Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reason # a million why I LOVE WEGMANS

If there's one thing that does not make me a Wanna-be Southern Belle it's the grocery stores down here. Bottom line, that suck...all of them!!! Sorry that may sound harsh but it's really how I feel. Too expensive, not a big enough stock, store brand not great, prepared food section not great, bakery (i mean do they even have one?). WEGMANS has it all! TONS of selection of EVERYTHING (meats, cheese, produce, bakery, they have it all!), their store brand is to die for and it's less expensive than other stores, their prepared food section is nonparallel (Indian bar, olive bar, salad bar, pizza bar, sushi bar, chinese bar, panini station, sub shop, plus all the typical prepared meats and salads....I mean the majority of people go their to eat dinner like its a restaurant. Lots of them have movie rentals, dry cleaners, a bar for the dad to drink at while the mom shops, an entire 3 to 4 aisle section of seasonal and kitchen products....aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I miss wegmans.

Alight, off my soapbox. I am at least thankful that they have made their way to northern Virginia so when I go to visit my parents I make it a point to go! This past Easter Dad and I went and I bought THESE!!! 40 bucks a piece and trust me in person they are HUGE. I mean what other grocery store has better flowers than a nursery!???

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

13 Weeks!

Size of Baby: A peach! At our 12 week appointment baby measured in at 12weeks 6days. So he/she's growing nice and fast with a heartbeat of 155.

Total weight gain: 7lbs. I was spot on with what I thought I would weigh at the dr. last week. 137 I weighed in at.

Maternity Clothes: My jeans where just to uncomfortable to sport with the belly band on the weekends so I bought a pair of maternity jean capri's and skinny jeans. I've worn them both a ton already! For work clothes I've been wearing more of my dresses and using the belly band. The band seems to work better with my work pants/skirts than it did with jeans. I haven't received them yet but I've also ordered a couple pairs of shorts and tankini bathing suits. We are going on vacation in a week and I'm fairly certain these tatas do not fit in my two piece bathing suits anymore not to mention I have a gut that I'm not trying to show off at this point. Hopefully they fit okay!

Gender: EEEK! Big news on the gender reveal front. We scheduled our anatomy scan appointment where they will find out the sex. June 3rd! HOWEVER, it doesn't fit into our schedule to throw a gender reveal party with friends and family until Saturday June 18th. So, with that said, we will be holding on to this unopened envelope for a whole TWO weeks! I know lots of you out there are thinking we're nuts and we won't be able to do it...but I think we will. I really don't want to find out without everyone there with us so I don't' really feel like I will have the urge to cheat. Plus, I'll be dropping the envelope off at the bakery sometime within those 2 weeks, eliminating the info from our finger tips!

Movement: none yet

Sleep: I have good nights and bad but the past few nights have been pretty good. Still waking up a couple times to potty but while I'm sleeping I've felt like it's been good sleep.

What I miss: My old bra size for sure, turkey subs, and sleeping through the night without having to wake up.

Best Moment this week: We got to see baby again and hear its heartbeat at our 12 week appointment. We weren't going to do the first trimester test that screens for down syndrome and other genetic disorders but when I found out that our insurance covered it and that it was a ultrasound (a chance to see baby) we changed our mind! Through ultrasound the test measure the amount fluid on the back of the baby's neck. In order to get an accurate reading they needed the baby to move it's little head into a different position. Well, let me tell you baby was sleeping good inside of me. The ultrasound tech was pressing hard on my belly, having me cough, trying all of these things to wake baby up. Finally, it worked and baby started moving like crazy....too much this time :) They had to give him about five minutes to calm back down and then finally got him in a good position for the reading. The whole process though took around 45 minutes which meant Hunter and I got to just sit/lay there in awww watching our child for almost an hour! So fun :)

Looking forward to: A spa day saturday (first prenatal massage here i come) :), and doing a little shopping with my mom who's coming into town this weekend!

Cravings: I don't have cravings per say but some food just tastes really good. I love bagels anyday, anytime. And coleslaw, and rice crispy treats are YUMMY.

Symptoms: The usual culprits are still around. Nausea at times, burping (oh yes!), headaches (working on staying hydrated to help these), and a couple new ones... dizziness & preggers brain.

It really is weird, I feel a symptom and then sure enough I get a "what to expect" email in my inbox saying..."you could be feeling a new symptom, dizziness." I was walking into the living room, talking to hunter and all of a sudden felt dizzy, i had to lay down on the couch. I didn't associate it as a pregnancy symptom though until I got that email saying it was. I've only experienced the dizziness twice.

