Tuesday, May 24, 2011

17 weeks!

We're on a roll now people. The weeks just flowing along.

Size: A turnip. I have no image it :)

Weight: No weight gain this week if anything I feel like I may have lost a pound or two. All that yard and house work, plus the overeating from vacation two weeks ago is starting to wear off. Gonna stick with 11 pounds weighing in at 141.

Maternity Clothes: Yep, wearing maternity t-shirts/tanks a lot and maternity pants for sure. But still able to fit into some of my flowy pre-pregnancy tops and long cardigans. Have a few pre-preggers work pants too that I'm sporting with the belly band. Looking forward to the weather getting even warmer and my belly getting a little bigger so I can sport some cute cotton dresses. Right now I just look chubby in some of the dresses, so I've been leaning towards pants/skirts/shorts and t-shirts these days.

Gender: 3.5 weeks until the big gender reveal party.

Movement: None yet. Boooooooooo. I swear if this was my second kid I would be recognizing some of the "quickening" but I just can't tell. With all the gurgles and pains going on down there some of them have got to be baby movement though!

Sleep: Okay. Keep waking up and finding myself on my back so I rotate to my side and then the cycle repeats itself. Which leads to not very consistent sleep. Thinking about getting one of those pregnancy wedges and setting up a little slant for myself every night so I can sleep on my back. we'll see.

What I miss: Same old I guess. Eating whatever I want (like deli meat). I hate having to read whats in everything and analyze a menu wondering if I can have that or not. I want to just close my eyes, point to something on a menu and eat it :) With summer time approaching, I'm sure to soon be craving and missing hot dogs.

Best Moment this week: Guy at the water cooler at work asking me when I was due. He didn't even ask me if I was pregnant he was so certain that he just brought out the big guns "When are you due?" I've made it!

Looking forward to: A 3 day weekend with my hubby with again no plans :) And of course our anatomy scan next friday. Can't wait to see my little turnip again :)

Cravings: I wanted a burrito last night. I got it. Thanks to Tupelo Love I want to go to friendlys this weekend. I think we'll make it happen.

Symptoms: Ugh felt so nauseous the past couple days. A preggers pop is saving my life as I type. I tried everything this morning...yogurt, peach, then half an organic strawberry pop tart. Nada, finally just popped a preggie pop in my mouth and I'm feeling better. The burping seems to be out of control again too especially when I'm hungry. And the hunger pains. Being hungry is painful these days, so I eat and being full is painful too. It's all bearable and I don't want to sound like I'm complaining because I'm certain its all going to get much worse but you asked what my symptoms where :) Headaches seem better but probably still get one about once a week. Shortness of breath. Not when exercising mostly when sitting or lying down. Also, racing heart. I can definitely feel my heart beating faster. I looked up the breathlessness and the racing heart thing both in the "What to expect book" and they are normal.

Pictures: No pictures this week. I don't think I've changed much from last week. I'm about to post a what I wore (with a bump) so you'll get plenty of bump shots then :)

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