Sunday, May 15, 2011

One Year!

Happy 1 year Anniversary to us!! We plan to have a low key day doing things we WANT to do instead of things we feel like we NEED to do like unpacking from our trip and cleaning. I see a nice home cooked dinner in our future and of course in true tradition we have the top of our cake defrosting on the counter as I type!

I was so in lust over Hunter when we first met and so badly wanted to marry him because was exactly the type of man I had always dreamed of being with forever. His values, personality, how he carry's himself, how he dresses and takes pride in his appearance, how he treats me with care and nurture. To this day and everyday I think I'm the luckiest girl because I got the man that I wanted!! I'm not sure every girl gets to say that...

Click HERE to see a slideshow off all the great memories from our wedding day one year ago :)

Put together for us by Kristin Vining Photography.


  1. Gorgeous photos! And it sounds like you really got a catch with Hunter!

  2. Congratulations on your 1st wedding anniversary!! Your wedding was gorgeous and you two make a beautiful couple. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary!! Hope you had a blast celebrating!


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