Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sweater Vases

After seeing these sweater vases in the latest crate and barrel catalog I fell in love.

However after looking at them more closely I realized they aren't the real soft sweater material they are porcelain with just a sweater imprint. I started the search for real sweater vases and found my next project!!

In between trying to learn how to take care of and breastfeed a newborn hopefully I'll find time to make a few of these for our homes Christmas decor this year...aren't they pretty!?

a thoughtful place blog

Looks like Stephanie Lynn has a fairly decent tutorial out there...

The rest of the images if not labeled are via pinterest.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

39 Weeks!

A part of me really hoped I wouldn't get to this post and baby would be here in my arms already BUT that's not the case so here goes...

Size: Still a watermelon. Probably a 7 pounder by now I'm sure of it!

Weight gain: 166 at today's appointment. 36 pounds gained.

Maternity Clothes: I headed to Express last week and purchased a couple pairs of black yoga pants. As you can see below they are my new go to :) I'm only working a couple days a week now but when I do have to dress for the office I'm really rotating between two pairs of maternity work pants and two maternity cotton dresses.

Gender: It's a boy! Hunter Lee Lunsford V.

Movement: His movement has DEF changed over the past week. Movement has decreased and is more compact. Little pokes here or there or I'll see one side of my stomach go up not so much waves anymore. Space is tight in there I'm sure!

Sleep: Pretty good, up only once usually, but moving positions a lot to get comfy. I'm sleeping though no just laying in bed awake and that's a GREAT thing!

What I miss: I think what I miss most is still snuggling with Hunter. I build what Hunter calls "my nest" when i get into bed which consists of no joke 3 regular pillows, one body pillow, and one euro size pillow. Hunter I know is also looking forward to sleeping with less pillows on our bed, he has made that comment a couple times :)

Best Moment this week: Having tuesday and wednesday off work to continue to get things done and relax. I finished making some burp cloths, kept the house clean, read up some more of my baby books, and have taken Jake for long walks everyday. With each passing day, I feel more and more ready to meet our little one!

Looking forward to: of course, having this baby!

Cravings: None, oh wait...I did request McDonalds for dinner on Monday night. That was yummy, but then craved and consumed salad last night probably out of quilt.

Symptoms: So far the story goes, Sunday we walked and I cramped/felt pelvic pressure down there off and on sunday. It was more uncomfortable, not painful and random so I knew it was nothing. Monday after work we walked. I felt LOTS of menstraul like pain/burning sensation and pressure from about 10pm til 11:30 or so. It was pretty consistent every 10-15 minutes but not getting worse. Also, at that same time the baby was moving a TON...more than usual. I still to this day don't know if my pain was from him moving, or if I was having braxton hicks contractions and the contractions where making him move. I'm thinking the latter because at times in that 1.5hrs I could feel him move and it wouldnt hurt. Either way, what does it the time I layed my head on the pillow for bed all was calm and pain free again :) Then yesterday...tuesday, I walked again our same route and felt nothing all day.

Today I walked before my Dr's appt...secretly hoping it would start some contractions for my appt. ha! The Dr. did say my uterus was super thin and baby's head was very very low (which explains all the pressure I feel down there) but I'm only about 1/2 centimeter dialated. Just need some good strong contractions to open me up and baby will be ready to come on out!




Wednesday, October 19, 2011

38 weeks!

Size: I'm, I mean he's still the size of a watermelon :)

Weight Gain: 165.5. The nurse and her darn .5's. I could just snip it off the end but this is honesty at it's finest. She told me yesterday 165.5. 35.5 pounds. Thank GOSH there's only 2 weeks left of weight gain this number is getting scary!

Maternity Clothes: I had all summer clothes and now that the weather is cooler I have nada. I hated to do it but Hunter and I ran out to Kohls on Saturday so I could buy a long sleeve maternity shirt that fit. 20 bucks well spent considering I've already worn the shirt twice since Saturday. ha! wear, repeat, wear, repeat that's my maternity clothes modo.