Preggers brain might not be a diagnosed symptom but I am determined it is! I am usually very on top of things and for some reason my brain seems constantly foggy. For example, Hunter asked me to bring his hat to his baseball game. I was pulling out of the driveway and remember. No big deal I ran back into the house and grabbed it. On my way out, pee'd, got back in the car and realized I left it in the bathroom. No biggie, ran back in, grabbed it, set it on the counter while I grabbed a glass of water for the road, got back in the car realized I left it in the house AGAIN!! It took me THREE times going into the house to get that dang hat!

On a positive note, my energy level seems to slowing returning. I have by no means woke up feeling "normal" but I suppose I'm not AS tired as I was a few weeks ago.


Here is baby's 12 week sonogram picture. He/She had its little hand draped over his/her eyes :)

And I debated to even show a 13week bump pic because its nothing exciting but figured why not. I've pretty much stayed the same if anything it seems a little less defined and more pudgy than the 12week one. Overall though I've stayed the growth from week 12 to 13.

Other baby related things on my mind:
1. We've been looking into day cares. Lots o waiting lists!!! In the near future Hunter and I plan to take a day off of work to go visit them all and figure out which waiting lists we want to get on.

2. Have been thinking about pediatricians...there is a pediatrician office right next to my OB that my Dr. recommended so we'll most likely go with them but we've got to decide on a Dr. within that practice and go meet with him/her.

3. Need to call my insurance company and discuss with them what is out of network and in network. I got a 170 dollar bill for my first appointment because I think my Dr's office is sending my lab work to an out of network lab. Want to make sure all my delivery and hospital stuff is going to be in network because an unexpected bill after delivery will not make me happy.

4. We need to call Amica our car/home/life insurance company and sign up for more life insurance and a whole life policy.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter: family, friends, babies & eggs!

Holidays to Hunter and I are about being with family, no matter what sacrifices we have to make. This Easter we had to sacrifice being together :( He needed to spend time with his father and grandfather and I wanted to go up to DC to see my parents since my brother and his family would be there. Being a 6hr drive from my parents we get to see them a good bit, but my brother, sister-in-law and niece live 12hrs away! I had to take advantage of them being only 6hrs while at my parents house. Although Hunter and I do consider the two of us our own little family we don't have children quite yet allowing us to get away with that this year. I had one nervous hubby though dealing with me driving 6hrs all by myself. He text messaged me when I got on the road and said love you, be careful and remember baby on board! awwwww, too sweet!

We sure did miss each other but know it was the right thing to do. I had a great time with my family, my little niece (who is also my god daughter) is pure entertainment 24/7. She's talking up a storm, climbing on everything, and even moving furniture! ha! My parents have this little ottoman and she would pick it up and carry it around the room!!! She's 16 month's old, the little beast! Both her mommy and daddy are strong and athletic so this comes to no surprise to me :) Riley also was a rock star at finding eggs. We went to a Easter egg hunt that the town put on, Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon, at the house, we kept hiding them for her on the back deck as a little game. Of course, Sunday morning she continued the hunt. Every time she spotted an egg her little eyes LIT up and a ENORMOUS grin came over her face, just pure was so funny and too cute!

Enjoy some pics from the weekend, and our sweet niece Riley!



The Easter egg hunt saturday morning...
Riley thrilled to see the easter bunny!
10 eggs collected all by herself!
Counting her eggs and giving kisses to the easter bunny!

All the below are from Easter Morning :)




Daddy's little girl!

On my way home, I stopped by our good friends The Marelli's house to see their sweet boy, Michael on Easter Sunday. Babies and Kids just make holidays. I can't WAIT to have one of our own! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

12 weeks!!

Let the week posts begin :) Gestational (babies size) I was 12weeks on Saturday, according to my original due date I'm 12 weeks tomorrow. We had our 12 week appointment tomorrow and it's a long one! At 2:30 we are doing our first trimester screening to make sure baby doesn't have down syndrome or any other abnormal genes. The test consists of an ultrasound (yay for seeing baby again) and a finger prick. Then at 4pm we have our normal ob appointment. We should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat (1st timers right here!), and Dr. should measure/feel size of my uterus and make sure it's growing on track. Pretty sure it is considering I see it protruding out of my stomach!!

