Monday, March 9, 2015

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Work Hard.
I always check in with my customers a few weeks after they order their new skincare regimen.  Here’s just a few of the responses I’ve gotten lately…. 

Play Hard.

Still reminiscing from our recent trip to Jamaica with friends.  5 kid free and work free days.  The only thing I did with my phone was post on social media which resulted in my own brother defriending me for the week because he got so annoyed with my posts LOL.  Ooopsie, we may have been just a tad bit excited for our first adult vacation in 5 years!!


  1. I LOVED all your pics! We were living vicariously through you!

    1. Thanks Hun! And congrats on the move! That's amazing that yall are going to be living so close!!


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