Monday, April 18, 2011

12 weeks!!

Let the week posts begin :) Gestational (babies size) I was 12weeks on Saturday, according to my original due date I'm 12 weeks tomorrow. We had our 12 week appointment tomorrow and it's a long one! At 2:30 we are doing our first trimester screening to make sure baby doesn't have down syndrome or any other abnormal genes. The test consists of an ultrasound (yay for seeing baby again) and a finger prick. Then at 4pm we have our normal ob appointment. We should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat (1st timers right here!), and Dr. should measure/feel size of my uterus and make sure it's growing on track. Pretty sure it is considering I see it protruding out of my stomach!!

Size of baby: A large plum

Total weight gain/loss: This is a tricky one...Every year I have gone to the Gyno before I was pregnant I weighed 130. No joke like 5 yrs in a row. When I weighed in at 6wks pregnant I was 134, then at 8 weeks I was 133. I really don't want my starting weight to be 134 in my head 130 is my normal weight and what I would like to base my weight gain off of. Although if I start there I'm going to have gained like 10LBs in my first trimester. oh well! Let's make 130 my starting point and 160 is my max weight I want to reach. (155 would be A LOT nicer). So total weight gain at 8weeks then would be 3 pounds. I'll have to update you tomorrow on 12weeks but my guess is I'm going to weigh in around 137 or so. So I'll have gained 7 pounds first trimester - little higher than recommended but I'll have to make up that ground in the 2nd!

Maternity clothes: I gave in early. I feel miserable (tired and nauseous) the last thing I want is to be uncomfortable in my clothes and that's exactly what I am when I have to rubber band or belly band my pants together. So Hunter and I ran to old navy on Sunday night and picked up a couple things. I got a pair of skinny jeans, cropped jeans, and black pants. They're amazing. I have a few pairs of work pants and one pair of jeans that I never wore before I was pregnant because they were too big but are now coming in handy.

My biggest anxiety has been this, the fact that at 10/11 weeks my pants started not to fit. Everyone else I have talked to this didn't happen to them until 14/15 weeks, and I even have friends that lasted their whole pregnancy without using maternity clothes. It makes me sad, scared and worried. Why am I so fat so soon? Why am I not fitting into my clothes already when other people still can at this point? I know everybody is different but it still doesn't make me very happy. I don't feel like I am over eating or eating bad things so that keeps me in check that I'm doing okay but all in all I feel BIG for 12 weeks!! Hunter has a friend who's wife is pregnant and due 3 days after me, I told him I would not hang out with them until we are around 20 weeks and both showing becuase I don't want to stand next to her right now while she is still skinny and I'm huge and we are EXACTLY the same number of weeks!

Gender: Hoping tomorrow we'll make the next appointment where we will find out!! Thinking 4 weeks or so....but maybe 6 more weeks we'll see what doc says tomorrow.

Movement: I wish!

Sleep: sucks. refer to what I miss.

What I miss: Where do I begin? I miss...deli meat (turkey tom subs from Jimmy Johns) I've already requested this as my first meal in the hospital after baby is born! I miss sleeping well. I know, I know get used to it because I never will again. Even when I am sleeping I'm dreaming heavy so I wake up not feeling rested, I'm paranoid about sleeping on my back so I'm up all the time flipping from left side to right side, not to mention up to pee. I fall asleep just fine but never sleep great. I miss my clothes fitting. I think I will mind less once I look pregnant and look good in maternity clothes but this awful fat stage is no fun. I thought I would like the belly band but I don't. It's uncomfortable (buttons of my pants jabbing into me, and it shows through the bottom of my shirts, an okay solution at times but nothing I would certainly rave about.

Cravings: I seriously had dreams about cinnamon raisin bagels with plain cream cheese last night. I didn't wake up craving it but had cravings in my sleep, is that normal? I favor fresh fruits and veggies over processed type food which is a good thing. I just feel so much better if I eat healthy food than if I eat bad. When I eat junk I feel like junk. Makes sense to me. I pack a bag of food for work everyday and my daily menu goes something like this...

