Monday, December 8, 2014

Scenes from the weekend...

Happy Monday!  

Our goal this past weekend was to finish up christmas decorating and I can proudly say...yeah, that didn't happen. ha!  I feel like everyone else knocks out Christmas decorating in one weekend and for us that just never seems possible.  We say its cause of the kids, but I know other families that have kids and it doesn't take them three weekends to put up christmas decor.  Oh well...such as life, we still had a great weekend first and foremost celebrating sweet Henry's 1st Birthday!!!  His mommy, my bestie Lindsey out did herself a photo booth, kids make their own ornaments, a hot cocoa bar, delish sweets, catered dinner, and even a visit from no one other than SANTA!!  Everything was beautifully decorated and if we weren't in the Christmas state of mind yet we sure are now after leaving Henry's Winter Wonderland 1st Birthday Celebration.  Stay tuned to Lindsey's blog...I'm sure she'll post some pictures at some point :)  Happy Birthday Henry (and Lindsey)  we love you both!!

Here's a picture of Hunter enjoying the toy he gave Henry for his birthday. 

Saturday was party day, Sunday was productive day....we finished up MOST of our holiday decorating with the help of these sweet faces!  Kids really do make the holidays so magical! xoxo

Hunters slippers/sweatpants/shirt  
James Penn and Hunter's jammies

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a chance to get into the Christmas spirit!

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