.




Small signs of bringing home baby, like swings and diaper caddy's are starting to make their appearance downstairs and we have our first birthing class tonight!



Aside from baby we did make the hike up to Blacksburg on Saturday and enjoyed the cooler weather along with a Hokie win!!





Hope you all had a GREAT start to your fall weather weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

33 Weeks!

I must say I love that I've kept up with the weekly posts because I'm already finding it neat to look back to the earlier weeks but I sure am tired of doing them. Oh well such as life...I really want to have them all to make into a book at the end. Here goes...

Size of baby: A Honeydew! 19 inches long and around 4.5 pounds.

Weight Gain: I'm sure I've gained the standard pound since last week so we'll go with 159. Oh so close to that 160 mark. 29 pounds since my 130 starting weight.

Maternity Clothes: It's starting to get a tad cooler so I've been able to wear a pair of maternity jeans I purchased from Oldnavy in the beginning of the pregnancy. It's been a nice change from the shorts on the weekends. Rotating the same old maternity work pants and t-shirts TRYING to spice things up with different jackets, scarfs or jewelry. I actually got a little creative this week, loving two of my outfits I wore Wednesday and today. I'll post them in a what I wore next week!

Gender: It's a boy! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: Little guy lets me know he's awake most mornings before we get out of bed. Then I feel him for a good 30 mins to an hour in late morning. He'll nap for a good bit of the afternoon and then wake up around 5ish for a few stretches. Back to bed he goes until after dinner where he's nice and lively after soaking in all the yumminess I just gave him. I think its interesting that the pregnancy books says I will notice him sleeping a bit more from now until delivery day because he is resting up for the big event! Also - his movements now are VERY strong and often time hurt! This is because there is more baby than amniotic fluid in my belly now. Less fluid means less cushion from the blows so I feel them more.

Sleep: Sleeping well on both sides! I feel VERY blessed to not be having any trouble on this front.

What I miss: Non maternity clothes and feeling small :)

Best Moment this week: Going to the the ECU/VT football game I received so many compliments from strangers saying how cute I looked or how I was all belly. People really are sooo sweet to pregnant women for the most part and they really do wonders on my body image confidence.

Looking forward to: NESTING!! I got it, it's kicked in and I can't WAIT to get my hands on our house. I'll be cleaning, throwing shiz away, organizing our office desk drawers, closets, dresser drawers and not to mention decorating for fall. Oh and finishing little guys room! We'll get there, he just needs to stay put!

Cravings: Banana pudding ice cream. New fav! Oh and those prior mentioned pumpkin pie pop tarts...those are pretty rad too. Currently craving a chimichanga from Cantina as well, thanks John and Linds! :)

Symptoms: TIRED especially after working a long day. I'm all congested and sneezy at work not sure what that's all about. My left butt cheek hurts too, when I walk I get a sharp pain in it....I'm assuming baby is just pressing on some nerve or something that is causing this. Lower back soreness, shortness of breath, tummy achenes from it growing and him kicking/moving. All pretty standard stuff considering. No swelling or stretch marks as of yet!

Side notes: The shots are still going well, this weeks went just as smooth as last weeks. Jake is definitely aware that something is up. He's always laying on my belly when I'm on the couch in three mornings now I have found him laying in the middle of the babies room for no apparent reason. Poor little puppy I keep promising him and Hunter will be best buds and his life is just going to get better! We also have our first birthing class this coming Monday night. Looking forward to that :)


Photobucket Wowzzzzzzzzzer :)

Embrace the outie!

Thought this was interesting since I was wearing the same outfit. 6 weeks growth.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A successful Target trip...

Okay so when are Target trips not successful? But this one last night was especially great. Did you join the Missoni mayhem yesterday? We had my mother in law staying with us last night and Hunter had a softball game. I started to tell her about the new Missoni line that hit Target today and all the success it had crashing there website and all. Her response was "Let's go!" I said "ok!" :) To Target we went!

I just had to share with you my purchases that are making me one HAP HAP HAPPY girl going into the fall season! :)


1. I joined the Missoni craze with my new headbands, mug and sweater dress :) Can't wait to be lounging around the house in this dress with leggings and a sleeping newborn on my chest :)

2. Banana Pudding Ice Cream - I love shopping with my mother in law especially grocery shopping because she always spots the new stuff on the selves and keeps her ears open for what tasty these days. This she had heard was delicious they weren't kidding. Seriously go get this, RUN!!!! Both Hunter and I agreed last night we never have to make or eat normal banana pudding again we'll just always have the icecream! In case your not convinced has real vanilla wafter cookies in it!

3. Pumpkin Pie Pop tarts - Another Mama Lunsford find. I walked right by these puppies and Hunter's mom spotted them and put them in our cart. Love Her!

