Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gifts for Her....

Have you been good this year?  I know I have!  However...I've been WAY too preoccupied ordering matching Christmas pajamas and getting gifts prepared for teachers and the mailman to be able to answer my mom when she asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  So I took tonight to gather some gift ideas for this girl....

I'll start with my favorite!  You can NEVER go wrong with some Bourbon and Boweties bracelets.  If your not onto this trend yet...get there... because not a day goes by without at least 5 compliments on these bracelets every time I wear them. Not to be confused with other imposture brands...Bourbon and Boweties is where it's at. And with so many different shapes, sizes, and colors you can never have enough. I only know of one boutique in Charlotte that sells them The Cheeky Bean but you can order them online through websites like this one or this one.

Alright moving on.... I can never have enough pairs of "sexy boyfriend jeans" ooo la la

And to go with my "sexy boyfriend jeans"  this adorable deer sweater

 And Some comfy shoes (sorry I'm a mom of two young boys no denying it)

Alright and how about a little bling in my life...I've been in the market for a watch for a long time now.  I'm eyeing this Kate Spade one.  I love that you can change the band out to make it dressier or keep the the plain neutral band on for everyday.  

I think this Christian Dior top coat is so festive as well! We have a wedding news years eve where I could put this to some good use! It would even look so cute displayed on your bathroom vanity!
Sticking with the gold theme I've got going on....These makeup brushes from none other than Target. 

Lastly, its not a christmas wish list or gift idea post without a candle. I'll take this one from Anthropologie.

What's on your Christmas list?


  1. Ummm.... I love all of this! Those makeup brushes are amazing and I'm totally re-blogging those! ;) You have to get the reindeer sweater... and those shoes... and those jeans! You're not kidding, no heels, having a baby has saved our tootsies! Love ya, gf! Now skip work and come play with me today b/c I have it OFF!!!

  2. That candle is my favorite!

  3. You're back! I've missed your fashion posts. Have you tried that perfume? You got me hooked on Bourbon and Boweties, I now have 4. =) Have a great weekend. xo, Sarah M.

  4. Love those bracelets! So many do I pick? Which is your favorite?

    1. hmmm tough call. I'm a pearls girl so I like the pearl ones but i love the coins too and the little crosses they have are sweet :)


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