Gender: It's a boy. Hunter Lee Lunsford V Little tidbit...If Hunter V is born on October 21st he will be the third Hunter in a row to be born on the 21st of the month. Hunter III is August 21st, Hunter IV is March 21st, Hunter V October 21st??? Also, the "Hunters" are HUGE CARDINALS baseball fans. So with Hunter V being born AND the Cardinals entering the world serious life is GREAT in Hunter Lee Lunsford land. :)

Movement: The past two days I have finally felt decreased movement. I still feel him move but they are back to jabs and punches instead of the full belly waves. Maybe he's finally settling down for birth and running out of room in there?

Sleep: What do myself and a newborn baby have in common? It's a big deal when we both sleep through the night :) A few nights last week I'll wake up for the first time and its 6am I can't believe it! Other nights I'm up 4/5 times. Who knows, I'm sleeping though that's all that matters. On another sleeping note, Hunter V's first kicks in the morning are my favorite because I'm SOOO paranoid that I'm crushing him in my sleep or accidentally sleeping on my back to much. So when I wake up and feel him move I'm sooooooooo relieved!

What I miss: Standing close to counters. You don't realize til you have a big belly how far away from sinks you have to stand when your washing dishes or your hands. It's odd. What else do I miss? Ok, the occasional glass of wine would be nice at this point. And def looking forward to sleeping on my stomach again.

Best Moment this week: Seeing the nursery come together. The chair came in on Monday finally and getting a few things hung on the walls. We love it in there! The room puts off that prefect nursery feeling of coziness we had hoped for. :)

Here it is!


Looking forward to: Being in labor...ha! kinda serious though.... But in order to meet HLV!

Cravings: Anything sweet and chocolate. Not sure if its the halloween candy that I can't get away from or what but I LOVE sweets these days. Not good.

Symptoms: Pressure down there, lots o pelvic pressure. Frequent urination, slight headaches, leg achenes, nasal congestion, tiredness, and this might be TMI for some but this is my blog and my record keeper so I'm writing it...presence of colostrum. check. No stretch marks, and believe it or not have not once felt heart burn this whole pregnancy either. Overall still feeling very blessed with an easy pregnancy...especially considering the evil sciatica never came back!!!

Other notables:
I had yesterday off work! I decided 5 day weeks were too tiring at this point so I'm taking random days in the middle of the week. It's nice to have a day to keep up on laundry, keep the house clean, and keep well rested. Plus, I schedule my dr's appointments for those days off as well.

Speaking of appt an update from mine yesterday. So where we stood was my platelets where at 98,000 and the Dr's feared they needed to be at 100,000 in order for me to receive an epidural. I also have what are called GIANT platelets so they though perhaps they weren't being counted properly by the machines and ordered a manual count of my platelets along with a platelet function test. The manual count came back at 109,000 and the function test came back normal. yay! An epidural should be no problem if I feel the need to have one. However the numbers till scare the Dr's so as precaution they will most likely have my platelet type readily available during my labor and delivery in case I was to need a platelet transfusion. Better safe than sorry in their eyes I guess. Also, it was finally cleared up to me that my low B12 and hemoglobin levels (which are great now that I've been getting the weekly B12 shots) have NOTHING to do with my low platelet count. They are two totally separate issues. All said and done after the baby I'm going to go see a hematologists and get a full work up on all this blood nonsense :) Most importantly though, I feel like this is all just number issues and ultimately I'm healthy and baby's healthy!

Went for a prenatal massage yesterday and my massage man (who has 4 boys and guessed I was having a boy) massaged the pressure points in my feet to induce labor. Afterward he predicted baby to arrive Oct 22nd or 23rd. We'll see if he's right!

And had my first meltdown last night. I think the nerves of labor, fact that I'm going to be a mother, and tiredness of pregnancy all got the best of me. Hunter was sweet and it helped so much to hear him say and we are all in this together and will all be just fine because sometimes being that I'm the one carrying this child I feel so alone in it all! So emotional...I can feel the hormones coming on stronger...labors GOT to be close right? Man, and I know they are bad after the baby comes to, I'm trying not to think about that part...deep breaths one thing at a time.

