Monday, May 2, 2011

Shopping girls!

Hunter was in the Caymen Islands for a fraternity brothers wedding and because it was mostly the "boys" going without there wives he left me behind here in Charlotte... preggers. Of course, he felt bad about this, so he surprised me before he left with a day at the spa.

Up in D.C. in my parents home, my Dad was being equally sweet. He told my mom he would like her to go shopping and spend a good amount of money on clothes. Once my mom realized I was going to be flying solo this weekend she decided to drive down and we would have a girls weekend filled with the spa and shopping together!

And that's what we did. Saturday we were at the spa from 10am -2pm (facials, massages, mani/pedi's) oh my! And then after a quick lunch we hit the mall from 3pm til 8pm! Sunday we picked right back up where we left off shopping from 11am til 6pm!! We were non the less exhausted last night! I know, poor us! :)

If was a great mother/daughter weekend though including Mom treating me to some much need maternity clothes. Thanks Mom!!



The bump really "popped" this past weekend. When Hunter got home last night my new burgeoning belly was the first thing to catch his eye as well :) Stayed tuned for the 14 week post tomorrow and a new bump picture!

Caymen Islands, shoppings, is good in the Lunsford household these days and will continue to be!! We have a 4 day work week, are heading to the Wells Fargo Golf tournament on friday and then to Charleston saturday for an entire weeks vacation with Carter, Chad & Reagan!


  1. What a fun weekend ... isn't girl time with your Mom just the best?! Mom and I did that recently when she came up to help us move in. We weren't shopping for clothes but we did do some damage at Homegoods! :)

    PS - What spa did you go to? My favorite here is the spa at Ballantyne Resort ... I have a gift card there that I'm hoping to use before the wedding!

  2. Hey April! We went to Charles Greyson. It's in southpark behind Bricktops. I like it there...but will have never tried Ballantyne. Will have to one of these days...

  3. I just discovered your blog....I love it! Congratulations on the pregnancy, such an exciting time. I was just at Ballantyne last week, you HAVE to try good! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the fun blog, will definitely be a loyal follower now that I found it, as a fellow Wanna-be Southern Belle :)

  4. I think I should make Scott read this for ideas the next time he goes out of town for business... I usually just get to do laundry and take care of the dog!

  5. ha agreed with Blair! hunty hunt needs to have a 3 way call stat ...


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