Monday, September 12, 2011

Wish lists and Push Presents

I'm honestly getting tired of blogging about my pregnancy and I'm sure you all are getting bored reading about it. BUT its been a struggle to even just get that weekly blog in. We've been so busy the past 3 weeks and have two more jam packed weekends ahead.

The Last weekend in August I had my family in town for my shower weekend. The weekend after that we had Hunter's family in town for the ECU/SC game. Last weekend we traveled to Greenville NC to attend the ECU/VT game and celebrate our brother in laws Chad's 30th Birthday! The Lunsfords are a house divided with Hunter's sister Carter and her husband Chad attending ECU and Hunter along with his father AND Uncle all attending VT. We look forward to the ECU/VT rival game every year :)

Anywho I'll do a post and share some pics from that tomorrow but getting back on track to me talking about how busy we are.... We are going up to the VT/Arkansas state game this coming Saturday, and then the last weekend in September going on a little baby moon. I feel torn, our home is a mess, there SO MUCH left to do before baby yet I don't want to sacrifice going on these trips in order to do those things because I know we are going to be stuck at home once he comes. This weekend will be the last football game I can attend and the only time this year I'll get to go up to VT so I DEF don't want to miss that, and our baby moon is done/paid for so we certainly aren't going to cancel that. I am just HOPING and PRAYING this little man stays in side me until 40 weeks because we NEED the month of October to get ready for him. I have a looooooong WISH list of things I'd love to get done before he comes and while I'm at it I wanted to blog about something more fun like....PUSH PRESENT IDEAS :)

Wish list of things I WISH I had time to do:

1. Make a pretty autumn wreath! Putting up fall decor around the house is DEF on the to-do list before baby comes. Change my outside pots to Mums, make a pretty fall wreath for the front door, change our couch pillows from summer to fall, decorate with pumpkins, leaves, pine cones ah first weekend in October you know what I'll be doing!

2. Finish making diaper cloths. I own a sewing machine but am still learning how to use it. I thought an easy project to practice using it would be sewing ribbon on diaper cloths. I'm sure you've seen these before. Something like this....

I have the diaper clothes, I have the ribbon and actually have one completed now if I could just find time to finish the other 5!

3. Gah this just popped in my head...I NEED to finish writing thank you cards from my shower. If you haven't gotten a thank you card from me yet...YOU WILL I PROMISE! SOON! xoxo

4. I still want to make this....

5. CLEAN CLEAN and more CLEANING....I enjoy cleaning and would love to time before Hunter comes to get make our house SPOTLESS! Stay in there baby Hunter for 7 more weeks and you'll come home to nice clean house!

6. Time to read books! Thanks to my wonderful mommy friends we've been gifted with the great baby advice books that worked for them. Moms on call, baby wise, and the baby whisperer. I've gotten through Moms on call and I know that I will want to refer back to them all once Hunter is here but I'd like to be able to read through them first before he gets here as well! It would also be nice to TOTALLY get my mind off of baby and be able to read a non-baby book before he comes. My sister in law gave me The Help to borrow, can I PLEASE find time to read that too!? Maybe on our babymoon...

7. And all the things we have left to do before baby I'm trying not to think about because when I do it gives me a bit of anxiety.

- wash and put away all his clothes - wash all his bedding, make his bed, wash all his blankets, boppy covers, changing pad covers, pretty much lots of WASH. - Sterilize all his bottles, nipples and Binky's - Put together his swing - hang up everything on the walls of his nursery, mirror, selves, book rack, picture frames, curtains. - Set up the monitors - Install his car seats - pack a hospital bag for him and me. - Go shopping for the last few things we need.

I know we could get all of the above done in one solid weekend at home but knowing that weekend is still 3 weeks away is a racking my preggers anxiety....

Now onto some fun stuff, Push Presents! Within a month of eachother I will be giving birth and turning 30 so here's some items I may or may not have sent to Hunter as some present ideas.... :) Some are realistic, some are more pipe dreams of mine!

1. A Tiffany's celebration ring...I mean giving birth and turning 30 are two things certainly worth celebrating right! ??? :) I mean Hunter can pick one, anyone...I won't be picky!
2. Tory Burch Celinah Ballet Flat - I feel like more than ever a leapard flat is a MUST have this fall!

3. Tory Burch Selma Riding boot

4. Kate Spade Black Bixby bag

5. Just a few items from J.crew (for after baby of course)

Merino turtleneck sweater in vibrant flame

Cafe Capri in wool in bright Dahilia

Schoolboy blazer in wool flannel in Marasachino Cherry

Pique stripe tee
Timex Travelers watch with

>/a authentic red strap

6. The EF-S 55-250mm Telephoto lens for our Cannon Rebel T2i.

And that's all folks, What's a girl gotta do to get more time and more money??


  1. Yippieee!!! You can park two of those off your list! My gosh, the Tiffany's ring, for sers, you need that! Like tomorrow! I'll send it to Hunter b/c if he's like JT he doesn't read this! :) Those boots, after seeing them again are a MUST and b/c I can borrow them.. and the ring! Enjoy the next two weekends away and take your to do list day by day! If you need help, call a friend! That's what were here for! Peace out mama! ps... the purple pants with the red turtleneck sweater a huge belt and your Tory flats would look beyond fab together!

  2. Your post totally makes me want a baby...too bad hubby wants to wait! Love all your push present ideas!


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