Pictures: Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of this week....

Photobucket Don't judge the no makeup sunday look :)

Photobucket who doesn't love a good outie shot!?


Sunday, October 16, 2011

He's still in there...

Here's the proof.

And out here we've had a great weekend getting a little more prepared for his arrival.

Saturday morning we had the carpets cleaned then Hunter installed carseats in our cars...


then he hung some wall decor above the changing table :)


As you can see the glider STILL hasn't arrived!! Have I mentioned how much I HATE USA baby? And my mama taught me that HATE is a strong word. I hate them!



Today's been a lazy day but I've managed to sew some diaper clothes

and catch up on my baby reading...

Jake got in a little ball throwing and has no idea this is his last few weeks as an only child...or maybe he does?

Lastly our house smells wonderful of yummy White Chicken Chili.


Oh and for Mom, here's the wreath I made I was telling you about. Happy fall ya'll!



Thursday, October 13, 2011

37 Weeks!

At my appointment this morning the Dr. came in and shook my hand and said congratulations baby is full term and ready, now we are just waiting on you! Cheers to a full term baby!

Size of baby: A watermelon. Need i say more...

Weight Gain: 164. 34 pounds. It is what it is not about to start worrying about weight gain at this point.

Maternity Clothes: It's all about the accessories. Scarves, necklaces, cardigans, jackets, cute shoes whatever I can do to take the attention away from the laaaaaaaaaamo clothes.

Gender: It's a bouncing baby boy!! Hunter Lee Lunsford V. come out come out where ever you are!

Movement: Still lots of movement. I hear that means he hasn't settled down to be ready for labor yet. Is this true? Settle down BOY! No in all honestly with every kick and poke I am thankful he is alive and well in there!

Sleep: Up one or two times in the night has turned to 4 times. It's no joke. Baby moves, I have to pee, that's how it works. In between potty breaks I'm sleeping ok but tossing and turning a lot. Switching from side to side and often dreaming I'm in labor or dreaming that I'm not sleeping good even though I think I'm sleeping.....has that ever happened to you all? happened to me the other night.

Here's a little conversation between husband and wife in regards to my sleeping. Hunter and I talk over a communicator thingy at's quite convienent.

16:48 KRISTEN LUNSFORD : Do you just sense every night how awful im sleeping. I feel like your awake too
16:49 HUNTER LUNSFORD : that's why i don't want you doing much other than work till he comes.
16:50 KRISTEN LUNSFORD : Aww sweet hubby thanks
16:50 HUNTER LUNSFORD : i mean you can vaccuum if you feel the urge, but no running around.
16:50 KRISTEN LUNSFORD : Yes of course

Nice huh!? :)

What I miss: Being skinny, seeing body parts below my belly, cuddling with my husband in's hard to cuddle with a big belly in the way!

Best Moment this week: Having a three day weekend, spending time with Hunter, getting stuff done around the house and today of course hearing little mans heart beat.

Looking forward to: Meeting baby Hunter!! And our glider hopefully arriving tomorrow!

Cravings: M&M ice cream sand which cookies...they are like crack!! And NO these have NOTHING to do with my 4 pound weight gain in two weeks. ok, maybe they do a little.

Symptoms: leg cramps, some headaches, tiredness, back pain at times, nasal congestion, nose bleeds, slight swelling, frequent urination, pressure near the pelvis especially when walking or when he moves. Don't think I've had any contractions yet at least none that are painful. And still no stretch marks. yay!

Other notables: I feel like a pin cushion lately. On top of my weekly B12 shots from Hunter the Dr. has been drawing blood to test my hemoglobin levels weekly as well, AND this week I got a flu shot too. It was three shots within like 9 hrs. No fun! The results from my blood work taken at 36 weeks showed that my platelets levels had not changed....they remain at 96,000. My hemoglobin levels are good and anemia is all cleared up so the B12 shots are working but my platelet levels remain a challenge. Low platelets especially at 96,000 really is no harm to me or the baby and nothing to worry about it just has everything to do with the anesthesiologist. Some will not administer epidurals unless your platelets are above 100,000...others might think 96,000 is no big deal and give me an epidural without second thought. It all depends on who I get and how to "the book" they are. My Dr made a great point either way, he said "I'm not asking you right now if you want an epidural or not, bottom line I WANT it to be your decision to make when the time comes not the anesthesiologists decision." Agreed, so we're drawing blood every week in hopes by miracle my platelet level goes up....4k away we are soo close!