Size of baby: A large plum

Total weight gain/loss: This is a tricky one...Every year I have gone to the Gyno before I was pregnant I weighed 130. No joke like 5 yrs in a row. When I weighed in at 6wks pregnant I was 134, then at 8 weeks I was 133. I really don't want my starting weight to be 134 in my head 130 is my normal weight and what I would like to base my weight gain off of. Although if I start there I'm going to have gained like 10LBs in my first trimester. oh well! Let's make 130 my starting point and 160 is my max weight I want to reach. (155 would be A LOT nicer). So total weight gain at 8weeks then would be 3 pounds. I'll have to update you tomorrow on 12weeks but my guess is I'm going to weigh in around 137 or so. So I'll have gained 7 pounds first trimester - little higher than recommended but I'll have to make up that ground in the 2nd!

Maternity clothes: I gave in early. I feel miserable (tired and nauseous) the last thing I want is to be uncomfortable in my clothes and that's exactly what I am when I have to rubber band or belly band my pants together. So Hunter and I ran to old navy on Sunday night and picked up a couple things. I got a pair of skinny jeans, cropped jeans, and black pants. They're amazing. I have a few pairs of work pants and one pair of jeans that I never wore before I was pregnant because they were too big but are now coming in handy.

My biggest anxiety has been this, the fact that at 10/11 weeks my pants started not to fit. Everyone else I have talked to this didn't happen to them until 14/15 weeks, and I even have friends that lasted their whole pregnancy without using maternity clothes. It makes me sad, scared and worried. Why am I so fat so soon? Why am I not fitting into my clothes already when other people still can at this point? I know everybody is different but it still doesn't make me very happy. I don't feel like I am over eating or eating bad things so that keeps me in check that I'm doing okay but all in all I feel BIG for 12 weeks!! Hunter has a friend who's wife is pregnant and due 3 days after me, I told him I would not hang out with them until we are around 20 weeks and both showing becuase I don't want to stand next to her right now while she is still skinny and I'm huge and we are EXACTLY the same number of weeks!

Gender: Hoping tomorrow we'll make the next appointment where we will find out!! Thinking 4 weeks or so....but maybe 6 more weeks we'll see what doc says tomorrow.

Movement: I wish!

Sleep: sucks. refer to what I miss.

What I miss: Where do I begin? I miss...deli meat (turkey tom subs from Jimmy Johns) I've already requested this as my first meal in the hospital after baby is born! I miss sleeping well. I know, I know get used to it because I never will again. Even when I am sleeping I'm dreaming heavy so I wake up not feeling rested, I'm paranoid about sleeping on my back so I'm up all the time flipping from left side to right side, not to mention up to pee. I fall asleep just fine but never sleep great. I miss my clothes fitting. I think I will mind less once I look pregnant and look good in maternity clothes but this awful fat stage is no fun. I thought I would like the belly band but I don't. It's uncomfortable (buttons of my pants jabbing into me, and it shows through the bottom of my shirts, an okay solution at times but nothing I would certainly rave about.

Cravings: I seriously had dreams about cinnamon raisin bagels with plain cream cheese last night. I didn't wake up craving it but had cravings in my sleep, is that normal? I favor fresh fruits and veggies over processed type food which is a good thing. I just feel so much better if I eat healthy food than if I eat bad. When I eat junk I feel like junk. Makes sense to me. I pack a bag of food for work everyday and my daily menu goes something like this...

8:00am - when I wake up - pop a preggers pop in my mouth. Thanks Molly! 9:00am - Chobani or a high protein yogurt with some fruit typically strawberries or blueberries
10:30/11ish - piece of fruit, banana/pear/apple whatever I bring.
11:30/12ish - bag of veggies containing carrots, edamame, and grape tomatoes
1:00pm - lunch. Sometimes I bring sometimes I buy, either soup, sandwhich, salad, once in a while i splurge (like last Friday) I got a hamburger from shomars. After eating healthy all week I just craved something bad. :)
3:00pm - orange
4:30pm - snack on a few almonds Then home and usually have dinner by 7ish.

As you can see I eat alllllllll day long! It's not necessarily bad stuff but I can understand why if I've gained 7 pounds this trimester, I eat so much more in general than before I was pregnant.

