Sunday, January 18, 2015

Table Styling

I don't know about ya'll but I get complete anxiety over table styling and it's just too much for my OCD to handle.  If I can get a table just the way I like it, I'll keep it that way forever but if one thing seems off to me I'll be adding, taking away, changing until eternity. This year putting away Christmas decor and getting everyday decor back out kicked my table styling OCD into high gear.  I googled coffee table styling for some inspiration and found The Everygirl's Blog to be very helpful.

Here's some table styling around our home that I think I'm fairly satisfied with.  For now anyways.... and my apologies in advance...I'm labeling where I got things but most stuff is older so not available anymore. 

Coffe Tables

As you can see I felt like this table was missing a natural element so added the boxwood.  Still feel like its missing something...maybe another one? or straightening out the bowl?  ugh...the playing continues

Kitchen Table: These I feel like need to be on a tray but I can't find a tray big enough and if I put them on a tray then I need bigger side hurricanes cause the balls look too big compared to the side candles.   Get your heads out of the gutters folks and sympathize with me on this dilemma ;)

Foyer Table
Lamp / Coral / Books (old) / Frame / Bowl 

Upstairs Hallway Table

And these are shelves in our bathroom. I can't take credit for these...I recruited the help of my girl friend Lindsey (who's way better at this stuff than I am) when we first moved in and haven't touched them since.

Hunter's dresser in our bedroom.  Our Master needs sooooooo much work.  This is the only piece of furniture with anything decent on it ;) 

Happy Styling! I accept any and all suggestions for changes.  It is fun once you get it how you like it :) xo


  1. Oh-la-la! That last pic = saucy! I LOVE your coffee tables, well, all your table styling. You did a GREAT job with it, Mel! Love all the variations of height and textures! So bright and cheerful! xoxo

  2. haha I was going to say the same thing about that last pic! :) I need so much help in the styling department. I just do nothing because I can't figure it out!


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