Friday, July 30, 2010

Projects and Parties

Projects and Parties is probably going to be a repeated title in our posts since they are definitely the two things we seem to always have going on in our lives. Pretty fun if you ask me :) Here's some of our current house projects and weekend plans...

1. The shed Project - Ah, the shed project. Let me start by saying I am sooooooo proud of my handy man hubby! I mean, I knew he was talented but this is pretty amazing! We love our house and have plans to stay there for several more years, however, in order to consider the idea of having children in it one day we need MORE STORAGE! Our attic is jam packed, guest room closets filled to the brim, and we can barely get in and out of our cars parked in the garage. The solution - a 12 x 16ft shed a.k.a the guest house :) I immediately started to picture a cute miniature house in our backyard with shutters, window boxes, and maybe a little patio with a couple rocking chairs out in the front of it. ha! In the words of Hunter this is going to be "a simple structure." Well, I'm here to tell you there is nothing simple about this thing. Partially to save money and partially to enjoy a manly building project Hunter set out to build the shed from scratch. No kit, no professional blue prints, just a little internet research and a phone call to his old man for some help. The project started a few weeks back and they have accomplished the floor, wall frames, and roof (shingles and all). Hunter hopes to finish it up this weekend with walls, a door, and maybe a little paint. I've been a good little wife by documenting the project progression and you'll see in the pics below Jake has been a big help as well :)

After it's complete we'll still need to move everything from the attic and garage out into the shed and then make the garage less of an eye sore by painting the floor and finishing up the garage walls.

2. Dave & Kristin's engagement party - Myself and a few other girlfriends are throwing our dear friends Dave & Kristin an engagement party saturday night, at a restaurant in uptown Charlotte. Kristin is a HUGE fan of black and white and always thought she'd use them as her wedding colors. When she decided to go a bit preppier being that she's getting married in Charleston in April we jumped on the theme for their engagement party. We sent out black and white invites, will have black and white linens, a black and white cake and even asked guests to wear black and white attire. But that's not all... I picked up black and white hydrangeas last night! They're called cookies and cream hydrangeas. Super CUTE! (sorry the images aren't great, I took them with my phone).

3. Painting - On top of the shed project I have my own little painting projects going on inside the house. Last weekend, when Hunter was out of town at a bachelor party, I repainted our guest bathroom upstairs. Now I'm in the process of repainting one of our guest bedrooms. I must say it's nice being able to pick back up with the home improvement projects now that the wedding is over.

Hopefully I'll have some finished project pictures to post next week. Hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hunter and I are both VERY close to our families and with recent events family has been on our mind aLot lately. Foremost, we recently got married which means we are officially "each others" family and have started to think about the family we will create together one day. Secondly, my oldest brother Matt and his family are moving far far away from us out to California and we are going to miss them very much! Thirdly, with our ever expanding extended family my middle brother Joe and Hunter's sister Carter both recently had baby girls! Hunter and I are proud to be the Aunt and Uncle of four, count em, FOUR gorgeous niece's :)

With all this said and due to the fact that Hunter thinks facebook and social networks are going to end the world one day, we are creating this blog to keep our family (and far away friends) up to date on the happenings of The Lunsford Family. Hunter's sister Carter already has a blog and I'm hoping to convince my other two sister-in-laws to jump in on the blog bandwagon so we can see the happenings of all our adorable niece's! Hopefully we'll all become very blogger savvy and not only be able to tell stories and post pictures, but post videos too!

I know for sure at minimum we'll have at least one blog fan, my mom :) Mom, you can replace our wedding website you used to check daily with our new blog! xoxo
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