Monday, May 23, 2011

A productive weekend...

It's was a productive and tiring weekend but tiring in a good way. I feel like I got a lot of good excersice into this pregnant body through yard and house work. I feel like list form will shoot this weekend accomplishments well... Here goes.

1. Attended Supper club with friends
2. Hung out with little sister from big brothers big sisters
3. Bought flowers for and potted 6 flower pots
4. Hunter mowed back lawn and trimmed all our bushes. I helped him pick up all the bush trimmings. (this was a BIG job our bushes had our back yard looking like a jungle - no joke)
5. Mopped the garage floor. yes you read that right...we have a painted garage floor so I mop it once and a while
6. Hunter washed his car (not mine - just his, jerk!)
7. Attended a friends birthday dinner
8. Dusted, vaccummed, mopped the whole house. Upstairs and down including our bedroom!
9. 7 loads of laundry
10. Cleaned top to bottom including tubs of two bathrooms.
11. played fetch with jake. duh.

What do you think? productive? Now that some house chores are done I have some other things on my to do list. I'll keep going with the list's really working for me this morning.

1. Finish tissue poms (15 of them to be exact), 2 banners, and 6 stings of tulle poms, and print candy labels for Reagan's first birthday party. Thats was like 4 things to do lumped into one number. :)
2. Figure out more details of our gender reveal party. Like menu/food, paper needs, set up etc.
3. Make 2-3 pendant banners for gender reveal party.

Lots o crafting to do, but i'm not worried this weekend is a three day weekend! whoot whoot!

I leave you with a pic from dinner on saturday night!



  1. Wow productive might be an understatement! lol You got a lot accomplished. It always feels so good to look back at my to-do list and check everything off! (:

  2. Ummm - I'm not employed or preggo and can't get half of that done! LOL You look GREAT, btw!

  3. I'm showing anne ur blog and she's all excited bc she bought the same shirt that ur wearing to dinner... She's all excited bc she said yay she bought something stylish!


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