Wednesday, September 7, 2011

32 Weeks!

Size of Baby: Still a head of lettuce BUT 19 inches this week and 3.9 pounds on average!

Weight Gain: Weighed in at 158 yesterday. 28 pounds gained thus far.

Maternity Clothes: Actually today I'm wearing all non maternity clothes! A pair of work pants supported with a belly band and a flowy shirt. Although its a good feeling to still have my pants fit through the thighs and bum this is not normal! In actuality my maternity clothes are getting pretty tight and if you want true honesty...i have a few pairs of maternity pants that I refuse to wash because I don't think they will fit if I wash them, ha! So I wear them to work and then hang them back up when i get home. A little press with t he iron before i wear them next...and wala. Don't judge I don't get to dirty sitting at my desk at work and I'll wash them maybe in 6 weeks. ha!

Gender: Its a boy! Hunter lee Lunsford V

Movement: Lots still and I can tell he's growing because the movements are higher as well. I used to feel everything move from my belly button and below. Now I'll feel some movements in the space above my belly button!

Sleep: Pretty good! I've been sleeping more on my sides now with a body pillow and it seems to be working out. Up a couple times in the night to pee but what else is new.

What I miss: Nothing this week....trying to enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy but I think I'll be happy when I don't have a basketball in my stomach anymore.

Best Moment this week: Having Hunter's parents be able to see Hunter V move. Hunter IV was at the ECU football game with his sister and brother in law so it was just myself and my in laws at our house Saturday night. I was sitting on the couch and knew he was moving a good bit so I showed them my belly and told them to look. Right then a HUGE wave took over my stomach and from across the couch both of them had looks of amazement in their eyes. It was a great feeling having them be able to see their grandson move around and I know he made them proud already!!

Looking forward to: Nursery progress still! Didn't make any last weekend, and I don't see us making any this weekend either but we'll get there. I have NO plans the whole month of October so I'm looking forward to really "nesting" and getting everything ready that month.

Cravings: It's official....I can't be trusted in a grocery store. I stopped in to pick a prescription last night and I came home with....mac n cheese (from a box), frozen green beans, snickers, skittles, m&ms, gummy worms, and a people magazine! haha. Don't worry I didn't eat it all or even half of it and probably won't but in the moment it ALL looked sooo good! I've been on a mint chocolate chip ice cream kick at night too. And I can't just have one bowl....I always go back for a second. gah!

Symptoms: Soooooooooo tired! But we've been busy people and last night I got my B12 shot and I already feel a bit more energy today. Other than that some stomach achenes just from him moving around all the time, and still congested a bit. No swelling and no stretch marks yet!

Other notables: We had two Dr's appts at 32 weeks on Tuesday. We first met with our pediatrician and then headed over to my OB appt. Its a good feeling to have been to the pediatricians office now and know a little bit more of what to expect on that front. As far as my appt went my blood pressure is good, weight is good, and baby is growing right on schedule. The Dr. confirmed that he is very healthy and all this lack of B12, folic acid, low hemoglobin anemia stuff is ONLY effecting me and not him at all. Hunter V is getting all that he needs! I figured as much but its always nice to hear the Dr. say it. My platelet level was at 96,000 and they do like it to be above 100,000 in order to give an epidural but its not written in stone anywhere. Plus, after these 8 weeks of injections and extra folic acid that count should raise and I should have no issues with my levels come D day! They are redrawing blood to see where my levels are at 36 weeks.

Also, Hunter gave me my first shot last night and it went waaaaaaaaaaay better than expected!! He should have been a Dr! When the Dr gave it to me last week it hurt so bad that I was expecting it to hurt even worse when Hunter gave it to me. BUT it didn't hurt AT ALL!!! I don't know if our prescription needles where better than the dr. office needles or if Hunter just did a better job at giving it to me but it was painless! I think we're gonna be JUUUUUUst fine these next 8 weeks :)

Pictures: At 32 weeks I think you all deserve a bare belly pic!




  1. Oh my goodness, the time is almost here! I love the story about Hunter's parents seeing their grandson move in your belly - what a moment!

  2. Yea, Hunter!!! Should have been a doc! So glad your appointment wen't great this week! Duh, your supposed to say "you missing being able to button... something"! :) Had fun hanging out on Wednesday! Muah!


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