Thursday, September 29, 2011

35 Weeks!

It's up hill from here folks. And yes I'm aware that's not the traditional saying, however, I think its more truthful in thinking these last 5 weeks might just be the hardest. We're back from our baby moon and it was lovely. It rained and we did a whole lot of nothing which is just what I wanted to do. I was a little nervous about going on the baby moon so late in our pregnancy but as it turns out it was the PERFECT time to get away. At 35 weeks we're still far enough away from D-day as not to worry about being 3.5 hrs from home but close enough to D-day to where I was MAJORLY craving relaxation and downtime to nurse my new aches and pains. (more on those later :) ) No worries though, I know this little man is gonna be worth it!!! Here we go........

Size of baby: A LARGE cantaloupe. He could be anywhere from 19-22 inches in length and on average 5.5 pounds.

Weight gain: I'm certain I've gained back those two pounds I lost the past couple weeks. Probably around 158 159 would be my guess. Dr's appt next week to find out for sure.

Maternity clothes: Oh me oh my yes. I wore a pair of my regular jeans (with a belly band) to the VT game two weekends ago (regular jeans but to not mislead you they were too big on me to wear before I got preggers). Any who, I thought they were gonna be golden to get me through the rest of this pregnancy...think again. I could not pull those suckers over my bum when I tried to wear them on our baby moon. Hunters comment as he saw me struggling to pull them on "I'm just gonna sit right here on the bed and watch this" haha. TWO WEEKS ago, they fit just TWO Weeks ago. ugh! Leggings here I come. Wearing a lot of my maternity cotton dresses to work with cardigans and my maternity grey/black/khaki pants all get some action EVERY single week. I will GLADLY give up all my maternity clothes to my next girlfriend who gets pregs. Really looking forward to that moment actually..... who wants em!?

Gender: It's a bouncing baby boy! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: Yep, still a lot and don't feel like it has decreased at all yet like they say it may towards the end. I feel his bum move around by my belly button, and sharp, hard pokes on my right side. I'm not sure if its his foot or hand/elbow.

Sleep: 35 weeks hit and I have not been sleeping as well as I was. Just waking up and tossing/turning a lot more. My tossing and turning leads to baby Hunter tossing and turning in my stomach and I think we are both struggling to get comfy these days.

What I miss: I miss....not having back aches, neck aches, butt aches, breathing, being able to see the parts I shave, seeing my feet, having a flat stomach, being able to sleep however I want without worry I'm crushing baby Hunter. You all think I'm ready to have this kid yet? :)

Best Moment this week: Spending quality time with just Hunter IV. We hadn't been away just the two of us since our honeymoon so it was really nice to get his 100% attention and give him mine. It was also super sweet to see him spring into action when I was in MAJOR pain on Sunday. More to come on that.

Looking forward to: Nesting the next 4 weekends. Hopefully getting our glider in next week and being able to finish the nursery. Washing Hunter V's clothes, continuing to clean the house, and resting up with no plans!

Cravings: Hooters wings. This one says for CERTAIN that I am preggers. ha! We headed to Hooters in Myrtle last Saturday to watch the Hokie game. I enjoyed the wings so much that I made Hunter run out and get them for dinner last night. He likes this craving and says he might knock me up again soon if this continues :)

Symptoms: Alright, not trying to make this a complain fest but I do want to be able to look back on these weekly posts and recall what each weeks was like. And before I start I want to say that I DO feel blessed that at 35 weeks baby Hunter is still inside me growing strong and that my pregnancy has been very easy for the most part. I know it could be MUCH worse.

With that said, I mentioned last week I was starting to have some Sciatic nerve pain that caused my left butt cheek and leg to ache really bad. I struggled to walk last week but if I took it slow it was manageable pain. Saturday getting ready to leave for the beach it hurt. I had sit to blow dry my hair, I forgot about 5 things when packing because I couldn't get my mind to focus on what I needed to pack instead of the pain. Once I was sitting and in the car though it got better. It always felt better when I was sitting. Once we got to Myrtle I sat in Hooters for 4 hrs watching the game so it was OK then. Saturday night we went to a comedy show and I wore heels, BIG mistake! It hurt. But I slowly made it from the car to the show, where I was sitting so it was OK. Sunday Morning when I woke up it was dramatically worse. The pain was so bad in my left butt cheek and left leg that I couldn't walk and just simply changing positions in bed or going from sitting to standing put me to tears. I cried, and hard in the arms of Hunter and poor thing I know he felt sooo bad for me. He got me into a warm bath, and then did some research himself on pregnancy sciatica. After the bath he had me take two Tylenol and had read that swimming can often help by relaxing the muscles. With the Tylenol kicking in I was able to make it down to the hotel pool (thank goodness we were on vaca!) where I did find a bit of relief.

All Sunday though, I was scared. Scared I was going to have to live the next 5 weeks in pain like this. I didn't know how I was going to do it. I cried thinking about having to function, do simple tasks like shower in this type of pain. Hunter was ready himself. Ready to have to pick up the slack of cleaning our home, doing the laundry, finishing anything that needed to be done for baby, all while waiting on me hand and foot. We both I'm sure feared our future. Our plan was to call the DR. first thing Monday morning and possibly head back from our baby moon early.

I spent all day Sunday in the pool. It was very relaxing and each time I got out to (what else) go to the bathroom :) I noticed the pain was subsiding a little bit and it was becoming a little bit easier to walk. By Sunday night, the pain had gone from what I would say was a 12 (on a scale of 1 to 10) on Sunday morning to a 3 or 4. Monday it went to 2 or 3, Tuesday a 1 or 2, and today I sit here and walk pain free. I'm not sure if Hunter and I nursed it back to health or if the baby moved and relieved the nerve pain that way but either way I'm thankful it's gone! Going forward though we agreed I need to take it easy. No aggressive cleaning or fast paced walking I'm super nervous that it will come back and therefore being very careful. And still going to mention our episode the the Dr. at my appointment next Tuesday and see what he says.

Alright, moving on other than the Sciatica thing I have a stiff neck these days as well. Guessing that I'm holding a lot of tension in my neck. Also, have been blessed with a bit of swelling. Nothing too bad, my rings still fit but swelling for sure. Shortness of breath, stomach acheness, nose bleeds, frequent urination, all the usual suspects are still around as well.




  1. I can't believe you are already at 35 weeks! I feel like it was just recently that I spotted you drinking an O'Doul's in a picture, and I was like "hmmmmmmmm....."

    That pain you felt sounds horrible but thank goodness for a great husband who can draw you a bath and research pain management for you! How sweet.

    I'll be thinking about you as the time grows nearer and nearer. Is anyone setting up an account for you guys at I blogged about that site yesterday - it was a great help when planning for my friend that just had a baby girl!

  2. Wow, I'm glad your feeling better! I've had sciatic pain/problems in the past (not pregnancy related though) but I know how painful it is! You look great! 5 weeks to go! :)

  3. That little nugget is doing the CUPID SHUFFLE inside of you... "down, down do your dance, do your dance..." the little nug is dropping like crazEEEE!! Holy moly! I'm sorry you've been dealing with the pain, pokes and needles... :( but I'm happy to hear that your on the road to recovery! Can't wait for the little guy to arrive and for Friday's off with you! xoxo


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