Symptoms: burping, burping, and more burping. Hunter calls it my bark. haha. When telling him we needed a Dr's note proving I'm pregnant to get on a daycare's waiting list he said "you don't need a note just go bark at em". I feel nauseous, It's that feeling when your going to get sick but you just let out a burp instead and it makes you feel soooooooooooooo much better. That's me! Next up, tired! Still waiting for that 2nd trimester energy to kick in. Bloated all the time for sure, although that may just be fat too. Headaches, these started a couple weeks ago and don't last long but typically without fail around 3pm I get a killer headache. I've only had to take Tylenol for it once otherwise I can wait it out for it to normally go away in a hr or so. Frequent urination. Check. Still up twice a night to go to the bathroom.

AND.......... here's the proof of my protruding belly at just 11 weeks this was taken!!! What is wrong with me? I swear on this baby's life you all I am NOT sticking this out. (although I may have needed to take a poo) :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

A true Southern Affair

Finally got together a few pictures from last weekends wedding in Charleston. Speaking from a wanna-be southerner it was right my alley and a truely=gorgeous event. Hoping some of you out there can get a little inspiration for your own weddings or parties from this. Enjoy :)







Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monogrammed Koozies

In case you hadn't noticed, I have a slight obsession with monogrammed koozies. I order a new one at the beginning of every spring that lasts me through the summer. Naturally, this koozie is kept in my purse at all times for use anywhere. It goes where I go. Here are my koozies (hunter calls them huggies) from my past three summers and where I got them in case you are interested in one for yourself :)

2009 - Invite Cottage (mine is the lilly looking one on the far left, in case you couldn't tell)

2010 - Luna Belle Boutique

And for this spring/summer 2011 - Etsy - Rouge & Co.

I'm here!!

I'm here, back from Charleston and Alive. Barely! Actually today just starting to feel recovered. Staying up til midnight partying (sober or not) is NOT made for preggers girls. I need to learn to start taking the day after trips off from work in order to rest up, unpack, do laundry and just get life back in order.

I've been too busy at work and too tired at night time to throw a blog post together from the weekend but will TRY by the end of the week! I do want it in my repertoire of posts :) It was a GORGEOUS wedding and I have lots o pics! If you can't wait for my slack bum, hop on over to Lindsey's blog...she put together a little somethin on it.

Other than that just living the preggers dream over here. I def have a "bump" not one anyone else can see but Hunter and I can def. tell. We have our 12 week appointment next Tuesday and at that time I'll start posting pics and doing little weekly right ups to keep all you family and friends informed :)

In the meantime...I'm still finding time to read your posts! xoxo

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Official!

None of my pants fit :( At 10 weeks this happened much quicker than I expected. Although, according to baby's size I'm 10 weeks 5 days (almost 11 weeks) which I'm thinking might be more accurate. And I hate to say it but my Mom was right! About 3.5 weeks ago when Hunter was on the bachelor trip for the wedding we are in this weekend, I tried on a bunch of my clothes to see what I had to wear for the big wedding weekend in Charleston. I was on the phone with my mom while doing so and she said "why are doing that now your gonna grow before you have to leave" My response. "Yeah but not that much". She was right. Last night, we were packing and I tried on the same clothes I had in mind to bring (that fit 3.5 weeks ago) and nada. Not ONE of them buttoned. Unfortunately I'm also struggling with the belly band on some of my low cut pants. In order for the belly band to work on them it has to be down to my crouch which looks ridiculous.

Anyhoo - I managed to get creative and piece together different outfits last night for our trip to Charleston tomorrow! TGIW for me!

One of my BESTIES is getting married!!! Hunter and I are both in the wedding. It will be a "true southern affair" with the groomsman sporting head to toe seersucker, and myself in a slate blue bridesmaids dress. I can't wait to see everyone all dolled up in their southern garb and take part in all the fun wedding festivities. I might even see if I can find a cute maternity boutique down there...perhaps purchase some pants :)

Hunter on our wedding day with the Groom to be this weekend!

And myself as a bride with the bride to be!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week and wonderful weekend. TTYa Monday!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Going Green

I thought a lot this weekend about organic and green products for me and our growing baby inside me. It all started with my Aunt. In order to keep fully hydrated I always carry around a plastic tumbler cup with lid & straw. My aunt took notice this past weekend and advised that if I am going to drink out of a water bottle 24/7 that I switch to glass, ESPECIALLY since I am carrying baby. I knew of the BPA hazards in plastic and was aware of the big BPA free plastic baby bottle craze. I also had already given thought to us using glass baby bottles to avoid all the toxins in plastic in general and give our baby the best. I started buying more organic milk, meat, friuts, and veggies since I became pregnant. BUT, it never even crossed my mind that the toxins from the plastic waterbottle I'm drinking out of 24/7is being passed on to baby. So Stoop!! I purchased a new glass water bottle that day!

