Friday, May 20, 2011

16 weeks!

So yesterday got away from me a bit. A coffee break with an old friend, lunch with a different friend, plus a girls gotta earn her paycheck by actually doing some work so I never got around to blog land. But here goes...without further ado (is that the saying)?

Size: An avocado

Weight: Brace yourself folks....I broke the 140 mark. I'm a officially a 140 pounder. Scary!! I weighed in at 141 at the doc on Wednesday so at 16weeks I'm up 11pounds. I feel like its all boobs and belly so I'm okay with it at this point.

Maternity Clothes: Doing half and half. Half the time I wear maternity pants/tops half the time I don't. I actually sported the belly band twice this week and wore two pairs of regular pants of mine. In fact come to think of it, I'm not wearing ONE thing maternity today. (besides the belly band). Go me!

Gender: EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK! Cannot wait!! Two more weeks til the test, which means nothing since it's 4 weeks til our reveal party. I've had two dreams though that were related to having a girl. The first one was I went to hand the envelope to the bakery and as I passed it to the clerk it went under an overhead light and I caught glimpse of a "g" written inside the envelope. I was so upset I found out and ran home to tell him I saw a "g" through the envelope. When telling Hunter about my dream in real life he said it was part of the word congratulations, It's a Boy! haha :)

Dream number 2 was we opened the envelope and couldn't read the writing. So we took it to the Dr's office and in front of the Dr. he explained to us that it was a girl. Hunter started crying, full weepy tears, right there in the office. haha :)

Movement: None yet. I feel all sorts of weird stuff going on in my stomach. Most of it is pretty uncomfortable feeling and not like the butterflies people describe the movement feeling to be so I don't THINK I've felt baby move.

Sleep: Still good nights and bad. Def still waking up once or twice a night to potty. It's all routine now.

What I miss: My old bra size, deli meat...I think that's about it.

Best Moment this week: Well I heard the heartbeat Wednesday and that's always a great moment. But a few people in public have asked if I'm having a baby and I've exciting exclaimed why YES! thank you for noticing :) It's fun when the public starts to know because then its safe to say your past the fat point and onto the pregnant looking point!

Looking forward to: The next two relaxing weekends at home! Catching up on yard work, planting flower pots, cleaning. Getting our home back to a home!

Cravings: I wanted deviled eggs while laying in bed two nights ago. Never got them, but very weird that out of no where they popped in my head and sounded sooo good! The sweet hubby did offer to go get me some but I opted for him to stay next to me :)

Symptoms: Where do I begin....burping, slight nausea still in mornings, headaches, my stomach feels hard and uncomfortable about 80% of the time. Very thirsty, and some tiredness. Some days I feel like I can run a I work out! Pretty hard for a preggers girl in my eyes...but the next day after a work out I'm DEAD to the world and the energy is zapped.

And 16 week pump pic:



The front view is a little scary....and dirty mirror again geez laweez!!

I'm bringing back What I wore (with a bump) next week. Get Excited!! Until then everyone have a fabulous relaxing weekend! xoxo


  1. You look so cute! I still think you are having a girl and I cant wait to find out!

  2. You look amazing!! Seriously, gorgeous. I know what you mean about people finally noticing that you're pregnant and not just bloated! And now I'm having a massive craving for deviled eggs....


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