Monday, April 13, 2015

Scenes from the weekend...

It was a very productive weekend in the Lunsford household but we started it out friday night eating outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. 

I totally remember doing this as a kid in the summer time. Squirting water gun water into my mouth. Hunter was doing it to James and they both thought it was hilarious. 

Can we say trouble ;)

So much fun!

Hunter and his dad worked really hard all weekend long.  Replacing exterior lighting, cleaning the exterior lights, cleaning all of our white columns and exterior windows sills, scrubbing the brick patios, and planting new shrubs where old ones had died.  

 I looove hydrangeas and excited to have some in the front of the house now.  Hoping the sun light is good to them and they should grow a bit bigger. 

 The new boxwoods in the front of the porch will eventually grow together and form one rectangular hedge.  And now its time for me to get my flower pots planted! Thinking of getting some new aqua colored ceramic ones this year....

The guys brought a tv out to the garage so they could watch the masters on and off while working.  Hunter V thought it was the coolest thing being able to eat lunch outside and watch a cartoon.  (don't mind all the "junk" ... we're preparing for a garage sale this Saturday... come on by!)

 Egg salad sandwiches is the "proper" lunch to have on Masters weekend

The men made sure to finish up their work just in time to watch the Masters sunday afternoon. We pulled the tv out to the back deck it was way to nice to go inside!

 And the "little boys" played legos

Big Daddy got in a some good tickle time before he had to leave...the boys just adore him if we hadn't accomplished enough, after Big Daddy left and the boys we're down we headed to the basement to rip up some carpet (full basement post coming soon)

Life isn't slowing down anytime soon! Garage sale, visiting grandparents, hiring contractors, jobs, babies, family moving down,  dr appointments, parent/teacher conferences, school pictures, car inspection, plant flower pots, and now I need to stop writing my to-do list on here and go write it in my planner.  bye bye for now...hope you all have a great week! xo

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