4. Pumpkin fall decor - I wanna do up our fireplace mantle with a variaty fun pumpkins. Thinking something like this....

5. Yankee Candle Pumpkin Cream Pie - Now I'm normally not a fan of candles that smell like food but this one is goooooooood, and was the first step to bringing fall into our home :)

6. Timex Watch - Remember this post from Monday? I had the J.crew Timex Watch on my list of push present wants...WELL it doesn't get ANY better than this. I spotted one VERY similar in Target last night for 35 dollars and additional watch bands (like the red one I wanted) for $6.99. I'm not kidding it looks identical to the J.crew one, that's something like 150 bucks!

Top Row J.Crew, bottom Target!

7. And lastly this wasn't a last nights Target purchase BUT Hunter hung HL5's book rack in his room on Monday night and it's just one more thing getting me excited for fall and to meet that sweet little boy of ourse :)

What are your fall finds to get excited about?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Family Divided

As I mentioned yesterday The Lunsfords are a family divided between ECU and Virginia Tech. We LOVE events that bring family together ESPECIALLY when college football is involved! This years game happened to also fall on Chad's (our brother in laws) 30th birthday ...hense all the 30's Carter put on the food! I thought that was so creative and cute of her :)

A few pics from the tailgate...



Big Daddy doing what he does best at the tailgates, cookin!

Team ECU!

Team VT!

Family Divided :)


Birthday boy in black!

Reagan enjoying the tailgate..

Oh and look at that too cute ruffle butt in ECU colors...can I put a boy in a ruffle butt? This picture temps me....

33 Week post, coming tomorrow!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wish lists and Push Presents

I'm honestly getting tired of blogging about my pregnancy and I'm sure you all are getting bored reading about it. BUT its been a struggle to even just get that weekly blog in. We've been so busy the past 3 weeks and have two more jam packed weekends ahead.

The Last weekend in August I had my family in town for my shower weekend. The weekend after that we had Hunter's family in town for the ECU/SC game. Last weekend we traveled to Greenville NC to attend the ECU/VT game and celebrate our brother in laws Chad's 30th Birthday! The Lunsfords are a house divided with Hunter's sister Carter and her husband Chad attending ECU and Hunter along with his father AND Uncle all attending VT. We look forward to the ECU/VT rival game every year :)

Anywho I'll do a post and share some pics from that tomorrow but getting back on track to me talking about how busy we are.... We are going up to the VT/Arkansas state game this coming Saturday, and then the last weekend in September going on a little baby moon. I feel torn, our home is a mess, there SO MUCH left to do before baby yet I don't want to sacrifice going on these trips in order to do those things because I know we are going to be stuck at home once he comes. This weekend will be the last football game I can attend and the only time this year I'll get to go up to VT so I DEF don't want to miss that, and our baby moon is done/paid for so we certainly aren't going to cancel that. I am just HOPING and PRAYING this little man stays in side me until 40 weeks because we NEED the month of October to get ready for him. I have a looooooong WISH list of things I'd love to get done before he comes and while I'm at it I wanted to blog about something more fun like....PUSH PRESENT IDEAS :)

Wish list of things I WISH I had time to do:

1. Make a pretty autumn wreath! Putting up fall decor around the house is DEF on the to-do list before baby comes. Change my outside pots to Mums, make a pretty fall wreath for the front door, change our couch pillows from summer to fall, decorate with pumpkins, leaves, pine cones ah first weekend in October you know what I'll be doing!

2. Finish making diaper cloths. I own a sewing machine but am still learning how to use it. I thought an easy project to practice using it would be sewing ribbon on diaper cloths. I'm sure you've seen these before. Something like this....

I have the diaper clothes, I have the ribbon and actually have one completed now if I could just find time to finish the other 5!

3. Gah this just popped in my head...I NEED to finish writing thank you cards from my shower. If you haven't gotten a thank you card from me yet...YOU WILL I PROMISE! SOON! xoxo

4. I still want to make this....

5. CLEAN CLEAN and more CLEANING....I enjoy cleaning and would love to time before Hunter comes to get make our house SPOTLESS! Stay in there baby Hunter for 7 more weeks and you'll come home to nice clean house!

6. Time to read books! Thanks to my wonderful mommy friends we've been gifted with the great baby advice books that worked for them. Moms on call, baby wise, and the baby whisperer. I've gotten through Moms on call and I know that I will want to refer back to them all once Hunter is here but I'd like to be able to read through them first before he gets here as well! It would also be nice to TOTALLY get my mind off of baby and be able to read a non-baby book before he comes. My sister in law gave me The Help to borrow, can I PLEASE find time to read that too!? Maybe on our babymoon...

