Friday, March 6, 2015

James Penn: A year in Review

Today our sweet baby boy James Penn turns 1!!!  It's funny how different you look at first birthdays with the first child vs. the second.  I remember when big brother Hunter turned one we were ecstatic!!  Hurray, we made it!! We survived the first year keeping a human being alive.  

With James its more, Hurray our baby is 1! He's thriving, and happy and we have so much to celebrate yet, I'm a little sad the baby year is done :(  

Chin up, let's focus on the first part He's thriving, healthy and we had sooo much fun with him his first year!!! 

Born March 6th 2014....

We headed home for some newborn photos and met some of your friends for the first time

And the fun began with your first Easter

Then we hoped on a plane and flew you to Uncle Matt and Aunt Katies wedding in Captiva Island Fl.  Your first plan ride and trip to the beach

There you wore your first matching outfits :) 

We returned home and continued to enjoy a fun summer full of boat rides and beaches with friends and family

And it wasn't long before you sat all by yourself, found your feet, and popped your first tooth 

We closed out the summer with your Baptism and some golf lessons

And went straight into Apple picking

From Apple picking to Pumpkin picking

And Pumpkin picking meant your first Halloween

Now time was really flying...on to Thanksgiving!

And then babies first Christmas...

The chaos from the holidays settled and you spent your last two months as an infant eating us out of of house and home, crawling like a mad man, learning to walk, discovering all the fun the bathtub and playroom have to offer, and enjoying the park on warmer days. 

Mommy did her best to hold out until your first birthday before we cut your hair...but it just had to happen!  Your first hair cut at 11 Mos old. 

You make us so proud buddy!  Your easy going, yet stand up for yourself.  Handsome, smart, and oh so sweet!  We have LOVED every minute of this last year with you and can't wait for all the fun we are going to have together in the years ahead.  Happy Birthday James! xo

 and true 2nd child form we missed the 8month pic (sigh!)

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  1. Awww-happy birthday!! He is so cute. Goes by way too fast with the second one!!


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