Friday, September 17, 2010

Dog Days of Fall

Whew, I don't know about you guys but this week flew by. Good Ole BofA has been working me like a dog and when I say dog I mean like 12 to 14 hr days. Wednesday was 7am to 9:30 pm and Thursday was 6am to 6:30pm. Yesterday they finally gave me a laptop to work from home on, so I did a couple hours last night and then got up at 5am this morning from home til 7am before I came into work. Seems crazy but those 4 hrs of work I got done at home between last night and this morning means I actually have time to breath, go to the bathroom, and maybe write a blog post :) today during the day! I'd much rather do that than be stressed all day long and glued to my desk. Hunter has been a wonderful husband through it all listening to me vent, picking up the slack on the house work, and Wednesday night when I had got home late he even had the bed turned down for me. How sweet is that!!!? I should have taken a picture...I felt like I was in a nice hotel with turn down service :) Other than work this is what going on in the Lunsford household....

  • Heading to Blacksburg tomorrow for the VT game

  • Need to do some deep fall cleaning and change up the house decor from seashells and sand to fall leaves and pumpkins. I also want to plant some fall flowers in our outside pots.

  • Shed is still an ongoing project and remains in unusable form (hope the inside gets completed this weekend so we can at least put stuff in it!) Then we can worry about painting the outside of it

  • Once stuff is moved from garage to shed we need to organize/clean garage

  • Guestroom upstairs has about 5 swatches of paint samples painted on the walls, I need to pick a color and paint that room

  • We got all new bedding, and decor for our master bedroom from the wedding, I want to find time to change that around to our new stuff!

Just these last few projects, maybe some new hardwood floors in the den and a new farm sink in the kitchen and then our house will be perfect to how we want it! (or how I want it) Hunter wants what I want :) Thinking when its all done I'll do a Huge before & after post and show all the before and after pics of different rooms in our home.

In the meantime, here's a few pics from Blues, Brews & BBQ last weekend. It was a good time but sleeping outside under the stars pretty much put Hunter out of commission for 4 days. He caught a virus and was sooo sick in the begining of the week. Poor Hubby! :(

BBQ Tents under the pretty Charlotte skyline

Butts all rubbed and ready to smoke!

Hog Jog Runners! (including hog dog!)

Whats a blog post without a pic of Jake being Jake!

Ready to taste Hunter's Bloody Mary

Close up of his wonderful creation!

Pup and I after a good run!


  1. Bless your heart and all your hard working efforts... thank GOD they gave you a laptop yesterday! I hope you and the hub have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! :) Luv u! LRT

  2. ps... the pic of Jake on the cooler, classic!


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