7. And all the things we have left to do before baby I'm trying not to think about because when I do it gives me a bit of anxiety.

- wash and put away all his clothes - wash all his bedding, make his bed, wash all his blankets, boppy covers, changing pad covers, pretty much lots of WASH. - Sterilize all his bottles, nipples and Binky's - Put together his swing - hang up everything on the walls of his nursery, mirror, selves, book rack, picture frames, curtains. - Set up the monitors - Install his car seats - pack a hospital bag for him and me. - Go shopping for the last few things we need.

I know we could get all of the above done in one solid weekend at home but knowing that weekend is still 3 weeks away is a racking my preggers anxiety....

Now onto some fun stuff, Push Presents! Within a month of eachother I will be giving birth and turning 30 so here's some items I may or may not have sent to Hunter as some present ideas.... :) Some are realistic, some are more pipe dreams of mine!

1. A Tiffany's celebration ring...I mean giving birth and turning 30 are two things certainly worth celebrating right! ??? :) I mean Hunter can pick one, anyone...I won't be picky!
2. Tory Burch Celinah Ballet Flat - I feel like more than ever a leapard flat is a MUST have this fall!

3. Tory Burch Selma Riding boot

4. Kate Spade Black Bixby bag

5. Just a few items from J.crew (for after baby of course)

Merino turtleneck sweater in vibrant flame

Cafe Capri in wool in bright Dahilia

Schoolboy blazer in wool flannel in Marasachino Cherry

Pique stripe tee
Timex Travelers watch with

>/a authentic red strap

6. The EF-S 55-250mm Telephoto lens for our Cannon Rebel T2i.

And that's all folks, What's a girl gotta do to get more time and more money??

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

32 Weeks!

Size of Baby: Still a head of lettuce BUT 19 inches this week and 3.9 pounds on average!

Weight Gain: Weighed in at 158 yesterday. 28 pounds gained thus far.

Maternity Clothes: Actually today I'm wearing all non maternity clothes! A pair of work pants supported with a belly band and a flowy shirt. Although its a good feeling to still have my pants fit through the thighs and bum this is not normal! In actuality my maternity clothes are getting pretty tight and if you want true honesty...i have a few pairs of maternity pants that I refuse to wash because I don't think they will fit if I wash them, ha! So I wear them to work and then hang them back up when i get home. A little press with t he iron before i wear them next...and wala. Don't judge I don't get to dirty sitting at my desk at work and I'll wash them maybe in 6 weeks. ha!

Gender: Its a boy! Hunter lee Lunsford V

Movement: Lots still and I can tell he's growing because the movements are higher as well. I used to feel everything move from my belly button and below. Now I'll feel some movements in the space above my belly button!

Sleep: Pretty good! I've been sleeping more on my sides now with a body pillow and it seems to be working out. Up a couple times in the night to pee but what else is new.

What I miss: Nothing this week....trying to enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy but I think I'll be happy when I don't have a basketball in my stomach anymore.

Best Moment this week: Having Hunter's parents be able to see Hunter V move. Hunter IV was at the ECU football game with his sister and brother in law so it was just myself and my in laws at our house Saturday night. I was sitting on the couch and knew he was moving a good bit so I showed them my belly and told them to look. Right then a HUGE wave took over my stomach and from across the couch both of them had looks of amazement in their eyes. It was a great feeling having them be able to see their grandson move around and I know he made them proud already!!

Looking forward to: Nursery progress still! Didn't make any last weekend, and I don't see us making any this weekend either but we'll get there. I have NO plans the whole month of October so I'm looking forward to really "nesting" and getting everything ready that month.

Cravings: It's official....I can't be trusted in a grocery store. I stopped in to pick a prescription last night and I came home with....mac n cheese (from a box), frozen green beans, snickers, skittles, m&ms, gummy worms, and a people magazine! haha. Don't worry I didn't eat it all or even half of it and probably won't but in the moment it ALL looked sooo good! I've been on a mint chocolate chip ice cream kick at night too. And I can't just have one bowl....I always go back for a second. gah!

Symptoms: Soooooooooo tired! But we've been busy people and last night I got my B12 shot and I already feel a bit more energy today. Other than that some stomach achenes just from him moving around all the time, and still congested a bit. No swelling and no stretch marks yet!

