Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm here!!

I'm here, back from Charleston and Alive. Barely! Actually today just starting to feel recovered. Staying up til midnight partying (sober or not) is NOT made for preggers girls. I need to learn to start taking the day after trips off from work in order to rest up, unpack, do laundry and just get life back in order.

I've been too busy at work and too tired at night time to throw a blog post together from the weekend but will TRY by the end of the week! I do want it in my repertoire of posts :) It was a GORGEOUS wedding and I have lots o pics! If you can't wait for my slack bum, hop on over to Lindsey's blog...she put together a little somethin on it.

Other than that just living the preggers dream over here. I def have a "bump" not one anyone else can see but Hunter and I can def. tell. We have our 12 week appointment next Tuesday and at that time I'll start posting pics and doing little weekly right ups to keep all you family and friends informed :)

In the meantime...I'm still finding time to read your posts! xoxo


  1. I would be lying if I said I wasn't secretly hoping for a girl (don't tell my hubs)! And for some reason, I think you're having a little girly-Q! I can't believe you and I are exactly 7 weeks apart. Enjoy the 12 week appt., the ultrasound is truly amazing because your little bean will look like an ACTUAL baby, as opposed to the 6 week ultrasound! It's insane. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Mollz I think Mel's having a boy and if so your boys can be BFF for LIFE! :) Mel ~ heart you and I love your posts even if it's just writing so keep them coming and I'm looking forward to your weekly write ups! I can't wait to see your bump and when I read this post today I got really sad :(... no more catchup coffee breaks so I can see you! ps... Lilly has iPhone covers and naturally I thought of you! :) xoxo


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