Wednesday, May 9, 2012

6 Months!

6 MONTHS! How did we get here? Everyone has told us the fun really begins at 6 months as you learn to sit up by yourself, play more, and become much more social. All these things have proven true. You are one fun little boy!! Oh, and you have hair! Your hair has really grown this month and is a bit out of control at times :) Perfectly polished and combed to the side, or sticking up in Mohawk form your cute either way and can pull off both looks! :) 18da950a Size: 19 pounds 5 ounces (75%tile) 28 inches (95% tile). I feel like you have grown a lot in the height department. You’ve outgrown your 6 months sleepers length wise so it’s onto 9 month for you. Clothes depending on the brand and how they size you are in 9 months or the size 6-12 months. I don’t see this lasting long though you’ll be in all 12 months clothes by the middle/end of the summer I know it! Carter’s onesies your already sporting 12months just fine. b9e92c58 Development: You easily sit up on your own sometimes falling over reaching for things next to you. You love to grab your feet, pull your socks off, and put EVERYTHING in your mouth. Your definitely teething in that sense. When we leave the house you have both socks on, by the time we get to daycare you have pulled them off and they are soaking wet from being in your mouth the whole car ride in it’s a good thing its morning and they’re clean. You continue to grab and reach for things, the days of mommy wearing long earrings are nearing end. You’ll grab at noses, ears, hair and you have quite the grip! You occupy yourself a lot by pulling your pacifier out of your mouth, starring at it and then putting it back in your mouth. Out and in, out and in…it’s one of your favorite games. When sitting and playing with your toys you can pull puzzle pieces out, and dump over containers of blocks. You have great coordination for a 6 month old! You also continue to love to stand. This month you have taken to exer saucers and doorway jumpers. You’re really starting to get the hang of bending your knees to jump. If you’re in the mood for tummy time you’ll push all the way up on your hands and kick your legs in effort to move forwards but can’t quite seem to get your belly off the ground yet in order to crawl. With this said Daddy and I wonder if you will crawl at all or just go straight to walking. b6647c83 Personality: You are a happy baby and lots of fun but your little monster ways stay true. You love to scream in excitement and grab at people’s faces when you’re feeling playful in their arms. You have the most contagious wide mouthed smile that you’ll give to pretty much anyone that talks to you in a high pitched voice. You’ll go to anyone, sleep anywhere and eat anywhere. You’re laid back and easy to travel with. Lately you think Jake is hilarious. If he comes up to sniff you or his tail gives you a face whack you crack up laughing. Your belly laughs are the best. Zerberts and tickles on your upper chest can normally bring them out. If you see your bottle you want it right then so we have to be careful not to show it to you beforehand. You’ll fuss a bit if you’re tired or hungry and give us a shout if you’re in need of a scenery change (say tired of being in your doorway jumper) but other than that life is good. e789c295 6b117542 Eating: You ate oatmeal and rice cereal for breakfast and dinner all month long. The past weeks we have started you on fruits and vegetables. So far all you have tried sweet potatoes, apples, peas, pears and bananas. Sweet potatoes are your favorite veggie so far and pears are your favorite fruit. We also just changed your sechedule to a big boy schedule where you are eating solids three times a day (breakfast lunch and dinner)! You are getting 4 bottles a day and three solid meals. Your new schedule looks like this…. 6am – wake up to nurse and go right back to bed 8:30amish – wake up for the day, eat oatmeal and a fruit for breakfast 10:30/11am – 8oz bottle of breastmilk Noon – lunch rice cereal, a veggie and a fruit 3pm – 8oz bottle of breastmilk 5:30 – dinner rice cereal, a veggie and a fruit 7pm – begin bath and bedtime routine 7:30pm – 8oz formula bottle then bed 83a10b52 Sleeping: There is nothing cuter than seeing you sound asleep in your crib with your little butt in the air. You LOVE sleeping on your stomach and there is no stopping you. We lay you down on your back and you immediately flip to your side and then eventually make your way to your stomach in the night. We lay you down between 7:30 and 8pm and you sleep until 5:30/6am. Here you simply wake up to eat and then are right back to bed (in mommy and daddy’s bed that is)  During the week we get up to shower and get ready for work around 7:15 and you continue to snooze in our bed until around 8am when I have to wake you up to get you ready for daycare. On the weekends the three of us have snoozed until as late at 9:15am. You love your morning sleep! You usually take two good hour or more naps a day and one little 20 minute cat nap. Your morning nap after your 11am bottle is the longest and when you’re at home on the weekends you do it in your swing most the time. You really will nap anywhere though…the car, daddy’s chest, center of a bed, your crib. If your tired you can be laid down with a paci and lovie and you’ll fall asleep. 05f49234 Likes: Singing if your happy and you know it, and twinkle twinkle little star. Listening to chica chica boom boom in the car. Jumping in your doorway jumper, and watching mickey mouse club house. You love eating, and sleeping and of course being held  You love your pacifier and lovie’s and putting things in your mouth including your own hands and feet! 7c8ebd3d Dislikes: You don’t like having your face/nose whipped or being lotioned up after your bath. Again this all could be because you’re tired and hungry at this point in the night. Mommies homemade pureed apples are not your favorite. f107fcaa b43ac366 Until next time little buddy. Try to slow down growing, okay?


  1. O my goodness, I just want to eat him up! He has so much more hair. Somebody is definitely getting ready to pop a tooth too. Love him!

    1. Yes! i keep thinking about that one beach trip you guys took with Riley when her fingers and hands where in her mouth the whole time. we're at that stage :) xo miss u guys!

  2. He is adorable- This age is so fun because they change everyday! Congrats:)


  3. He's so cute!!! Enjoy these next couple of months! They fly by way too fast!

  4. He is the happiest baby!! Love all the photos, Hunter knows how to work the camera!!

  5. He is adorable! I love reading your updates so I can see what we have to look forward to in the months to come. Thanks for the tip on cradle cap, I haven't heard that.

  6. I love him, that contagious smile of his and that little mohawk. He really is the sweetest! :) Love reading these growing posts of the Monster... I agree, slow down little piggy! Oh, and when I tried to wipe his nose the other night he was hate'n... glad it's not just with you! Can't wait for June 1st! xo


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