Thursday, October 13, 2011

37 Weeks!

At my appointment this morning the Dr. came in and shook my hand and said congratulations baby is full term and ready, now we are just waiting on you! Cheers to a full term baby!

Size of baby: A watermelon. Need i say more...

Weight Gain: 164. 34 pounds. It is what it is not about to start worrying about weight gain at this point.

Maternity Clothes: It's all about the accessories. Scarves, necklaces, cardigans, jackets, cute shoes whatever I can do to take the attention away from the laaaaaaaaaamo clothes.

Gender: It's a bouncing baby boy!! Hunter Lee Lunsford V. come out come out where ever you are!

Movement: Still lots of movement. I hear that means he hasn't settled down to be ready for labor yet. Is this true? Settle down BOY! No in all honestly with every kick and poke I am thankful he is alive and well in there!

Sleep: Up one or two times in the night has turned to 4 times. It's no joke. Baby moves, I have to pee, that's how it works. In between potty breaks I'm sleeping ok but tossing and turning a lot. Switching from side to side and often dreaming I'm in labor or dreaming that I'm not sleeping good even though I think I'm sleeping.....has that ever happened to you all? happened to me the other night.

Here's a little conversation between husband and wife in regards to my sleeping. Hunter and I talk over a communicator thingy at's quite convienent.

16:48 KRISTEN LUNSFORD : Do you just sense every night how awful im sleeping. I feel like your awake too
16:49 HUNTER LUNSFORD : that's why i don't want you doing much other than work till he comes.
16:50 KRISTEN LUNSFORD : Aww sweet hubby thanks
16:50 HUNTER LUNSFORD : i mean you can vaccuum if you feel the urge, but no running around.
16:50 KRISTEN LUNSFORD : Yes of course

Nice huh!? :)

What I miss: Being skinny, seeing body parts below my belly, cuddling with my husband in's hard to cuddle with a big belly in the way!

Best Moment this week: Having a three day weekend, spending time with Hunter, getting stuff done around the house and today of course hearing little mans heart beat.

Looking forward to: Meeting baby Hunter!! And our glider hopefully arriving tomorrow!

Cravings: M&M ice cream sand which cookies...they are like crack!! And NO these have NOTHING to do with my 4 pound weight gain in two weeks. ok, maybe they do a little.

Symptoms: leg cramps, some headaches, tiredness, back pain at times, nasal congestion, nose bleeds, slight swelling, frequent urination, pressure near the pelvis especially when walking or when he moves. Don't think I've had any contractions yet at least none that are painful. And still no stretch marks. yay!

Other notables: I feel like a pin cushion lately. On top of my weekly B12 shots from Hunter the Dr. has been drawing blood to test my hemoglobin levels weekly as well, AND this week I got a flu shot too. It was three shots within like 9 hrs. No fun! The results from my blood work taken at 36 weeks showed that my platelets levels had not changed....they remain at 96,000. My hemoglobin levels are good and anemia is all cleared up so the B12 shots are working but my platelet levels remain a challenge. Low platelets especially at 96,000 really is no harm to me or the baby and nothing to worry about it just has everything to do with the anesthesiologist. Some will not administer epidurals unless your platelets are above 100,000...others might think 96,000 is no big deal and give me an epidural without second thought. It all depends on who I get and how to "the book" they are. My Dr made a great point either way, he said "I'm not asking you right now if you want an epidural or not, bottom line I WANT it to be your decision to make when the time comes not the anesthesiologists decision." Agreed, so we're drawing blood every week in hopes by miracle my platelet level goes up....4k away we are soo close!



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  1. I remember being so miserable those last couple of weeks and wanting the baby OUT! I hope you have a safe and happy delivery! You'll forget all about your pregnancy aches and pains once little Hunter gets here!!! :)


  2. you look great! i hope everything goes smooth in these last days and your delivery is easy-breezy!

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