8:00am - when I wake up - pop a preggers pop in my mouth. Thanks Molly! 9:00am - Chobani or a high protein yogurt with some fruit typically strawberries or blueberries
10:30/11ish - piece of fruit, banana/pear/apple whatever I bring.
11:30/12ish - bag of veggies containing carrots, edamame, and grape tomatoes
1:00pm - lunch. Sometimes I bring sometimes I buy, either soup, sandwhich, salad, once in a while i splurge (like last Friday) I got a hamburger from shomars. After eating healthy all week I just craved something bad. :)
3:00pm - orange
4:30pm - snack on a few almonds Then home and usually have dinner by 7ish.

As you can see I eat alllllllll day long! It's not necessarily bad stuff but I can understand why if I've gained 7 pounds this trimester, I eat so much more in general than before I was pregnant.

Symptoms: burping, burping, and more burping. Hunter calls it my bark. haha. When telling him we needed a Dr's note proving I'm pregnant to get on a daycare's waiting list he said "you don't need a note just go bark at em". I feel nauseous, It's that feeling when your going to get sick but you just let out a burp instead and it makes you feel soooooooooooooo much better. That's me! Next up, tired! Still waiting for that 2nd trimester energy to kick in. Bloated all the time for sure, although that may just be fat too. Headaches, these started a couple weeks ago and don't last long but typically without fail around 3pm I get a killer headache. I've only had to take Tylenol for it once otherwise I can wait it out for it to normally go away in a hr or so. Frequent urination. Check. Still up twice a night to go to the bathroom.

AND.......... here's the proof of my protruding belly at just 11 weeks this was taken!!! What is wrong with me? I swear on this baby's life you all I am NOT sticking this out. (although I may have needed to take a poo) :)


  1. We really are so similar, it's scary. I was 4 lbs. heavier than I wanted to be when I started, so I have added those 4 lbs. to my "weight gain", and now I know I have THAT much more to lose post baby. Great. And I gained 8 lbs. in the first tri (taking me to 12 with the 4 from the beginning), so you're not alone there.

    And do NOT worry about the fact that you started showing early! It means nothing and is NOT bad at all. We are all so different. One of my best friends started showing at 6 weeks (no joke) and was totally normal and fine throughout her pregnancy.

    Sounds like what you're eating throughout the day is perfect! I have to eat constantly, too. We're pregs, we're allowed. At least you're not bombarding your child with Pirate's Booty like I am. :)

    And enjoy your ultasound! Be prepared for some serious emotions, it's the coolest thing EVER!

  2. LOL I love your BARK! :) Too funny! I'm so glad your doing your weekly posts now... gives me something to look forward to! I'm sorry about your sleepyness and not being able to catch some zzz! Your little bump is adorable and your arm looks long and skinny! I'm so excited to hear about how your appointment goes tomorrow hun! xo

  3. You are BEAUTIFUL! I speak from experience... get that baby as big as you can, as fast as you can... you never know if he/she may arrive early! I wish I had put on a bit more weight early... maybe Ryder would have been a whole 5 lbs! Good luck tomorrow- the heart beat was always music to my ears.
    PS- I have my money on GIRL!

  4. so i can relate to the weight thing...I dont know if I was 125 or 130 when went to dr...want to go by 125 but that means I have already gained 31 lbs and I still have 6 weeks to go (I gain the most in late pregnancy too.) if I go by 130 then I have only gained 26 lbs and means I am still under the dreaded 36 lbs...that is what I gained the first time and dont want to go that far again b/c it was hard to get off the last 10 lbs. As for maternity clothes..OMG i think at 8 weeks this time I was in them and def by 12 weeks the first time...I remember that b/c it was the weekend of LRT's engagement party. YOU ARE FINE!!! do not worry. There is sooo much you will worry about and weight shouldnt be one of them. You are active and eating healthy (unlike me) so you will be fine!!

  5. Stop Worrying! I gained 53 lbs and Ive lost all of it. I swear I started showing as soon as I peed on the stick. They say "showing" is hereditary...some people just show faster and gain weight quicker. Enjoy this time - you look great!!!!

  6. Hey! You have no idea who I am but I know Carter and follow her blog and somehow have been reading yours lately off of hers and I really love it, especially now that we are only a few weeks difference in our pregnancies. I am 10 weeks this weekend and I FEEL you on feeling like I am showing. I know it's crazy but my pants are all way tight and maybe it's bloated, who knows. Anyway, hope to continue following you as you are a few weeks ahead so I'll be able to see what to look forward to :) Good Luck!


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