Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reason # a million why I LOVE WEGMANS

If there's one thing that does not make me a Wanna-be Southern Belle it's the grocery stores down here. Bottom line, that suck...all of them!!! Sorry that may sound harsh but it's really how I feel. Too expensive, not a big enough stock, store brand not great, prepared food section not great, bakery (i mean do they even have one?). WEGMANS has it all! TONS of selection of EVERYTHING (meats, cheese, produce, bakery, they have it all!), their store brand is to die for and it's less expensive than other stores, their prepared food section is nonparallel (Indian bar, olive bar, salad bar, pizza bar, sushi bar, chinese bar, panini station, sub shop, plus all the typical prepared meats and salads....I mean the majority of people go their to eat dinner like its a restaurant. Lots of them have movie rentals, dry cleaners, a bar for the dad to drink at while the mom shops, an entire 3 to 4 aisle section of seasonal and kitchen products....aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I miss wegmans.

Alight, off my soapbox. I am at least thankful that they have made their way to northern Virginia so when I go to visit my parents I make it a point to go! This past Easter Dad and I went and I bought THESE!!! 40 bucks a piece and trust me in person they are HUGE. I mean what other grocery store has better flowers than a nursery!???


  1. I LOVE WEGMANS!!!! Both of my parents are from upstate NY (Rochester and Kingston) and my husband is from Binghamton. Most of my relatives live in Rochester, so I grew up going there all the time. Their sub shop is unmatched, and the "sub sauce" is ridiculous! Can't find it anywhere else. I agree, I have yet to find a grocery store that holds a candle to Wegmans, and I can't understand why they haven't taken over the whole country yet???

    Those hydrangea are gorgeous, by the way!

  2. i have heard sooo much about this place - like a Costco/Walmart but WAY better?! those flowers are GOR-JUSS!!! and for $40 - wow! you should get back on your soapbox and demand we get one down here - and I AGREE! Our grocery stores SUX! Bloom & HT esp - Trader Joe's it is till we get a Wegmans I suppose ;)

  3. sooooo jealous of wegmans-shoppers. we dont have ANY up here.

  4. i have been wanting to give danny wegman a call myself to get a store down here stat ... no one should go on with life without experiencing the hallelujahs that ring through the air when the sliding doors open ... yes, it's that good!

  5. i spent the first few years of my life in rochester and still visit my extended family there every year or so. and i totally agree - wegmans is the bestttt grocery store in the country. i love going when i'm in the area. it's fantastic.


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