Other notables: We had two Dr's appts at 32 weeks on Tuesday. We first met with our pediatrician and then headed over to my OB appt. Its a good feeling to have been to the pediatricians office now and know a little bit more of what to expect on that front. As far as my appt went my blood pressure is good, weight is good, and baby is growing right on schedule. The Dr. confirmed that he is very healthy and all this lack of B12, folic acid, low hemoglobin anemia stuff is ONLY effecting me and not him at all. Hunter V is getting all that he needs! I figured as much but its always nice to hear the Dr. say it. My platelet level was at 96,000 and they do like it to be above 100,000 in order to give an epidural but its not written in stone anywhere. Plus, after these 8 weeks of injections and extra folic acid that count should raise and I should have no issues with my levels come D day! They are redrawing blood to see where my levels are at 36 weeks.

Also, Hunter gave me my first shot last night and it went waaaaaaaaaaay better than expected!! He should have been a Dr! When the Dr gave it to me last week it hurt so bad that I was expecting it to hurt even worse when Hunter gave it to me. BUT it didn't hurt AT ALL!!! I don't know if our prescription needles where better than the dr. office needles or if Hunter just did a better job at giving it to me but it was painless! I think we're gonna be JUUUUUUst fine these next 8 weeks :)

Pictures: At 32 weeks I think you all deserve a bare belly pic!



Thursday, September 1, 2011

31 Weeks!

Size of Baby: Head of Lettuce. 18 inches and 3.2 pounds

Weight Gain: Didn't get weighed this week but probably floating somewhere around 157 and 158. 28 pounds from starting weight.

Maternity Clothes: Yep nothing but and I'm sooooo sick of them. Can't WAIT to buy some cute things this winter! 8.5 weeks but who's counting....

Gender: It's a boy! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: All the time. Daddy and I had lots of fun the other night laying in bed and just watching you move my stomach up and down. We started laughing because of it and everytime I would laugh my belly shook, then you went crazy when I stopped and the cycle continued. It was great entertainment! Also, when Daddy see's you going nuts in there and feels a hard kick he always says to you "take it easy on mommy buddy" haha, too cute! :)

Sleep: Pretty good, up a couple times in the night and this week sleeping on my side has been better. Baby Hunter doesnt seem to mind it as much.

What I miss: I want to go shopping for cute fall clothes sooooo bad right now!

Best Moment this week: The weekend with my family and my baby shower of course. It warms my heart to see how much Hunter V is loved already!!

Looking forward to: Getting the nursery completed. We have curtain rods/curtains to hang, a shelf, book rack, mirror, a nd picture frames all to hang on the walls. I need to wash all his clothes and put all the wonderful goodies from the shower in their place. Daddy Hunter walked in Hunter V's room the other day and said "it's wierd seeing my name everywhere" haha, I can imagine it is. :) Also looking forward to the start of college football season this weekend, cooler weather, and pumpkin spice lattes!

Cravings: This...will someone make it for me?? Libby pumpkin roll...

Symptoms: Nasal congestion! I'm so stuffed up today and sneezy. Tiredness...Nothing too bad but I could ALWAYS take an afternoon nap. I haven't felt any achiness in my stomach this week but it sure doesnt feel good with Hunter is moving so much that it feels like he's trying to come out of my belly button. I move him at least 10 times a day to a new spot because he's hurting me in his current location. Poor little guy always being poked at! Shortness of breath but still no swelling, no stretch marks, no heartburn, I really have no complaints and very little symptoms.

Other notables: Sooooo....long story long. When I recieved my glucose test results (which were negative by the way) they told me I had low hemoglobin levels and low platelet levels. Due to this they wanted to draw more blood at my next appointment and run some follow up tests (this was at last weeks appt). Monday I got those tests results back and they showed low B12 levels. As a result the Dr recommended I take 2 folic acid pills on top of my prenantal vitamins everyday and also get a weekly B12 injection shot. With the B12 injections Hunter and I decided it would be easier and save us a lot of money if he just learned to give me the shots at home. I know what your thinking I'm STILL thinking this....OH BOY! SCARED!! We went to the Dr yesterday, I recieved my first shot while the nurse trained Hunter on how to give them to me through the remainder of my pregnancy. Oh BOY! The first one he will give me will be next tuesday so i'll let you all know how it goes...haha. Hunter seems totally confident about doing it....I'm the only apprehensive one, not sure why :) ...oh wait, maybe because i'm the one who will be in pain!

Anywho, This is all I really know now. I have LOTS of questions to ask the Dr at my appt next week. Mainly just how all this is effecting the baby or has my low levels of folic acid, B12 HAD any effect on the baby?? Or is the baby getting what he needs and it's just ME who is lacking. (let's hope so!) I've read that this is called Thrombocytopenia (low platelet count caused by deficiency in vitamin B12 and folic acid and that they don't like to give epidurals to women who have a low platelet count because of the risk of bleeding. I'll be taking this up with the Dr as well to verify this information and get the truth! :)

Pictures: Say a prayer there is a 100% healthy baby boy in there! He seems to be moving and growing good!

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