Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gifts for Kids (Ages 1-5)

I'm pretty proud to say we've been done with Christmas shopping for the kids for a couple weeks now.  One Sunday night my husband and I sat down with the laptop and in one fast swoop added items I'd been saving in our wish list to our amazon cart and hit purchase.  I'm hitting up the grandparents for some of the items (ah-hem Potterybarn chairs) and have picked up a couple good sales at Target but for the most part Amazon is where it's at for us. I learned from last year though you have to order early because the closer you get to Christmas you'll see the price of toys increase as well as shipping cost...stuff that used to be prime won't be anymore. 

So bearing our 3 year old remains on the nice list the next three's some items that Santa may bring for our boys.  James Penn is 9 months old and Hunter V is 3 years so I'd say our gift ideas fit kids ranging from 1 to 5.  Don't even think of asking me what an 8 year old wants! :) 

My husband and I work hard for what we have, but regardless I feel very blessed to be able to provide a nice Christmas for our kids and also extremely thankful for all four of their healthy, supportive and generous grandparents we have as well!  Thanks be to god! xo


  1. Go Mama!!! :) I can always rely on you for good toy ideas. LOVE the bean bag chair for the boys!!! And the drum set (amazing!), those little nuggets are going to be so surprised on Christmas morning! We just got the tractor from Emerson and Henry loves it!

  2. Magna-tiles are coming to our house this year also. We have had that tractor for a few years now and both boys love it and still play with it. I'm struggling with what to get though. My oldest turns 4 on December 22 so I have to come up with Birthday and Christmas and 19 month old little brother doesn't want any age appropriate toys...he's only interested in whatever big brother has. I learned that last Christmas when I bought him a bunch of stuff he never touched. Ha Ha!

    1. oh man hun, thats sons bday was just in November so it def makes it harder figuring out what they need. Good luck and Merry Christmas!


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