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Friday, October 7, 2011

What I wore...with a BIG bump!

I've gotten a little creative the past couple weeks with some of my outfits. Like I mentioned in my weekly posts, lots of dresses have become shirts or I wear the same dresses over again changing them up with different cardigans, belts, or even by putting buttons downs over them. Also pretty sure the blue check shirt I'm wearing in two of the pictures is a pajama lounge shirt, shhh don't tell anyone! :)






Wednesday, October 5, 2011

36 Weeks!

We had a 36 week Dr appt yesterday including ultrasounds so this weeks survey is filled with lots of fun Hunter V facts! :)

Size of baby: A large Cantalope. We were told he weighs 6 pounds 8oz right now and if he continues at this growth rate he should weigh around 7 pounds 12oz at birth.

Weight gain: 162. We're you ready for that, I sure wasn't when I saw it yesterday. oh well, whatcha gonna do. I'm healthy, babies healthy and we only have 4 more weeks. 32 pounds total weight gain so far.

Maternity clothes: As far as work goes I'm down to two dresses, two pairs of pants, 1 pair of jeans, and 2 long sleeve shirts that fit. Laundry is done often in our house now. I have lots of sleeveless shirts from the summer that I've been wearing under cardigans or jackets. On the weekends I don't really care...leggings, pjs, hunter's clothes, sweatpants. Whateve! :)

Gender: It's a boy! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: Same, good movement. After the ultrasound I understand why I feel all the pokes over on my right side. He has a knee, foot, and hands all over on that side. I know I don't quite understand how either... Also, his butt is up higher than I thought, she said its way up under my chest, and what I'm feeling that's hard around my belly button is his back. He's probably arching his back.

Sleep: I've slept better this week than last. I'm waking alot to switch left side to right because I wake up stiff from laying on one side but ultimately I'm sleeping.

What I miss: Excited to have my body back but I'm feeling better this week and trying to enjoy the last few weeks of his little kicks inside me.

Best Moment this week: of course seeing his sweet face on the ultrasound screen. I feel like the kicks and movements that I feel should make this real to me but actually seeing his face and what he looks like, brought it to a whole new level.

Looking forward to: Our glider!! I have a tracking number and it's suppose to be in a week from today october 12. This means we the weekend after it's in we can finish the nursery. Hang stuff on the walls, set up monitors, install carseats, pack a hospital bag. It's time!

Cravings: None, I'm still eating the same amount but actually find myself not really in the mood for anything at lunch or dinner. I sorta just pick something and it ends up tasting good.

Symptoms: Uncomfortableness. Is that a word? That pretty much describes everthing though. Sciatica has kept in check however I felt a differernt nerve pain in my inner right thigh sunday night. It only last a few hours, no compliants there. Little bit of swelling, although I'm thinking that could just be me getting fat too. ha! Defintely tire more easily when cleaning the house, walking etc. I think that's it though, could be lots worse. I was checked yesterday and my cervix is still as tight as can be. No really, that's how the dr. worded it to me. Nice! Thanks Doc.

Pictures.....eeeeeeeeeeeekk Sweet baby boy!!! :) The cord was in front of his face but she still mangaged to get a pretty good picture. Also it was confirmed that he has hair!





Can you believe that little guy above is in this belly? I can't! Jakey is excited about his new little brother too! :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby Mooners

Just sharing some pictures from our babymoon....

The Marina Inn

This was the bad sciatica day, I felt about as good as I look here :)



Sunday we spent all day in the pool

Monday we ventured out to the Boardwalk....peaches corner and The Bowery where Alabama got started.

So Myrtle .... :)



A cloudy rainy weekend but it made it all that much more relaxing!
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