Tuesday, April 26, 2011

13 Weeks!

Size of Baby: A peach! At our 12 week appointment baby measured in at 12weeks 6days. So he/she's growing nice and fast with a heartbeat of 155.

Total weight gain: 7lbs. I was spot on with what I thought I would weigh at the dr. last week. 137 I weighed in at.

Maternity Clothes: My jeans where just to uncomfortable to sport with the belly band on the weekends so I bought a pair of maternity jean capri's and skinny jeans. I've worn them both a ton already! For work clothes I've been wearing more of my dresses and using the belly band. The band seems to work better with my work pants/skirts than it did with jeans. I haven't received them yet but I've also ordered a couple pairs of shorts and tankini bathing suits. We are going on vacation in a week and I'm fairly certain these tatas do not fit in my two piece bathing suits anymore not to mention I have a gut that I'm not trying to show off at this point. Hopefully they fit okay!

Gender: EEEK! Big news on the gender reveal front. We scheduled our anatomy scan appointment where they will find out the sex. June 3rd! HOWEVER, it doesn't fit into our schedule to throw a gender reveal party with friends and family until Saturday June 18th. So, with that said, we will be holding on to this unopened envelope for a whole TWO weeks! I know lots of you out there are thinking we're nuts and we won't be able to do it...but I think we will. I really don't want to find out without everyone there with us so I don't' really feel like I will have the urge to cheat. Plus, I'll be dropping the envelope off at the bakery sometime within those 2 weeks, eliminating the info from our finger tips!

Movement: none yet

Sleep: I have good nights and bad but the past few nights have been pretty good. Still waking up a couple times to potty but while I'm sleeping I've felt like it's been good sleep.

What I miss: My old bra size for sure, turkey subs, and sleeping through the night without having to wake up.

Best Moment this week: We got to see baby again and hear its heartbeat at our 12 week appointment. We weren't going to do the first trimester test that screens for down syndrome and other genetic disorders but when I found out that our insurance covered it and that it was a ultrasound (a chance to see baby) we changed our mind! Through ultrasound the test measure the amount fluid on the back of the baby's neck. In order to get an accurate reading they needed the baby to move it's little head into a different position. Well, let me tell you baby was sleeping good inside of me. The ultrasound tech was pressing hard on my belly, having me cough, trying all of these things to wake baby up. Finally, it worked and baby started moving like crazy....too much this time :) They had to give him about five minutes to calm back down and then finally got him in a good position for the reading. The whole process though took around 45 minutes which meant Hunter and I got to just sit/lay there in awww watching our child for almost an hour! So fun :)

Looking forward to: A spa day saturday (first prenatal massage here i come) :), and doing a little shopping with my mom who's coming into town this weekend!

Cravings: I don't have cravings per say but some food just tastes really good. I love bagels anyday, anytime. And coleslaw, and rice crispy treats are YUMMY.

Symptoms: The usual culprits are still around. Nausea at times, burping (oh yes!), headaches (working on staying hydrated to help these), and a couple new ones... dizziness & preggers brain.

It really is weird, I feel a symptom and then sure enough I get a "what to expect" email in my inbox saying..."you could be feeling a new symptom, dizziness." I was walking into the living room, talking to hunter and all of a sudden felt dizzy, i had to lay down on the couch. I didn't associate it as a pregnancy symptom though until I got that email saying it was. I've only experienced the dizziness twice.

Preggers brain might not be a diagnosed symptom but I am determined it is! I am usually very on top of things and for some reason my brain seems constantly foggy. For example, Hunter asked me to bring his hat to his baseball game. I was pulling out of the driveway and remember. No big deal I ran back into the house and grabbed it. On my way out, pee'd, got back in the car and realized I left it in the bathroom. No biggie, ran back in, grabbed it, set it on the counter while I grabbed a glass of water for the road, got back in the car realized I left it in the house AGAIN!! It took me THREE times going into the house to get that dang hat!

On a positive note, my energy level seems to slowing returning. I have by no means woke up feeling "normal" but I suppose I'm not AS tired as I was a few weeks ago.


Here is baby's 12 week sonogram picture. He/She had its little hand draped over his/her eyes :)

And I debated to even show a 13week bump pic because its nothing exciting but figured why not. I've pretty much stayed the same if anything it seems a little less defined and more pudgy than the 12week one. Overall though I've stayed the growth from week 12 to 13.

Other baby related things on my mind:
1. We've been looking into day cares. Lots o waiting lists!!! In the near future Hunter and I plan to take a day off of work to go visit them all and figure out which waiting lists we want to get on.

2. Have been thinking about pediatricians...there is a pediatrician office right next to my OB that my Dr. recommended so we'll most likely go with them but we've got to decide on a Dr. within that practice and go meet with him/her.

3. Need to call my insurance company and discuss with them what is out of network and in network. I got a 170 dollar bill for my first appointment because I think my Dr's office is sending my lab work to an out of network lab. Want to make sure all my delivery and hospital stuff is going to be in network because an unexpected bill after delivery will not make me happy.

4. We need to call Amica our car/home/life insurance company and sign up for more life insurance and a whole life policy.


  1. hey kristen, congrats on baby l! i love your blog and wanted to tell you recently i found some old videos from high school and got them transferred over to DVD and there's one form you and i in our broadcast class - it's pretty funny. anyways, just wanted to say hi and wish you the best!

  2. Hi Jenn, Thanks! I enjoy your blog as well :) Oh I bet that tape was a riot!! I'm sure my parents have some somewhere, I should try to find them. Have an awesome summer!

  3. Oh man, I am with you on the preggers brain! It's crazy! So excited you got to see your little babe move around so much, it's surreal. Oh and your list of things you need to get done (like daycare and insurance) only solidifies the fact that my preggers brain has ruined my life since I need to do all those things, too! Thanks for the reminders! (I'm embarrassed to admit this when I'm 20 weeks - oops).

  4. I love hearing all these updates and am SO impressed by your patience--there's NO way I could hold on to that envelope for 2 weeks!

  5. A peach!!! :) You might have preggers brian but it's a good excuse to experience a "blond moment" BUT at least your getting your energy back! :) You forgot to add your little Easter Sunday "toot" to the symptom list! Your as cute as they come lady!


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