Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentines Day 2015: You're one in a Minion

Alright, everyone knows my I’m a busy mom sad story song and dance.  Two jobs, Two kids, big house no cleaning lady yada yada yada.  Who says I don’t have time to get crafty?  Not Pinterest.   Hunter V is obsessed with Despicable Me and the minions (you should see him dance like one lol).  So when I came across these twinkies turned minions knowing they would be simple I may have been more excited than Hunter.

I purchased two boxes of twinkies...which btw took me 30 mins to find in the grocery store...who knew they kept them in the bakery section (shows how often we buy twinkies). As I was checking out I came across a box of Despicable me Valentines (that come with tattoos, bonus!) It's like I plan these things.
Printed The Minion printables from here  
Cut them out and glued them on....seriously that simple. 

The box of valentines came with heart stickers that was fun for Hunter to stick on and play a part in making this valentine for his friends.

 I placed a minion twinkie with a valentine in a cellophane party bag and tied it with ribbon.  I know...I have no idea where I get all my creativeness from ;)

This morning Hunter woke up saying he wanted to give valentines to friends…so sweet how excited he gets for holidays now!! 3 more days buddy. 3 more days.

P.S.  I only ate two twinkies ;) 


  1. Yay! So glad you liked them. I've loved seeing Minion Twinkies floating around the web the past week or so. Love the addition of the little heart too. Perfect for Valentine's Day.


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