Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Real Life: Hunter V 3 yrs 2 mos / James Penn 10 mos / Jake 6 yrs 5mos

Saturday Morning in the Playroom: Hunter V playing with hot wheels, James Penn nursing a diaper rash

8am Playroom Morning Selfie: Thank gah I use R+F products

James Penn's favorite toy : Using it the way he thinks it should be used

Hunter V's favorite treat: Marshmallows

Hunter V brings the potty from the bathroom into the playroom everytime he uses it: sigh! 

Hunter V and mommy Selfie: Out to dinner at the Krazy Fish last Saturday night

Family picture at The Krazy Fish

What it really looked like trying to get a picture of me and the boys

What we do on Saturday nights

Another of Hunter V's favorite things to do: Play-doh

Jake wondering when he's going to be the only child again 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Table Styling

I don't know about ya'll but I get complete anxiety over table styling and it's just too much for my OCD to handle.  If I can get a table just the way I like it, I'll keep it that way forever but if one thing seems off to me I'll be adding, taking away, changing until eternity. This year putting away Christmas decor and getting everyday decor back out kicked my table styling OCD into high gear.  I googled coffee table styling for some inspiration and found The Everygirl's Blog to be very helpful.

Here's some table styling around our home that I think I'm fairly satisfied with.  For now anyways.... and my apologies in advance...I'm labeling where I got things but most stuff is older so not available anymore. 

Coffe Tables

As you can see I felt like this table was missing a natural element so added the boxwood.  Still feel like its missing something...maybe another one? or straightening out the bowl?  ugh...the playing continues

Kitchen Table: These I feel like need to be on a tray but I can't find a tray big enough and if I put them on a tray then I need bigger side hurricanes cause the balls look too big compared to the side candles.   Get your heads out of the gutters folks and sympathize with me on this dilemma ;)

Foyer Table
Lamp / Coral / Books (old) / Frame / Bowl 

Upstairs Hallway Table

And these are shelves in our bathroom. I can't take credit for these...I recruited the help of my girl friend Lindsey (who's way better at this stuff than I am) when we first moved in and haven't touched them since.

Hunter's dresser in our bedroom.  Our Master needs sooooooo much work.  This is the only piece of furniture with anything decent on it ;) 

Happy Styling! I accept any and all suggestions for changes.  It is fun once you get it how you like it :) xo

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chasing Dreams...

Hope your all's new year is off to a great start!  Ours has been a busy one! Hunter started back at work which meant a new daycare for James and us re-learning the ropes and routine of getting everyone out of the house in the morning!  Phew, I had forgotten what a rat race it is!  Not sure why because nothing has changed in the amount of time I see James but for some reason now that he is in daycare I miss him sooooo much more!!  I guess knowing he was home with "daddy" was a good feeling and he loves his "daddy" plus I got all the pictures, texts and daddy updates I wanted.  With little Hunter it's different now that he's 3.  He's at "school" and loves it! He's learning, doing activities, playing outside, seeing his friends I wouldn't want it any other way.  But, I would stay home with James in a heartbeat being he's only 10mos old.  And I really hope to have the opportunity to stay at home with my third child from start to finish!! I've learned from Hunter V how fast they grow and how precious those first years and milestones are.  They come and go and if you don't enjoy them and treasure them while they are there you'll never get them back..they are gone too fast!!  

So with that said, I'm not just sitting back and hoping it happens I'm actually chasing this dream with my new Rodan + Fields business.  I truly feel blessed to have found this company.  I believe in these products, I believe in this company, and I love how it is empowering women and giving them the opportunity to be business owners and work around their family life!  So, if you follow me on Facebook and see that I am using social media to spread the word about these amazing products that's why.  1. Because I believe in the products and 2. Because with the success of this business I will be able to stay at home with my kids in a couple years.  I have seen it work for my friends in the biz and it will work for me too!

In case you missed it, my good friend Lindsey Regan Thorne, who is in the beauty industry and has tried every skin care product out there became a HUGE advocate for Rodan + Fields.  She blogged about her skin care routine and gave some great personal insight into some of her favorite R+F Products.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU Linds because the saying is true "the best compliment you can give is a referral" and I'm so happy you are loving your skin! 

