Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014 - Happy but not so Healthy

This is going to be an honest Christmas post, not all our Christmas was wonderful full of sweet red roses and kisses cause well...

No, let me step back and say we are blessed with wonderful family and we will always live life saying family comes first and that's why we do what we do, like travel for Christmas with a 3 year old and a 10 month old.

To start... wrapping gifts, packing for 5 days away for four people, including christmas presents while trying to tidy up gifts for neighbors and finish up laundry, for me, took away from enjoying the days leading up to christmas.  When we aren't traveling I'm able to sit back more, enjoy the tree, the baking of the cookies and the reading of christmas stories... not spend the days trying to get packed and laundry done.

Regardless, we get there and all is well except its hard.  Its hard on kids to travel, not be in their own homes and be overwhelmed with lots of people and new things around.  My three old tends to be hyper and defiant when this happens which obviously adds stress to us.  Mistake number #1 ...attending church on christmas eve with a 3 year old and 10 month old.  I will never do that again, enough said. We made it through and the remainder of Christmas eve was nice with traditions like Big Daddy reading T'was the night before Christmas to the kids and daddy putting together the toys from santa. 

Christmas day was lovely, I have spent Christmas with not a lot of family around before and it doesn't feel like christmas. Hunter V was pretty overwhelmed with what was going on at first but warmed up quickly once he got into the toys. 

 Santa brought Cousin Reagan a bounce house which was a lot of fun for everyone!

And poor James (10mos) caught the stomach bug.  He was sick all Christmas day and although I throughly enjoyed the christmas day snuggles I really felt bad for him.

The next few days we spent hoping between my in-laws house and Hunter's grandparents house making the rounds to see everyone.  I'm so glad we did because again family is so important and we don't get to see them often enough but I do wish I had more time to actually spend with them...instead I'm chasing and tending to kids who are out of their element.  It's truly hard to decide between keeping our kids happy and sacrificing that to give time to those that raised us and whom we'll miss one day (our parents and grandparents).  

To top it all of saturday night Hunter V, myself and Hunter IV ALL caught the stomach bug James had.  The three of got sick all night long and Sunday we were bed ridden.  Thank goodness we were at Grami's house still because she was a life saver taking care of James and Hunter V while Hunter IV and I tried to get ourselves better to take care of kids.

We're all home now recovering and reflecting. It was a nice Christmas, the kids were spoiled rotten, Hunter and I as well.  We have some really amazing parents that we would do ANYTHING for, but traveling with kids is TOUGH especially when you throw some stomach bugs into the mix.  

Between job losses, deaths and illness its overall been a rough 2014 for our family so I am really looking forward to ringing in a NEW YEAR! Here's to a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2015!!! xoxo


  1. It's so tough to travel with kids! We were lucky not to have to this year and even just for the celebrations to be at someone else's house is hard. You will look back and be glad you did it though. Wishing you all the best in the new year!

  2. This was our first year traveling for Christmas with our 13 month old. We have vowed never to do it again. I flew by myself with him while Daddy drove our car with our dog (8 hour drive without a kid), so that was stressful/exhausting. On the 23rd Freddy woke up with a 101 fever followed by the nastiest cold that ever existed over the next several days, culminating with mucus-induced projectile vomiting on Christmas night. Followed by a call to the family pediatrician who agreed to see us the next morning. I'm usually pretty tough when it comes to kid stuff, but I had two, TWO!, breakdowns out of the seven days we were there. One was around midnight when he couldn't sleep after not even napping all day - locked myself in the bathroom and sobbed, hard. The other was in my car alone in a shopping center parking lot - I just needed to let out a scream. On top of that we were constantly having to shush a house-full of people when he WAS sleeping, which he typically has two naps a day and sleeps 11 hours at night, so that's the majority of the time. NEVER AGAIN!

    Could it be worse? YES, of course! Overall we are blessed with health and general happiness. But day-um. At least we will be able to do Christmas OUR way and make special memories for Freddy and any subsequent children by staying home and letting family visit us if they wish. Hugs!

    1. oh man hun, that sounds terrible...i am so so sorry!!! We are all living and learning for sure! Hugs to you all and a Happy New Year xoxo


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