Tuesday, May 3, 2011

14 Weeks!

14 weeks! I can't hardly believe it. I feel like it's going to be down hill from here :)

Size of baby: A lemon

Total Weight Gain: I stepped on my scale at home this morning and the numbers weren't too scary so I'm gonna stick with the 7 pounds.

Maternity clothes: This weekend while shopping with my mom I went into actual maternity stores for the first time. Before that I had just been ordering stuff online. I discovered quickly though that maternity tops ARE NOT cute. I have LOVED t-shirts and tanks from Shade Clothing (these are a must!) and there are a few cute online boutiques like ASOS, and Isabella Oliver but other than that most tops are blah! I bought this top at Anthropologie, and this from Ny&Co over the weekend both of which are super cute, non maternity, but will just work with a belly. It think that will be the route I'm taking in regards to tops. Buying non-maternity ones that will just work with a belly.

Maternity pants however are a different story. They are sent from heaven. Fit great, cute in the booty, can't tell they are maternity, and can't beat the comfort! I have quite the collection of them now....skinny jeans, jean shorts, jean skirt, two pairs of other cute shorts, a black skirt, black pants, khaki pants, grey pants...yep I think I'm pretty much set on maternity bottoms for the next 26 weeks. Which is a good feeling knowing I don't have to spend anymore money on that stuff and we can focus on baby now! :)

Gender: Gender reveal party on Saturday June 18th!

Movement: None yet. My mom says I sound feel the "flutter" any day now so I'm on the look out! I can't wait :)

Sleep: Good nights and bad. Some nights I'll wake up once and others 3 times. But overall pretty good.

What I miss: My defined arms. I already feel like my arms are getting bigger which is the one thing I want to stay little. So, I'm on mission to do 50 push ups per night! Still miss deli meat but other than that can't think of anything else.

Best moment this week: Walking around the mall with my mom and actually feeling pregnant. I was really showing this weekend and it was so fun to walk around feeling like I actually looked pregnant! I could go into the maternity stores proudly and try on clothes :)

Looking forward to: feeling the baby move soon, and our week long vacation in Charleston next week! Also, looking forward to the bump getting bigger and bigger by the week :)

Cravings: No cravings per say but I really like bagles and mexican. Oh and I really wanted a cupcake (from the box kind) last friday. I bought a box of cake mix but never got around to making it.

Sypmtoms: Slight nausea still in the morning and sometimes throughout the day. Nothing a preggie pop can't take care of. Burping still when the nausea feeling is around. Headaches, I had a doozie of one yesterday. But the good thing is I do feel like my energy is back (if i get a good nights sleep).

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  1. Girl, you look awesome! And apparently I need to take a cue from you and finally get some maternity pants!! I guess I've been missing out on some serious comfort.

    Yay for 14 weeks!

  2. I cannot believe your cute belly!!!! love it!

  3. We got the lobbies from Clean Catch on Selwyn - they were sooooo good! I highly recommend! And happy 1 year anny to you and Hunter!


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