Saturday, December 20, 2014

O' Christmas tree...traditions

The personalization and tradition of Christmas trees is what makes them so special. We typically go pick ours out the day after thanksgiving, set it up and then decorate it the next weekend.  I'm sure as the kids get older and become less needy we'll find the time to decorate it the same weekend :)

I'm getting off track.... One of our traditions is putting candy canes on the tree.  I said to my mom a few weekends ago, I remember every year putting candy canes on our tree growing up.  My mom's response was that's because she did it when she was little.  Her family couldn't afford ornaments so her mom would always buy a couple boxes of candy canes and they would decorate with those.  We may be able to afford ornaments now but I love sticking to the tradition and every year when we place the candy canes on the tree I think back to my mom and I's child hood where money or not there was lots of love and thats all that mattered.

Our second tradition is every year we receive a Crayola ornament from my Meme.  My Papa used to work for Crayola so they started this back in early 2000's.  I'll be honest when was in college or just out of college and receiving them, I liked them but never looked at them as sentimental items.  The years have gone by, Papa has since passed,  and the kids LOVE them so they have taken on a new special meaning.   Hunter V puts on all of the Crayola ornaments admiring each one before he places it on the tree, and if bunches them all together into the same spot, ya know what, that's okay with me!

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  1. Love your beautiful tree and adorable (meaningful) ornaments! I definitely want to start something like that for next year! Can't wait to celebrate with your bunz tonight! xo


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