Monday, March 16, 2015

Prince James's 1st Birthday

Finally getting around to blogging some pictures from James's 1st Birthday party a couple weeks ago.  His theme might have been the most fun yet thanks to Minted and Cup-a-dewdle-dew custom designs.  I knew I wanted to do a "prince" theme so I headed straight to my old stand by to look for invites.  Considering I use minted to manage all of our friends and family addresses and can order envelopes already addressed, its quite possible I never order cards or invites from anywhere else EVER again.  Any who, minted did not disapoint and I came across these cuties.  

Now the only issue with ordering invites from Minted is how original can your party really be ordering from such a popular website and having a extremely common theme.  In comes cup-a-dewdle-dew custom designs.  Lucky for me Nicola (the crazy talented owner) is my good friend so I sent her the invite I was using told her I wanted a smash cake topper, cup cake toppers, a high chair banner, sticker designs for cups and serve bowls, cupcake liners, straws, table confetti...okay you get the drift she pretty much took care of all James's party decor, made it original, and hand delivered it all in the most adorable packaging that was almost too cute to open. I mean...the confetti was 3D.  Come Amazing!  Insert stress-free happy mommy.  Thank you Nicola!! And thank you to all of our friends and family for coming over and loving on our sweet boy.  

Without further ado - Decor & Food.  We had the adult food catered from Midwood Smokehouse

Crowns (homemade) 

 The cutest prince ever:

And the cutest party attendees ever:

Prince James had zero interest in eating his cake but he sure did like playing in it!

Cheers to time passing slower his 2nd year (psst yeah right, i know)! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Work Hard.
I always check in with my customers a few weeks after they order their new skincare regimen.  Here’s just a few of the responses I’ve gotten lately…. 

Play Hard.

Still reminiscing from our recent trip to Jamaica with friends.  5 kid free and work free days.  The only thing I did with my phone was post on social media which resulted in my own brother defriending me for the week because he got so annoyed with my posts LOL.  Ooopsie, we may have been just a tad bit excited for our first adult vacation in 5 years!!

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