Thursday, September 15, 2011

33 Weeks!

I must say I love that I've kept up with the weekly posts because I'm already finding it neat to look back to the earlier weeks but I sure am tired of doing them. Oh well such as life...I really want to have them all to make into a book at the end. Here goes...

Size of baby: A Honeydew! 19 inches long and around 4.5 pounds.

Weight Gain: I'm sure I've gained the standard pound since last week so we'll go with 159. Oh so close to that 160 mark. 29 pounds since my 130 starting weight.

Maternity Clothes: It's starting to get a tad cooler so I've been able to wear a pair of maternity jeans I purchased from Oldnavy in the beginning of the pregnancy. It's been a nice change from the shorts on the weekends. Rotating the same old maternity work pants and t-shirts TRYING to spice things up with different jackets, scarfs or jewelry. I actually got a little creative this week, loving two of my outfits I wore Wednesday and today. I'll post them in a what I wore next week!

Gender: It's a boy! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: Little guy lets me know he's awake most mornings before we get out of bed. Then I feel him for a good 30 mins to an hour in late morning. He'll nap for a good bit of the afternoon and then wake up around 5ish for a few stretches. Back to bed he goes until after dinner where he's nice and lively after soaking in all the yumminess I just gave him. I think its interesting that the pregnancy books says I will notice him sleeping a bit more from now until delivery day because he is resting up for the big event! Also - his movements now are VERY strong and often time hurt! This is because there is more baby than amniotic fluid in my belly now. Less fluid means less cushion from the blows so I feel them more.

Sleep: Sleeping well on both sides! I feel VERY blessed to not be having any trouble on this front.

What I miss: Non maternity clothes and feeling small :)

Best Moment this week: Going to the the ECU/VT football game I received so many compliments from strangers saying how cute I looked or how I was all belly. People really are sooo sweet to pregnant women for the most part and they really do wonders on my body image confidence.

Looking forward to: NESTING!! I got it, it's kicked in and I can't WAIT to get my hands on our house. I'll be cleaning, throwing shiz away, organizing our office desk drawers, closets, dresser drawers and not to mention decorating for fall. Oh and finishing little guys room! We'll get there, he just needs to stay put!

Cravings: Banana pudding ice cream. New fav! Oh and those prior mentioned pumpkin pie pop tarts...those are pretty rad too. Currently craving a chimichanga from Cantina as well, thanks John and Linds! :)

Symptoms: TIRED especially after working a long day. I'm all congested and sneezy at work not sure what that's all about. My left butt cheek hurts too, when I walk I get a sharp pain in it....I'm assuming baby is just pressing on some nerve or something that is causing this. Lower back soreness, shortness of breath, tummy achenes from it growing and him kicking/moving. All pretty standard stuff considering. No swelling or stretch marks as of yet!

Side notes: The shots are still going well, this weeks went just as smooth as last weeks. Jake is definitely aware that something is up. He's always laying on my belly when I'm on the couch in three mornings now I have found him laying in the middle of the babies room for no apparent reason. Poor little puppy I keep promising him and Hunter will be best buds and his life is just going to get better! We also have our first birthing class this coming Monday night. Looking forward to that :)


Photobucket Wowzzzzzzzzzer :)

Embrace the outie!

Thought this was interesting since I was wearing the same outfit. 6 weeks growth.


  1. Look at that little belly!! :) Hi little Hunt, we're waving at you, we see you, we can't wait to meet you little fella!

    Girl, go get 'chu a chimmi; divine my pumpernickel, really good! I think that's sweet about little Jakey, I think he's getting excited and breaking in little Hunt's room!

  2. i am so glad you kept up with them! i refer back to your earlier posts almost as much as i check my pregnancy books!


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