Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Real Life: Hunter V 3 yrs 2 mos / James Penn 10 mos / Jake 6 yrs 5mos

Saturday Morning in the Playroom: Hunter V playing with hot wheels, James Penn nursing a diaper rash

8am Playroom Morning Selfie: Thank gah I use R+F products

James Penn's favorite toy : Using it the way he thinks it should be used

Hunter V's favorite treat: Marshmallows

Hunter V brings the potty from the bathroom into the playroom everytime he uses it: sigh! 

Hunter V and mommy Selfie: Out to dinner at the Krazy Fish last Saturday night

Family picture at The Krazy Fish

What it really looked like trying to get a picture of me and the boys

What we do on Saturday nights

Another of Hunter V's favorite things to do: Play-doh

Jake wondering when he's going to be the only child again 

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  1. Sweetest little family!!! I just love y'all and esp. love the new norm of HL5 taking a potty in the middle of the action! Can't miss a beat -- he's the BEST! xo


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