It's very fulfilling when customer after customer comes back to me and says things like “I really have never been more confident in my skin, and this is just after three weeks!”  or “Holy Cow look at my before and after, I think it’s working!”  I hate being “salesy” but I love getting these products into people’s hands and making them happy….it’s much more rewarding than my corporate 9-5er!  These Dr’s are innovative and would never put a product on the market that was not BETTER than what's already out there.  And that’s also why they offer a 60 day money back guarantee that you will see results!

Ok – So hopefully you understand my story now and I think you all get how great the products are.  Let’s talk about what’s right for you, and how much! 

First let me back track – if this is all too much to read or go over via a blog post, I get it!  Email me… and I’ll give you my phone number.  Let’s talk on the phone!  I’ll do a mini skin consultation on you, recommend products based on your skin care needs, and go over pricing! BAM…that easy! Let’s chat!

If you’re a more do it your selfer…no problem.  Go online and take our Solutions tool. You’ll answer a few short questions about your skin and the Dr’s will recommend what Regimen and Tools are right for you.   You will fall into one of these four categories…

The Two tools we offer are:

AMP MD System  - Coined “The best spent minute in skincare” Patent Pending system utilizes non-invasive micro- exfoliating skincare roller clinically proven to safely and effectively improve the appearance of skins firmness.  System contains reusable AMP MD Micro-exfoliating roller, two month supply of Redefine Night Renewing Serum, and cleansing purification tablets.  The AMP roller can be purchased as a bundle with most regimens at a 20% discount and will accelerate Regimen results by  500!! Watch this You Tube video to get a better idea on how to use the Tool.

Macro- Exfoliator  -  for extreme smoothness and radiant skin -  In one use it will clear away 5 Million dead skin cells leaving behind only your smooth healthy looking skin! Also can be purchased with a Regimen at a 20% discount! Watch this You Tube video to get a better idea on how to use the Tool.

And last but not least our Acute Care (wrinkle filling strips) Which can be purchased with any Regimen.  I could do a whole blog post on these babies.  They just came to market January 5th and are a total game changer is this world of botox.  I use the analogy of teeth whitening.  Back in the day people used to go to the dentist to get their teeth whitened.  Now with Crest white strips NO ONE is doing that, everyone uses the strips.  The same thing is going to happen here.  People are no longer going to go to the dr. to get a needle put in their face to fill a wrinkle.  They are just going to place a strip over their wrinkle, in the comfort of their own home, and it will fill while they sleep.  How does it work you ask?   Allure magazine did a nice write up on them here, but essentially they are 99% hylaronic acid (which is naturally found in our bodies and a common wrinkle filler) and 1% peptide.  These ingredients are crystallized into 200 tiny cones on the patch.  Place the patch over your wrinkle and as you sleep the crystallized cones will melt into your wrinkle filling it overnight.  Now most people see overnight results but the recommended usage is one treatment, every three nights, for 4 weeks and you will see results last an additional 8 weeks.  12 total wrinkle free weeks for $200 dollars. Combine it with our Regimens and your results will be insane and last!  Better than botox? Total thinks so . You can make the call for yourself..but they are definitely cheaper!! 

Alright a little bit about me and my skin care routine…as Lindsey mentioned in her post I use the Reverse Regimen for sunspots, and face brightening.  This Regimen is GREAT  because Step three in it has  pure Vitamin C and Retinol which when combined are a great brightening agent but also the retinol will reduce wrinkles as well.  In my eyes the best of both worlds!  I also use the Amp roller, micordermabrasion pastes, eye cream and lip serum.  Here’s my night time steps… side note:  I was one who NEVER washed her face before R+F, now it’s a pure luxury and something I do for myself and can’t believe I didn’t before.  I work two jobs, have two kids, a home to clean to with no cleaning ladies, no excuses!  A little hint: I do my "routine" when I get home from work, I get dinner in front of the kids and while my husband is down there with them eating I go upstairs, change out of my work clothes and do my face routine.  This way I’m doing it at 7pm and not “too tired” to do it at 10pm! And it perks me up to tackle the next 3 hrs of work I have to do at home.

1.       Reverse Exfoliating Face Wash
2.       Reverse Brightening Toner
3.       Redefine Amp Roller
4.       Reverse Vitamin C & Retinol Serums
5.       Redefine night renewing serum (not necessary since I'm using step 4, but hey I sell the stuff so why not!)
6.       Lip Serum
7.       Eye Cream

My morning is just wash, tone, serum, and 50 SPF sunscreen…I’ll be damned if these sunspots come back!   And check out my results, not to mention how bright my face is!  I posted them ex-large size too so you can see how the texture of my skin has changed as well!