This little revalation led to me thinking of the other items I'd like to purchase organic for baby. I know I want an organic mattress for sure. I'm thinking along the lines of items baby with use day in/day out ALL the time. Those are the items I'd like to keep as natural as possible. Mattress, diapers, sheets, swaddle blankets, bath towels pretty much organic cotton is easy to come by so why not? And lastly, I'll end with cleaning supplies. As soon as I run out of the stuff I own I will be switching to natural/organic. I've heard GREAT things about the Mrs. Meyers brand sold at Walmart so I'll start there. Everytime I have smelled cleaning supplies while cleaning since being pregnant, I can't help but think it so strong smelling it CAN'T be good for me to be inhaling this stuff. I've even gone to the extreme of tying a scarf around my nose and mouth while cleaning our bathtub with clorox. Crazy mom already, maybe :) My Aunt also reminded me we have a fully functioning livers to detoxify out the bad before it reaches baby and I pray my liver is working well these days and keeping baby safe!

I don't ever see myself as being one of those Mom's that won't allow anything not organic to touch my child. I will not take this to the extreme but I do think even going green a little can make a big difference. And if it doesn't, it certainly isn't going to hurt anything! In case you don't know much about the toxins in platics here's a quick excert from a TIME MAGAZINE article I found online.

"As scientists get better at detecting the chemicals in our bodies, they're discovering that even tiny quantities of toxins can have a potentially serious impact on our health — and our children's future. Chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates — key ingredients in modern plastics — may disrupt the delicate endocrine system, leading to developmental problems. A host of modern ills that have been rising unchecked for a generation — obesity, diabetes, autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder — could have chemical connections."

Read more: The Perils of Plastic

Below are a few of the organic items I'm thinking of for baby...

1. Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 Crib Mattress:

2. Natursutten BPA-Free Natural Rubber Pacifier, Orthodontic: 3. SwaddleMe Infant Wrap Organic Cotton: 4. Gerber 4-Pack Organic Onesies Brand: 5. Nature's Baby Organics Shampoo & Body Wash: 6. Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers and Wipes:<>

7. Evenflo Classic Glass Bottle or Green to Grow Glass Bottles: 8. Summer Infant Ultimate Organic Crib Sheet 9. Boppy 100% Organic Cotton Slipcover: 10. And lastly, they really do have the most adorable organic baby clothes! Some of my favorite brands are Kate Quinn, Hudson Baby, Baby Soy, and Under the Nile. Above are kate quinn and baby soy layette. I hear these things are great for changing baby, NO buttons!! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Petunia Pickle Bottom & Belly Bands

I feel like I have turned the corner this morning with this pregnancy! Hopefully I'm not writing this too soon and I remain feeling good but I just can't believe the amount of energy I have this morning and absolutely zero nausea. It could be adrenaline because its Friday and my mommy and daddy are here for the weekend but hopefully I'm just starting a new leaf! (is that a saying? a new leaf?) oh well ha!

I also officially broke out the belly band this morning! I could probably squeeze the button closed on my work pants but it would be so uncomfortable. So far, one of the best things about pregnancy is the excuse to be able to wear your pants unbuttoned all day! ha! I swear my wardrobe has gotten larger not smaller since I have the excuse to do that :) In other news, I made the first big baby purchase! Our DIAPER BAG!!! Hunter's sister has this Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag (how cute is that name btw Petunia Pickle Bottom, love it!) anyways, I learned of PPB from Carter and really like her diaper bag. After visiting them the other weekend Hunter even commented on how much he liked it. Done, sold, check it off the list now and spread out the expenses because over the summer we'll be purchasing nursery furniture! We went with this design (Peaceful Portofino). I figure it will go for boy, or girl and is pretty enough for Hunter to carry too ;)

Check out some of PPB's clothes and other products as well. Nordstrom has a pretty good selection, as well as We received PPB social set and it's ADORABLE in person!! You can sign up for emails and they do an outlet sale a few times a year! I fear the day we find out the gender of baby and I can really start shopping! :)

Happy weekend everyone! Ours will be filled with family. My grandparents from NY, Parents from VA, and Aunt/Uncle/Cousins from Asheville NC are all here visiting for the weekend!
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