Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monogrammed Koozies

In case you hadn't noticed, I have a slight obsession with monogrammed koozies. I order a new one at the beginning of every spring that lasts me through the summer. Naturally, this koozie is kept in my purse at all times for use anywhere. It goes where I go. Here are my koozies (hunter calls them huggies) from my past three summers and where I got them in case you are interested in one for yourself :)

2009 - Invite Cottage (mine is the lilly looking one on the far left, in case you couldn't tell)

2010 - Luna Belle Boutique

And for this spring/summer 2011 - Etsy - Rouge & Co.


  1. just ordered one of etsy! yay! yours will have to contain Sprite this summer my dear...or O'duels! Either one is yum!

  2. I'm a big fan of monogrammed koozies as well! In fact, I'm working on finalizing proofs as we speak for wedding reception koozies with our new joint monogram on it. PS - that wedding pic is the cutest :)

  3. Keeping one in your purse at all times is genius. My non-alcoholic drink of choice lately has been Shirley Temples (with 147 cherries). They look like a cocktail, but totally remind me of when I was 5 and my parents let us order them at The Ground Round (that place was the

  4. Molly, yes! Ground Round pay what you weigh!! I loved that place too :) Also try sprite, oj, and cranberry juice...its a pretty refreshing cocktail as well. And i'm sure you could still add your 147 cherries to it :)

  5. love that you had a monogrammed koozie on your wedding day!


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