Wednesday, January 7, 2015

F Goals

No...not like F U Goals.  F Goals.  Like Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Finances.

Here's our 2015 F Goals:

Faith:  I asked the Husband what his Faith goal was and he said "to go to heaven" and I babe for this year.  And he said "oh, to not to heaven" so there ya go.  Really though its to attend church more. Hunter V isn't handed off well to strangers and being it was different people in the nursery each week it made it tough.  We went a few times with both of them and all four sat through service with plenty of snacks but honestly I didn't get much out of the sermon because I was too busy keeping the kids quiet.  excuses excuses.  Both Hunter and I enjoy going to church and getting right with Jesus so this is our year.  Hunter V is 3 so he can start in the children's ministry (sunday school as we called it) and James is young enough to enjoy the nursery.  2015 - getting right with Jesus.

Family:  This is actually going to be an AMAZING year for family.  This summer my Brother and his family are moving to Charlotte and we are THRILLED.  It's taken 11 years of me living here before I finally got a family member to move close.  It feels so surreal.  Lots of weekend laughs, improptu get togethers/date nights, cousins being so close they LOVE playing together.  My sister - in - law is an amazing mom to my two nieces and i'm lucky to call her a friend.  Wait, these are goals...ok, family goals lets see.  Spend more time together, take more pictures, finish all the rooms in our home, get a cleaning person and join our pool (which both relate to spending more time together), speak more words of kindness, and watch our language around the kids.  The last one sounds bad and we aren't too bad about it but Hunter is 3 and officially GETs we need to be careful about what he takes in.

Friends:  Take a trip to Jamacia with friends...oh wait.  Check that one off the list.  46 days or so but who's counting.

Fitness (and health): Eat more fish, drink three liters of water a day, eliminate wrinkles, eat smaller portions. Some of those were mine, some were Hunters.  For my mental health I would like to read more.  I'm really bad.  I buy books and they never get read.  I'm making it a realistic goal and saying read one book a quarter (4 books in 2015)....come on now I should be able to do that! Notice working out is not in paragraph.  I'm all about realistic goals :)

Finances: I'm sure this is on everyones...make more money! :)  My goal is to triple my R+F sales, Hunter would like to invest more of our money.  Both hopefully obtaining the goal to make more money! That's easy right?

This is nothing too exciting but typically we don't even write goals down, so this is good.  very good.

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  1. I don't know why I waited so long to get a cleaning lady. Yes it is an added expense but the sanity it brings it priceless PLUS it allows the family to spend more quality time together instead of spending weekends cleaning!


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