Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014 Home Tour: Christmas decorations

I love looking back through the past years of our Christmas decorations, and I love looking at others decorations and getting ideas for the future!  Here's a little 2014 Home Tour of our Christmas decor.  If your wondering where I purchased any of our decor items its 50% chance Potterybarn and 50% chance Target.

Bowl Target / Balls Misc  


Stockings Potterybarn 

 Poinsettia Trader Joes

 Bowl Target

Vase Potterybarn / Filler Target 

 Pillows Potterybarn

 Sorry to disrupt your nap time Jake!

 I love the simplicity of these mini trees.  They were in the 3 dollar bin at Target!  Now will someone with pretty hand writing please come over and write something festive on my chalkboard?

 Potterybarn (ignore the un-fluffed tree in the background, thanks)

 Saw this little idea of displaying Christmas books in a basket on pinterest.  I give you one guess where the basket is from....   yep.  Target!

Oh wait, hey...this bowl is from Tiffanys!! heck yeah. (wedding gift) Bells are from Potterybarn though...don't worry. 
PB (I'm honestly tired of typing it out)

Sleight PB / Candles PB / Deer Target

Ok, somebody please come kid nap me and take me to home goods or west elm.  I officially have a problem not to mention am incredibly predictable and boring!  

Show me your decor you DIDN'T get from PB or Target...PLEASE! xoxo


  1. Love how homey, comfy and gorgeous your home looks (and feels) at the holidays!!! And pleasssse, you make PB and Tarjay look GOOD! Did you say Home Goods.......... you know I'll take you for an adventure there! Looks gorgeous, Mel!! xo

  2. So cute! Mine is all from Target, PB, and HomeGoods too so no new ideas to share. How do you keep the little hands off all of that stuff? My boys would destroy anything they could reach.

    1. Hey Stephanie - my 3 year old is old enough to not care much about it. The 9 months old at times we have to put it up on the kitchen table for the day :)

  3. Where's your tree?! I guess it was the one in the background :) I love all your stuff. I need to spend more time at Pottery Barn I think!

    1. Hey Jen - I posted our living room tree in a couple posts back...guess i should have posted it again :) The one in the background is just a fake tree we put lights on in the dining room because thats the front window of our house (so the tree will show through the window :) )

  4. Hi where did you get your white table from in the hallway


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