Now, the ultimate goal is to treat your skin concerns and then get everyone on Redefine (the anti-aging line).  So if you are lucky enough to not have any concerns to treat then you may pass go, spend 200 dollars and go straight to Redefine.  (see what I did there.  Hehe).   I’m going one more round (2 months) on Reverse and then I’m switching over to Redefine. 

Alright PRICE!! You can see prices online. If you want a Regimen and Tool buy them together as a “bundle”  (you’ll see them grouped together online) and they are priced 20% off.   Any price you see you can take 10% off and get free shipping if you sign up to be a “Preferred Customer”

To become a preferred customers it’s a one-time $19.99 enrollment fee and you will be on a 60 day auto replenishment program for products (their regimens are 60 day supplies) HOWEVER….you DO NOT have to order every 60 days…you’ll get an email the week before they ship your new product (and I will personally remind you) and you can either keep, change, or delay you order.  You can hit delay every 2 months for as long as you want and you’ll still be a preferred customer and get 10% off and free shipping when you do end up ordering again.  Really anyone that orders signs up as a “preferred customer” because even on your first order with the $19.99 fee its still ends up being cheaper with the 10% off and free shipping more than offsetting that.  And let me re-iterate…you are not “locked in” to any sort of commitment and can cancel your membership at anytime.

I do also want to say, it’s a lot of upfront cost but like Lindsey mentioned our products last a long time.  If you do your regimen day and night it will last 2 months, if you’re a once a day person it could last 4 months!  Our Amp roller tool will last a minimum a year, and Macro-E tool for years!  So your “re-curring” costs will likely just be your regimen at 10% off and free shipping every few months.  $50 dollars a month on average for amazing skin, I know I’ve blown money on a lot worse things!!!

If you’re brave enough, go ahead and order away  or if you want to talk about what products are best for you, or make sure your getting the best pricing, or have any additional questions…please don’t hesitate to email me. 

New year, New YOU!!  R+F is changing skin and changing lives.  Sounds cheesy, but it’s true…has def changed mine and Lindseys! xoxo

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

F Goals

No...not like F U Goals.  F Goals.  Like Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Finances.

Here's our 2015 F Goals:

Faith:  I asked the Husband what his Faith goal was and he said "to go to heaven" and I babe for this year.  And he said "oh, to not to heaven" so there ya go.  Really though its to attend church more. Hunter V isn't handed off well to strangers and being it was different people in the nursery each week it made it tough.  We went a few times with both of them and all four sat through service with plenty of snacks but honestly I didn't get much out of the sermon because I was too busy keeping the kids quiet.  excuses excuses.  Both Hunter and I enjoy going to church and getting right with Jesus so this is our year.  Hunter V is 3 so he can start in the children's ministry (sunday school as we called it) and James is young enough to enjoy the nursery.  2015 - getting right with Jesus.

Family:  This is actually going to be an AMAZING year for family.  This summer my Brother and his family are moving to Charlotte and we are THRILLED.  It's taken 11 years of me living here before I finally got a family member to move close.  It feels so surreal.  Lots of weekend laughs, improptu get togethers/date nights, cousins being so close they LOVE playing together.  My sister - in - law is an amazing mom to my two nieces and i'm lucky to call her a friend.  Wait, these are goals...ok, family goals lets see.  Spend more time together, take more pictures, finish all the rooms in our home, get a cleaning person and join our pool (which both relate to spending more time together), speak more words of kindness, and watch our language around the kids.  The last one sounds bad and we aren't too bad about it but Hunter is 3 and officially GETs we need to be careful about what he takes in.

Friends:  Take a trip to Jamacia with friends...oh wait.  Check that one off the list.  46 days or so but who's counting.

Fitness (and health): Eat more fish, drink three liters of water a day, eliminate wrinkles, eat smaller portions. Some of those were mine, some were Hunters.  For my mental health I would like to read more.  I'm really bad.  I buy books and they never get read.  I'm making it a realistic goal and saying read one book a quarter (4 books in 2015)....come on now I should be able to do that! Notice working out is not in paragraph.  I'm all about realistic goals :)

Finances: I'm sure this is on everyones...make more money! :)  My goal is to triple my R+F sales, Hunter would like to invest more of our money.  Both hopefully obtaining the goal to make more money! That's easy right?

This is nothing too exciting but typically we don't even write goals down, so this is good.  very good.
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